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Madama Khepri, also known as the Protector of Time, is the Infernal Demon that Rosa has formed a pact with as part of being an Umbra Witch. Much like Madama Butterfly and Madama Styx, Madama Khepri physically resembles a cross between a human and an insect, in this case a scarab.

Madama Khepri has made her only appearance in Bayonetta 2, where she is manifested via the Wicked Weaves that Rosa summons in battle.

Book of Infernal Demons[]

A goddess of Inferno who controls time and the sun. It is said that she can determine a person's fate by gazing upon the long shadow that forms between their body and the light extending from the land of the dead.

By binding a contract with Khepri and forfeiting their soul, one can gain an almost infinite knowledge of time and the secret technique to control it.


Like her other "Madama" counterparts, Madama Khepri takes the form of a woman with an insect theme; this time a Scarab Beetle. Her skin is light green in coloration and her wings and outfit sport gold decorations. The upper part of her dress is very revealing, more so than Butterfly's, and a translucent cloth connects from her torso and wraps around her arms. Her headdress is made to resemble beetle pincers with crescent moon imagery.


A demon who can foresee the passage of time itself, and more specifically the fate of the person she observes, Madama Khepri is specifically named as a goddess who controls time itself. Her alias, the Protector Of Time, is similar to nature of the Umbra Witches themselves, being a clan that was responsible for overseeing history.

As part of becoming an Umbra Witch, Rosa entered a contract with Madama Khepri to grant her with increased power and knowledge.


Bayonetta 2[]

Madama Khepri is first seen when Bayonetta is transported back to the time of the Witch Hunts, specifically during a siege on the Umbra Witch's home in Vigrid. Upon meeting her mother, Rosa, the two women team up to fight back the onslaught of angels trying to take them down, where Madama Khepri's limbs are used in joint attacks. Her silhouette can also be seen in Rosa's shadow throughout gameplay and the cutscenes.

After Rosa's death at the hands of Loptr, it can be assumed that her soul was sent to Inferno where Madama Khepri then claimed it for her own.


When Rosa is chosen as the playable character in both the Story and Tag Climax modes of Bayonetta 2, Madama Khepri's hands and feet are manifested as Wicked Weave combo finishers. These Weaves, much like Rosa's basic attacks, do triple the damage that Bayonetta's can do.

Madama Khepri's limbs also appear in part of certain Torture Attacks against hostile Infernal Demons, though the final blows are instead performed by a fully manifested Madama Butterfly. As Rosa instead summons the Umbran Armor as part of her Umbran Climax variant, Madama Khepri does not appear as part of the multiple Wicked and Infernal Weaves the mode usually brings to Bayonetta and Jeanne.



  • Unlike Madama Butterfly and Madama Styx, Madama Khepri's body is never fully seen in-game. When playing as Rosa during sequences and cutscenes where she would be supposed to appear, Madama Butterfly is summoned instead. This is because Madama Khepri's full model was not able to be finished in time to be used in Bayonetta 2, so only her arms and legs made a physical appearance.
  • Madama Khepri's name is derived from that of an Egyptian deity who is closely affiliated with insects, namely the scarab beetle. This deity is associated with the ideals of rebirth, creation. Madama Khepri's beetle theme and biography are reflected from the god Khepri, who was a god of the sun and had the head of a scarab beetle.
  • Curiously, Madama Khepri is the only Infernal Demon to be associated with the sun, a symbol usually associated with the forces of light.
  • According to unused files, Khepri was supposed to be in Bayonetta 3 to assist Rosa instead of the Umbran Clock Tower.[1]


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