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Madama Styx, also known as Decider of Ends, is the name of the Infernal Demon who Jeanne has made a pact with in order to use most of her powers as an Umbra Witch. A supposed ruler of the river her namesake is derived from & a counterpart to Madama Butterfly, Madama Styx initially appears through the Wicked Weaves that Jeanne uses in her battles.

Madama Styx eventually appears in her entirety when she's summoned during Umbran Climax in the second game. In the third installment, Styx acts as a Demon Masquerade form that Jeanne uses when fighting alongside Bayonetta.

Book of Infernal Demons[]

Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2[]

Queen of the River Styx, the boundary between humanity and Hades. The moths born from the magical power that flows from her body are charged with luring the souls of sinners into Inferno.

By trading their soul to Madama Styx, one is able to obtain great power and knowledgeable counsel.

Bayonetta 3[]

The Queen of the River Styx, the mighty river which runs through the land of the dead.

Although usually quiet and composed, it is said that if angered, she will carve out the soul of the one that has offended her with cold cruelty.

Ancient legends passed down speak in fear of the moths that alight on recently deceased humans as servants born from her sighs that come to lead their souls to hell.

Should a witch offer her soul in exchange for a contract with Madama Styx, she will be able to obtain great power and knowledgeable counsel, but it is said that many witches have failed to properly summon her and thus lost their souls much sooner than expected.


Similar to Madama Butterfly, Madama Styx takes the form of a humanoid woman with an insect theme, though a moth instead of a butterfly. Her skin is a light pink colour and she has her own unique headdress that resembles a large ring with square patterns on the inner part and dots on the outer. The opening in her headdress shows a glowing red moth insignia, and she had golden ornaments aligned on her forehead, and a black mask goes over her eyes. Her wings are shown to be the same as Madama Butterfly's.

In Bayonetta 2, it is revealed that the design of Styx's dress, heels, and cuffs are the same as Madama Butterfly's but coloured red. She has an intricate pattern design below her chest and her breast size is smaller, being less endowed than Madama Butterfly in the same way Jeanne is when compared to Bayonetta. She is shown to be the same size as her counterpart barring her headwear and shares most of Madama Butterfly's strengths and abilities.

In Bayonetta 3, Madama Styx's attire has changed in the latest release to resemble Madama Butterfly's, but with a few differences. The chest piece has a simpler design, but the dress and sleeves themselves are the same as Butterfly's but colored red, and the straps that connect the different pieces of clothing are positioned horizontally, in a more symmetrical manner. The large red spikes that are below her shoulders point downwards, while Butterfly's point upwards, much like how in real life, most moths hold their wings in a resting down position, while most butterflies hold theirs up.

Styx's headdress also receives a bit of a makeover. The headdress now has extra detail with more visible lines and grooves and has what appears to be jewelry, possibly emeralds, embedded into it. The mask that covers her eyes have sharper outer edges, and the ornaments that are on her forehead are colored a deep red. The symbol that floats in the ring-like opening of the headdress remains the same.

When manifested, her wings are shown to be designed the same as Butterfly's but colored in shades of purple, yellow, and orange. She is also a bit shorter than Madama Butterfly.


Madama Styx is said to be a mostly quiet and composed demon, possibly due to her role as the River Styx's Queen and her duty in escorting the souls of sinners to Inferno with her moths, that she has a more "mature" demeanor compared to some other Infernals.

However, like Madama Butterfly, Styx also seems to have a sadistic side to her and takes joy in inflicting pain to others, as torture is shown to be her special skill.

If one were to ever anger her, it is said that she would "carve out their soul" in retaliation to the offense, and this could possibly mean that not only does she have intense anger, but also a short temper, similar to Jeanne.


Ruling over the River Styx and using it as her namesake, Madama Styx is said to be charged with escorting the souls of sinners to the depths of Inferno using moths born from her body.

As part of Jeanne's ascension to becoming heir of the Umbra Witches, Madama Styx made a pact with her and came to be summoned whenever needed in the 500 years since the clan's downfall.


In the first game, Madama Styx's arms and legs are her only manifestation, being summoned through Wicked Weaves as the main source of Jeanne's more powerful attacks. When fighting against Jeanne, Madama Styx's limbs are one of the only types of attack that Bayonetta can dodge to activate Witch Time. From the second battle against Jeanne onward, a quick-time event between the witches and their demons causes multiple fists from both Madama Butterfly and Madama Styx to lash out at once in a clash.

Bayonetta 2[]

Even though she doesn't make a full appearance, Madama Styx's existence in the series is still acknowledged in the story of the second game.

