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Madama Butterfly, also known as Mistress of Atrocity, is Bayonetta's contracted Infernal Demon and the source of most of her power. Known for her brutality as well as her beauty, she is initially unseen with her limbs manifesting as Wicked Weaves for Bayonetta to use in combat. In Bayonetta 2, she is able to be fully summoned during Umbran Climax and certain cutscenes and in Bayonetta 3, this time with a redesigned appearance, acts as a conduit for both Demon Masquerade and Demon Slave.

She also has a more powerful form called Queen Butterfly, Lady of Onyx Brilliance.

Book of Infernal Demons[]

Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2[]

A demon taking the form of a woman who left this world under unfortunate circumstances, only to be reincarnated in hell. Unlike her beautiful, swallowtail butterfly-like appearance, this demon is particularly brutal, and her reputation is well known even amongst the denizens of Inferno.

If a conjurer were to sign a contract and trade her soul, the demon would impart upon her enormous power and great wisdom.

Bayonetta 3[]

A demon taking the form of a woman who left this world under unfortunate circumstances, only to be reincarnated in hell.

Counter to her swallowtail butterfly-like appearance, this demon is particularly brutal and her reputation is well known even among the denizens of Inferno. If a conjurer were to trade her soul to enter into a contract with Madama Butterfly, the demon would impart upon her enormous power and great wisdom. Furthermore, a select few truly powerful witches can use the ancient art of the "Demon Slave" to control her power themselves.

It appears that there is a bond between Bayonetta and Madama Butterfly that goes beyond the terms of their contract, but it is unknown how that came to be.

Queen Butterfly[]
Madama Butterfly's true form, obtained by being anointed in the magic-rich heart's blood of Bayonetta through her use of the forbidden "Deadly Sin" ritual. Growing to a size that pierces the clouds, she has become even more beautiful and even more brutal, leading all who gaze upon her to feel their sanity crumble as something akin to a yearning for death begins to grow within.


Madama Butterfly takes the form of a beautiful woman with a swallowtail butterfly theme. In the original two entries in the series, she wears a purple dress that splits from the middle up to her thighs, showing off her long legs, spiked purple high heels with butterfly accessories on them, sharp shoulder pads, and purple straps around her breasts. On her arms, she wears ridged purple braces with a strap that wraps around her middle fingers, butterfly accessories on her each of her hands, and red spikes on her knuckles.

Madama Butterfly's most defining feature is the large butterfly-shaped headpiece that sits evenly on her head, along with gold ornaments that rest on her forehead. Her eyes are completely red and appear almost jewel-like. In a physical form, she is revealed to rival Gomorrah in size, having a standard height of about 15 m (49' 2,5") and being able to increase her size depending on the situation needed and thus she normally towers over all beneath her.

In Bayonetta 3, Madama Butterfly sports a new look with a long black dress that splits up the back with a seemingly tattered hem, and a mostly exposed chest with multiple edged straps that go across her torso. She also wears long, flowing sleeves to match her dress, along with red spikes at the top near her shoulders and a few more spikes that protrude from each of her forearms. Her headdress remains similar to how it looked in the previous games with only minor changes such as the ornaments on her forehead being elongated and a dark purple instead of gold. She also wears a spiked choker, mimicking the ones that are on her arms.

The designs of Madama Butterfly's hands and heels now have intricate lace patterns, bracelets around her wrists, and the butterfly accessories that were on her limbs in the previous games have been replaced with the design of her wings.

In her rampage form, Madama Butterfly takes on a more aggressive appearance with deep red skin, dark markings and bulging veins all over her body. She also has long horns that sprout upwards from her headdress.


As indicated in her title in Inferno as "Mistress Of Atrocity", Madama Butterfly is shown to take great joy in fighting and inflicting pain upon Bayonetta's enemies. She is seen smiling both sadistically and enthusiastically as she savagely punches, pierces ,or claws at any foes who have the misfortune of being her target.

In Bayonetta 3, she is shown to have a demeanor that one could argue is more "girly" in comparison to Bayonetta's and falls in line with her lore her ,as not only her appearance doesn't indicate her sheer might and power, but also her expression.

Though she doesn't speak in the game, she can be heard giggling gleefully whenever she is summoned to attack enemies, showing that she genuinely has fun and enjoys being summoned to aid Bayonetta. Bayonetta even makes note of this during her first trip through the Ginnugagap Rift, stating that Madama Butterfly must've been "dying for some action" as much as she was, and Madama Butterfly becomes available to be summoned for demon slave.


After disappearing from the world due to "unfortunate circumstances" and being reincarnated in Inferno, Madama Butterfly garnered a reputation for her savagery in stark contrast to her appearance.[1] At some point, she became a hated figure to the demon Alraune, though the circumstances of her hatred for Butterfly remain unknown.[2]

During Bayonetta's rise to becoming a full fledged Umbra Witch, Madama Butterfly became her contracted demon by the time of the Clan Wars[3] and could be summoned for her assistance whenever needed. Even after 500 years of slumber, Bayonetta maintains the contract in the present by sacrificing angels every day.



