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Mulciber, Heated Berserker, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


A biped spellknight with a gift for flame and stone magic.

Skilled in both physical attacks and magic, Mulciber usually fight in a style that utilises both. Their proficiency with defensive stone spells allows them to cast barriers on fellow faerie fighters, and their flame magic is said to be able to reach extreme temperatures; those who anger Mulciber are often suddenly reduced to ash.

Using magic fueled by negative vibes, burns induced by Mulciber take much longer to recover. Always seeking ways to strengthen their firepower, they hunt for negative vibes even more aggressively than regular faeries.

To faeries, the power of flame magic can be so intense that it eventually consumes one's soul entirely, resulting in a complete loss of sanity. Mulciber are no exception in this matter, with many of them displaying questionable levels of mental stability. On the battlefield they simply go berserk, becoming unstoppable until they burn out of energy completely.


  • The name mulciber is one of the names of Vulcan, the Roman god of forging and fire.