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If I've told you once... Cereza, you must never enter that forest. With your current abilities, you would soon become a snack for one of the faeries who live there. ― Morgana to Cereza

Morgana is a powerful Umbra Witch with unmatched talent for summoning Infernal Demons and mastering forbidden techniques. Living on the outskirts of Vigrid and the Avalon Forest, Morgana was exiled from her clan for bearing the child of a Faerie, mirroring the fate of Cereza and her mother, Rosa.

Taking in the ostracized Cereza shortly after her tenth birthday, Morgana helps the young girl learn the ways of the dark arts as a strict but caring teacher, warning her not to venture into Avalon Forest.

By the end, however, it is revealed that Morgana has orchestrated Cereza's venture into Avalon, as she was training and conditioning Cereza (and countless other Witches before her, who met a less fortunate fate) to obtain the power required to save her imprisoned son. In doing so, the young Witches would be required to offer their Demon as a sacrifice.


Cereza's Strict Teacher

A solitary Umbra Witch, living an unimposing life near the edge of Avalon Forest, displaced far from the rest of the clan.

A master of the Umbran Arts, her skills in magic greatly exceed those of other witches, but she cut ties with her clan and moved to her secluded home ages ago, her reasons for doing so an unspoken mystery.

Though usually avoiding all contact with the outside world, she invited the practically orphaned Cereza to come live with her, and has since made Cereza her pupil, training her rigorously.

Typically thought of as extremely strict and largely unpleasant, just her gaze is enough to send chills down the spine of its receiver. Yet she saw potential in Cereza, and her stern training has been effective in producing exemplary results from Cereza in remarkable time. Cereza has in turn learned to trust Morgana despite her seemingly cold ways.

Not one to ever lose herself to emotion, everything she does appears perfectly calculated. This extends to the minions she summons from Inferno as well; she excels at their use, but they are tools to do her bidding, nothing more.

She reprimands Cereza thoroughly for disobeying her and entering Avalon Forest, but she promises to find a way to help, and uses her magic to watch over and communicate with Cereza.

Her true identity is the mother of the faerie prince Lukaon. Even Cereza, who had lived with Morgana for some time, was unaware of Morgana's past.

Long ago, during a dispute for the faerie kingdom, Morgana was forced to use her magic to transfer Lukaon's spirit to a wolf in order to hide him from the usurping faeries. Despite her efforts, the faeries were able to get away with Lukaon's physical body.

In the confusion, Morgana herself was able to escape to the outside of the forest, where the faerie's powers are unable to reach. But to protect the body the faeries stole, she was required to continuously cast a spell that would prevent her from either moving further away from the forest, or going back inside it.

Unable to do any more by herself, Morgana began to train Umbra Witches still young and pure in heart, so she may eventually trick them to go into the forest. There, she planned to have them find Lukaon, so they may sacrifice their demon to save him.

Her desperate wish to save her son gradually disfigured her soul into doing the unforgivable. Looking at her actions, it may be hard to tell if any humanity remained inside her at all. Yet as she collapses to the ground, defeated by Cereza and Cheshire, in her arms lay the gift of violets Cereza had given her.

A Merciless, Unrivaled Umbran

Cereza's teacher Morgana, revealing her true self after Lukaon's situation becomes critical. While Morgana still belonged to the Umbra, she was seen with great promise, showing potential to surpass even the elders in terms of ability. She was exiled after it was discovered she carried the Faerie King Arthur's child. She loves her son deeply, resolving to do whatever possible to save him, no matter the cost to anyone else.

Having lived through the feudal period of Avalon with Arthur, through the conflict she faced, she naturally amassed an amount of techniques far exceeding that of other Umbrans. This wealth of knowledge has only been honed further in recent years as she has waited for the chance to exact revenge on Púca. These powers can instill true fear to any who would oppose her, and crush them completely when they do.

Luring her opponents in a dimension of her own design where her Umbran abilities are amplified, she uses her contracted demon to hunt her enemy, just as a spider might trap their prey in a web.

