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Murúch, Cold Assailant is a type of Faerie that appears in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon as a boss enemy. It is the only known Bishop-ranked Faerie in the game.


A faerie so rare that only a handful are said to exist in Avalon.

From birth, they possess physical strength and magic ability far greater than that of other bipeds, and as such have the reputation of a one-faerie army.

Due to their incredible skill, many have appeared beside the royalty of past faerie dynasties, and faeries would often rumour that allying with a Murúch was the easiest way to becoming the next faerie king.

Out of their magic abilities, they seem to prefer ice, and are able to use it to adapt to any situation, from long-distance ice blasts to propelling themselves with ice to charge at the enemy. The earth-shattering power of their every attack is so incredible that it is advised to never attempt to face them head on.

Many Murúch are seated in influential roles in the faerie kingdom and possess considerable authority. If ever an enemy appears that proves too much for any of their subordinates, Murúch will step in to deal swift justice.




  • The murúch or the "merrow" is a mermaid or merman found in Irish folklore. Merrows require a magical cap in order to live in the ocean. Thus, when this cap was taken, they could not return to the deep waters. Although female merrow were described as beautiful women with fish-like tails, merrow men were hideously ugly to the point the women rejected them as mates and would instead seduce human men.