During the prologue of the game, Jeanne could sense that something was amiss with the ways that the Angels of Paradiso and The Demons of Inferno having been behaving lately. She notices that the angels are much more quiet than usual, while the demons, their "friends down south", seem to be "upset" about something. The view then briefly pans overhead behind the two, showing Madama Styx's and Madama Butterfly's silhouettes in their shadows. Jeanne then leaves soon after, as she has to finish getting the supplies for a party later that day.

Shortly after their conversation, the town is invaded by attacking angels and Bayonetta has to fight them all off on a jet flying through the city. Eventually, an angel known as "Valiance" joins the fight and tries to attack Bayonetta. Bayonetta parries the attack and kicks the angel to the side, to which Jeanne then joins the fight and she briefly summons Madama Styx through a wicked weave portal to punch the angel, sending it flying into a nearby building.

Further in the fight against the invading angels, Jeanne and Bayonetta have to fight an angel known as "Belief", wishing to end it quickly so Jeanne could go and get the caviare for the party. In the fight, there is an option to punish the angel to which Jeanne and Bayonetta will summon Madama Styx and Butterfly via wicked weaves and pummel the angel from both it's sides and then sending it back with a final synchronized punch.

After the Belief angel is beaten down enough, Bayonetta throws it to the air and Jeanne leaps infront of it and stylishly kicks it with Madama Styx, using her heel for the wicked weave, and sending it towards another building so that Bayonetta could finish it off.

Madama Styx is only fully seen when Jeanne is selected as the playable character, and she attacks in the same way Madama Butterfly does during Wicked Weaves, Umbran Climax, Full-Summons, Torture Attacks and to replace Madama Butterfly in certain cutscenes.

Bayonetta 3[]

Jeanne manages to find and infiltrate the base where Sigurd supposedly resides, but it is overrun by Homunculi. After entering one of the rooms in the base, she is found out by one of the Stratus Homunculi patrolling the base and defending it from intruders. It tries to attack her, she dodges, and she then attempts to summon Madama Styx as a follow up to destroy it. The portal opens, but due to a mysterious power within the base, Jeanne's magic is disrupted and Madama Styx isn't able to respond to her call, closing the portal. Jeanne manages to kill the Stratus, and simply shakes this off as she knows she is more than capable of handling the Homonculi herself.

After successfully gathering enough chaos gears and recruiting Dr. Sigurd, Bayonetta, Jeanne and Sigurd use the gears and alongside a powerful mechanism to open a portal into the alphaverse. However, they are interrupted by Homunculi, and they try to stop the portal from remaining open by using their weapons to clog the rotating gears in the mechanism. Jeanne summons Madama Styx, and she immediately makes her way over to a rod that connects the gears, knocking out any Homunculi that gets in her way. Once she reaches the rod, she begins pole dancing on it, generating enough force to keep the gears rotating, holding the portal open until Bayonetta completes their mission in defeating Singularity.


Madama Styx shares many of her traits and abilities with Madama Butterfly due to her nature as a counterpart. She displays the same sort of strength against angels and demons alike when manifested via Wicked Weaves or a full fledged summon. She is also capable of both flight and Witch Time when clashing with foes like the Auditio.



Only Madama Styx's hands and heels are seen when summoned via Wicked Weaves. When equipped with weapons aligned to the elements (such as Kali or Karen), her limbs will change colour to reflect the one chosen. She can also be made to attack in different forms such as palm thrusts depending on which weapon is in use.

When Jeanne is selected as the playable character, Madama Styx takes the place of her shadow and her wings can be summoned to perform a double-jump. When using the accessory Sergey's Lover, Madama Styx is the duplicate images that copy all of Jeanne's moves when it is active.

Bayonetta 2[]

Madama Styx appears as part of Jeanne's Umbran Climax finishers and Torture Attacks against attacking Infernal Demons. New attacks of uppercuts, headbutts return with all of her previous ones and she can now lend her wings to Jeanne to allow her to glide short distances.

Madama Styx is briefly controllable in the Chapter IV battle against Temperantia, replacing Madama Butterfly. She attacks with two different types of punches and can trigger Witch Time by successfully avoiding Temperantia's own attacks.

Bayonetta 3[]

Much like with Bayonetta's new enhanced abilities, the Demon Masquerade ability ties Madama Styx to Jeanne's set of guns, All 4 One. As a result, Jeanne can temporarily fuse and transform her appearance to match Madama Styx, using her limbs as the new variant of Wicked Weaves in gameplay. The Masquerade form looks almost identical to Bayonetta's equivalent, but features a pink and white colour pallet with a brand new silhouette of pink wings to contrast, and feathery antennae.



Bayonetta 2[]

Bayonetta 3[]


  • In Greek mythology, the Styx is a river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld (Hades), named for a goddess of the same name that rules over it.
    • Madama Styx also takes her name from the Archerontia styx species of moth, also known as the death's head hawkmoth.
  • She is the only Infernal Demon that does not appear in the title of Bayonetta 3.