Forger of the Forbidden Covenant

Morgana, after growing desperate in her fight against Cereza and Cheshire, deciding to use the full extent of her power. Using a forbidden Umbran Art, she merges her body with that of Lex Talionis into a twisted, half-witch/half-spider form. Lex is effectively just a vessel for Morgana; her consciousness is completely under Morgana's control.

The Umbran Art through which Morgana accomplishes this fusion is known as Daemon Masquarata; it has been sought after by a small group of Umbra for centuries. Very few have ever been able to perform it successfully, with failure resulting in the caster's soul being devoured by their demon immediately. Morgana and Lex are able to fuse together because of the perfect emotional sync between them - each have nothing but endless rage built up in their heart.

Between Lex's crushing, poisonous stabs with its legs and Morgana's endless assault of spells, this human-demon hybrid chases their target in relentless pursuit, never giving them the slightest opening to counterattack.

As maintaining this form consumes an incredible amount of both physical and magical energy, Morgana knows she can only use it as an absolute last resort. Once unleashed, there is no promise she will ever be able to return to her original self. For the sake of saving her son, she sacrifices her own safety and throws her all into the final confrontation.

Two Umbra... Formerly teacher and student. One demanding obedience, the other practicing trust. One using their demon as a tool, the other approaching it as a friend. This tale is about which of these bonds stands stronger in the end.


As a fellow outcast, Morgana relates to Cereza on a personal level and understands the pain of being isolated from other members of the clan. Though she is stern and strict with her ways of teaching magic, her treatment of the young witch comes from a place of love and the two become attached to one another in the process.

Once her true intentions are revealed, Morgana takes on a tone of pure loathing towards Cereza. She throws all caution and morals aside in her mission to rescue her son, as proven by her overuse of Daemon Masquarata, a technique not only dangerous, but also forbidden.


Morgana appears as an older woman with off-white coloured hair, elaborately styled into four curved "horns" similar to that of a goat. The underside of these "horns" are coloured a dark blue and her eye shadow and lip colour are the same. Morgana wears a long black dress with a similarly coloured cape hanging off her shoulders. The cape is adorned with an ornate decoration that appears to house her Umbran Watch on her chest, adorned with skulls and feathers. She wears a black and silver coloured headdress with large silver earrings and sports dark blue arm-length gloves, matching the colour of the inside of her cape.

When taking flight, her cloak turns into demonic wings resembling those of a bat, although they are decorated with a spider web pattern.

Morgana's various elements and jewelry all represent arachnid imagery, a clear reference to her Infernal Demon, Lex Talionis, a gigantic demonic spider.


At some point in her life, Morgana met the fairy king Arthur, she fell in love with him and eventually they got married, she went to live with him in Avalon and eventually Morgana gave birth to a boy whom she named Lukaon.

For a time everything was perfect, because Lukaon was trained by his father to be the next king and he trained with his mother to learn to use his magic. But one fateful day, Puca, an evil fairy, instigated a coup d'état, devastating the kingdom of the fairies.

Arthur died trying to protect his family and Morgana was banished from Avalon with a powerful spell, but before being banished Morgana was forced to cast a spell on her son. Separating Lukaon's soul from his body and placing it in the body of a white wolf and leave him in the forest so that Puca and the evil fairies would not kill him.

Because a union between a witch and a fairy was forbidden in the Umbra witch clan, Morgana was also exiled from the clan and was forced to live in a cabin on the outskirts of a human village, determined to help her son and take revenge on Puca.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon[]

After Cereza failed to save her mother from being moved to an even deeper cell of imprisonment, the girl left the village and eventually came across Morgana's abode on the outskirts of town. The exiled witch took the girl in, beginning to teach her the ways of the Umbra in a strict regimen. Over the course of daily life and training, Morgana notices Cereza's attention being continuously drawn to Avalon Forest. Knowing that the young girl is nowhere near skilled enough to tackle its dangers, Morgana frequently warns Cereza to never go there, lest the resident faeries whisk her away.

On one such day of training, Morgana oversees Cereza's attempt at summoning an Infernal Demon on the night of a full moon, also gifting her a special brace to enhance her magical abilities. Unfortunately, the young girl is unable to control the summon, resulting in Morgana coldly dismissing her as not being ready for such magic. Wanting to prove her teacher wrong, Cereza goes off into the forest to get stronger so she can save her mother and impress Morgana.