Though Madama Butterfly doesn't make a full physical appearance in the story, she manifests as the Wicked Weaves Bayonetta uses in combat against the angels and the Auditio. She sometimes is summoned to aid in other ways besides raw fighting, such as steering Sapientia towards the waiting jaws of fellow demon Phantasmaraneae, or lifting objects such as the Witch and Sage statues.

Bayonetta 2[]

A Butterfly in the Storm

Madama Butterfly fights Temperantia.

In the prologue of the second game, a few months after the even of the first, Bayonetta and Enzo are out shopping for Christmas, with Bayonetta strutting in a fashionable white dress as she enters whatever stores she pleases, and Enzo being the pack-mule for all of her items. Soon after, Jeanne joins the two and she and Bayonetta have a conversation about how strange the residents of Paradiso have been acting lately. Not only that, but she can sense that the demons of Inferno; their "friends down south", are also behaving strangely as if they're upset about something. The view briefly pans overhead to show Madama Butterfly's and Madama Styx's silhouettes in their shadows. Jeanne leaves soon after, wishing to continue the conversation after they've both finished preparing for a party later that day.

After defeating the angels attacking the city and summoning Gommorah to devour the "Belief", the demon turns on Bayonetta and tries to attack her, but Jeanne pushes her out the way, only to have her soul knocked out and dragged down into Inferno to which Bayonetta, angered by Gommorah's betrayal, fights the demon. If enough damage is done. Gommorah will become temporarily dazed to which Bayonetta can follow up with a punish attack using Madama Butterfly.

First, Wicked Weaves of her arms are manifested and she will pummel Gommorah's head in from all sides, causing it's face to leave a large crater in the building. Once Gommorah looks up, she fully manifests and surprises it with a headbutt, strong enough to send the demon's entire head into the building, leaving a large gaping hole once the demon frees itself.

As Bayonetta makes her way through Noatun to get to Fimbulventr and rescue Jeanne from Inferno, she is impeded by an angel known as "Valiance" who is searching for Loki, a young boy she met not too long ago. Valiance then goes on about reuniting the Eyes Of The World, to which Bayonetta, who is visibly annoyed, interrupts by shooting him in the face, and a battle commences from there. After Valiance is worn down enough, Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly to finish him off. Madama Butterfly manifests behind him and uses his own sword against him- savagely piercing his body over and over again until one final push runs his sword all the way through his body and out the other end, sending it flying through the wall and shattering one of the stained glass windows of the cathedral they were on.

Madama Butterfly is summoned once again to help deal with an angel known as "Glamour" who has impeded Bayonetta and Loki's progression to Fimbulventr, tearing the ground up from beneath them and demanding that Loki rides with it instead. After expressing frustration with Bayonetta's interference at preventing Loki from being abducted, another battle ensures with the angel soon tearing the ground up further and using one of the pieces of rubble as a platform for Bayonetta to fight on. After Glamour is beaten down enough, Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly, and she manifests directly on top of Glamour, pinning it down with her weight. She then tramples Glamour underneath her spiked heels and finishes it off by jumping in the air and bringing all of her weight down upon it at once, sending its head through the piece of rubble and plummeting towards the ground.

While fighting against the Masked Lumen for the first time, Madama Butterfly is promptly summoned by Bayonetta to do battle with the him after he banishes Labolas back to Inferno after the second round of their fight. In response, the Lumen Sage summons Temperantia and the demon and angel fight one another in the background while their summoners trade blows. Madama Butterfly is shown to equal the Cardinal Virtue in strength, throwing multiple punches at each other until both throw a blow strong enough to send them both flying in opposing directions, causing them to de-manifest.

Due to the imbalance created after the death of Balder lost the Right Eye from the world, Bayonetta finds herself fighting various demons impeding her progress to Fimbulventr. When confronted with aggression by Pain, she summons Madama Butterfly's hand and mentions her gratitude to the demons who remained loyal to her. Madama Butterfly gives a fist bump to the witch and Bayonetta engages Pain soon after.

After defeating Pain, Loki and Bayonetta make their ascent to the top of the Cascade Cathedral, hoping to use the bridge to get to Fimbulventr.

Loki and Bayonetta are split up and as Loki makes his way to the top, he is attacked by two angels known as "Urbane". Once he finally reaches the top, he uses his power to repair the mechanism that acts as a hatch so that Bayonetta could get through, but it doesn't open fast enough and the Urbane angels are immediately upon him. Thankfully, Bayonetta briefly summons Madama Butterfly and she forces open the hatch with brute strength, allowing for Bayonetta to come through and save Loki, once again. 

After being intercepted by Valor and having ended up further from Fimbulventr than they were originally, Bayonetta and Loki had to use a shortcut to find the Gates of Hell, using a water column that existed beneath the mountain. Not too long after, they are confronted by an Internal Demon known as "Insidious" and Bayonetta engages it. After enough damage is done to one eye, Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly via Wicked Weave and she pries it's eyelids open and punches it directly in the eyeball. Not too long after, the demon will try to consume Bayonetta by sucking her in, but Madama Butterfly will catch the demon's mouth before it can fully shut and force it open, and then punch it once Bayonetta has successfully escaped, knocking it back.

