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The Main Universe refers to the mainstream universe in both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 games so far are centered in. Being one of the three known universes, this universe later created Parallel Universe from the actions of Balder's bringing in the past version of his daughter and resulting in a different universe forming from it.[1]

According to Hideki Kamiya, though the changes of the past from this universe resulted in another axis of time and a new universe was created, the effect of the change in the universe does not affect the present one mostly, with only the Eyes of the World being senstive to the changes from both universes.[2]


  • It was similar to The Legend of Zelda series that Cereza/Bayonetta unknowingly creates the parallel timeline when she take her younger self to the past. Both Link and Cereza created the parallel universes.

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  2. Bayonetta Developer Commentary: BayoTV - Kamiya: Well, another axis of time has been created so we have parallel worlds going on. So Bayo's world is Bayo's world, separate from this new world. The Eyes of the World are probably the only ones affected by both worlds.