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The Light Behavioral Prediction Unit "Mediocris" is a type of Homunculus faced in Bayonetta 3. Mediocres were designed for speed, with a lightweight body and a developed leg musculature.

Anatomia Complex[]

A Homunculus type designed for enhanced speed, with a lightweight body and highly developed leg musculature.

It is able to predict enemy patterns by observing muscle movement and evades with amazing speed when it senses danger, making it all but impossible to attack with a lumbering Infernal Demon.


Mediocris is an armless, two-leggeed Homunculus with a curved upper body, a single eye-like structure, and what seem to be horns or vestigal limbs growing out of its head. Its legs end in sharp blades, and the forms of fused Strati can be seen jutting out of its spine.


Mediocres jump around unpredictably, making it difficult to hit them without the help of Witch Time, but they are rather frail and do not have much attack power. They are especially adept at evading attacks from Infernal Demons, and will leap far away from them if one is summoned outside of Witch Time. They attack with their leg blades, making particular use of spinning kicks and a three-hit jumping combo.

Recommended Weapons[]

The speed with which Mediocres can dodge attacks and the erratic nature of their movements makes it hard for slow weapons to hurt them, but either of the handguns (Colour My World, Love Is Blue, Scarborough Fair) or fast weapons such as Alruna, or Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo have a reasonable chance of taking them out. If Bayonetta can activate Witch Time she can use Phantasmaraneae's webs to slow them down, making it much easier to fight them.


  • "Mediocris" (plural "mediocres") translates to ordinary, normal, mediocre,... and is the name of a cumulus formation that is as wide as it is tall.