Though unhappy at first, Morgana is impressed with how far Cereza had come, especially when she could summon Cheshire. Throughout the game she does her best to assist the duo in their quest.

When Cereza, Cheshire, and Lukaon (in his wolf form) managed to escape the forest, they were attacked by Puca and his underlings, who attempted to drag them back into the forest. Morgana managed to save them with her wicked weaves, and killed Puca. It's then revealed she is Lukaon's mother, and the one responsible for Cereza's dreams (As well as the deaths of several other little girls who went into the forest like Cereza did.). Enraged that her plan to get Lukaon failed, Morgana, having reached her breaking point attacks and attempts to kill her former apprentice and Cheshire.

Heartbroken at first, Cereza is able to overcome Morgana's betrayal and fight back with Cheshire. Morgana puts up a strong fight, but underestimated her former apprentice. After a series of battles, including summoning her contract Demon, Lex Talionis, and performing Daemon Masquarata, Morgana is weaken. Knowing what her teacher is consumed by hatred, has gone mad with grief, is a danger to her, cheshire, and other umbra witches, and that she stop, Cereza does what Morgana had always wanted her to do - harden her heart, and has Cheshire kill her.

After her defeat, Lukaon thanks Cereza for stopping his mother, and hugs her one last time before ceasing to exist. Morgana's peaceful expression soon becomes one of horror as she is then dragged into inferno, not just for her crimes but to complete her end of the deal with Lex Talionis. Morgana's body disappears afterwards, leaving behind the violets Cereza gave her.


Immense Magical Power:Morgana is among the most powerful of Umbra Witches known. Boasting not only Dark Arts so powerful that showed potential to surpass even the Umbran Elders, she has additionally amassed ages of magical knowledge during the conflict in the feudal period of Avalon. As time passed, she only honed her abilities even further, looking to one day enact her revenge on Púca.

  • Wicked Weave Mastery: Morgana shows extreme proficiency in performing Wicked Weaves, able to cast an overwhelming amount in a snap.
  • Summoning Mastery: In the same vein, Morgana can also summon Infernal Demons in their entirety in a matter of seconds, with just an Enochian chant.
  • Daemon Masquarata: One of the few Umbra Witches from days past that was aware of the technique, let alone able to fuse with an Infernal Demon.
  • Dimension Creation: Morgana's abilities allow her to create a small dimension that takes on the appearance of glass or crystal. Within, she has complete control over her surroundings, and her Umbran Arts are amplified even further. She was shown to create massive tendrils woven out of her hair like a spider web, as well as entirely new surroundings, like a moonlit battlefield.
  • Illusion Magic: The illusion techniques Morgana employs are more than just a visual trick; they are completely tangible, and proportionally powerful. Morgana was able to create a massive crystalline copy of herself, as well as her Daemon Masquarata form.
  • Soul Manipulation:Morgana can control the souls of others, being able to separate them from their bodies and put them into others as was the case with her son Lukaon.
  • Energy Projection: In addition to her Wicked Weaves, Morgana was able to project energy in the form of magic beams, lasers, and projectiles.


  • Morgana shares her name with Morgan le Fay, a character in Arthurian legends who is often depicted as a half-fae witch/enchantress. This connection is reinforced by her association with the faeries of Avalon Forest—Avalon being the name of the island Morgan le Fay ruled—and her husband sharing the same name as the titular King Arthur.
    • She also shares an association with The Morrigan, a Celtic goddess of fate and war who is thought to be related to Morgan le Fay.
  • Morgana is the first main antagonist to be an Umbra Witch.
  • Morgana's design is full of arachnid imagery, as shown by the multiple spider webs across her costume and hair, her watch having an abstract spider-like engraving, and the magical brace she gave to Cereza has a butterfly caught in a spider web.
    • This extends to her manor, which is covered in hair that resembles a massive spider web. Outside, and especially all around the clearing near the entrance to Avalon Forest, grow numerous spider lilies.