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Mossy has a reputation for taking things slow. Even for a Wisp. The large part of his day is spent sunbathing, and he lays so perfectly still that the grass tends to grow straight over him.

But that doesn’t bother ol’ Mossy at all. Nothing makes him happier than a good nap in a soft blanket of sunlight. One would think that lying out in the open would make him an easy faerie target, but he blends in with the surrounding shrubbery so much the faeries don’t seem to notice him much anyway.

The other Wisps find his bright outlook and laid back disposition to be a breath of fresh air, and sometimes Wisps will congregate together to sprawl out with him. Woe be the Wisp that would unsuspectingly take one of Mossy’s favourite sunbathing spots, though - the calm-natured Wisp will blow up like a cannon.