After the last health bar is depleted, the demon will try to clamp down on Bayonetta using it's eye-mouth, but the attack is countered by a punch from Madama Butterfly, followed up with her ferociously gripping it's eye and brutally ripping it out, taking the demon out of commission, for a time.

After successfully reaching the Gates of Inferno and removing the barriers that protected them, Bayonetta and Loki are intercepted by The Masked Lumen and the Prophet, with Loki dealing with the Sage and Bayonetta fighting the Prophet. At some point in the battle, the Prophet will use his power to piece together remnants of floating rubble to form a long building and launches it towards Bayonetta. Bayonetta counters this however, by summoning Madama Butterfly's hand's and punching back the building in the opposite direction, wearing it down with each hit.

Madama Butterfly then fully manifests and she punches the Prophet directly, sending him flying into what remains of the building, shattering it upon impact.

After entering Inferno and making her way to Alraune's palace in order to rescue Jeanne, Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly to assist in damaging Alraune's palace and provoke her into coming out. After she appears in front of the two, she revels in finally meeting Madama Butterfly face to face, revealing a deep hatred for her. Bayonetta, impressed with however her contracted demon managed to anger Alraune, gives kudos to Madama Butterfly, stating "I don't know what you did to piss her off, but whatever it was...nice."

In the second phase of the fight against Alraune, she assumes a form that resembles a demonic scorpion with Jeanne's soul being held in the "stomach", sapping her energy and fueling Alraune. After Alraune is knocked out for the second time in the fight, Madama Butterfly's hands manifest and she will pin Alraune down, allowing for Bayonetta to rip off the barriers on Alraune's stomach that block-off Jeanne. 

After Alraune's health is fully depleted, Bayonetta will summon Madama Butterfly's hand, to which she rips Jeanne's soul out of Alraune's stomach and tosses her into Bayonetta's arms, causing the other demon to scream in agony as she returns to her base form.

Shortly after, Bayonetta, angered by what Alraune has done to Jeanne, summons Madama Butterfly one last time to deal a finishing blow to Alraune with a powerful punch. However, before Madama's fist could connect, Rodin intervenes and blocks it with his own hand, stating that Bayonetta should focus on finishing what she went there to do originally, and after a short pause, Bayonetta gives Butterfly her arm back and turns her attention back to Jeanne.

After saving Jeanne and being sent back in time by Loki, Bayonetta is teleported back to Vigrid during the witch hunts, where the clan was hunted to extinction by both invading angels and humans. After fighting through hordes of angels alongside her mother, she eventually ends up on the falling debris of a destroyed clock tower and is attacked by a younger Loptr, who wishes to erase both clans so that he could have the Eyes Of Creation for himself. The two engage in combat and during the battle, a quick time will occur where Loptr will attempt to bring down an meteor upon Bayonetta. Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly to deal with it, to which she then shatters the giant burning rock by headbutting it.

Bayonetta 3[]

Madama Butterfly is summoned many times in the third installment to aid Bayonetta on her mission of defeating Singularity and any opponents that stand in her way.

In the prologue of the game, the city of New York is invaded by Homunculi and Bayonetta manages to fend them off, though with just regular hand guns instead of the usual magic infused guns that Umbra Witches possess. After the guns break because they couldn't handle power of Bayonetta's attacks and magic, Bayonetta has to rely on her hands, that is until Rodin shows up. He gifts her with new guns titled, "Colour My World" which are said to channel Madama Butterfly's power. After equipping them, Madama Butterfly briefly appears and fuses with Bayonetta, changing her into a more powerful form that resembles her, and they continue on, combatting the invading Homunculi.

Not too long after, Jeanne arrives to the scene, and they are interrupted by an Infernal Demon known as "Kraken" and as far as Jeanne could tell, someone had summoned it there. After some time fighting the demon, it tries to abduct Jeanne and flee deeper into the ocean, to which Bayonetta responds by summoning Madama Butterfly. Madama Butterfly manages to subdue Kraken and pry its jaws open, freeing Jeanne (although unconscious) and Kraken inks away.

As Bayonetta makes her journey through different worlds and areas in order to find chaos gears, she comes across some soldiers armed with guns and tanks, that appear to be fighting a Homunculus known as Pannus. Their weapons show no affect in actually harming the creature and each tank is crushed effortlessly. Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly to deal with it and she uses her sharp nails and claws at it, only causing it to split into two. This visibly displeases Madama Butterfly, to which Bayonetta responds by saying that maybe a more "attentive" approach is required to kill them.

Madama Butterfly is summoned again to help fight against a Homunculus known as "Pyrocumulus", who had been upgraded to a form called "Arch-Pyrocumulus" , by absorbing Bayonetta β2 . Fortunately, Madama Butterfly gets an upgrade of her own through Bayonetta's heart summoning ritual, and takes on a form titled "Queen Butterfly". As Queen Butterfly, she is enormous and dwarfs Bayonetta enough to make her appear as a small insect. Butterfly combats Arch-Pyrocumulus by blowing and splashing bubbles at it from the clouds, deflecting any attacks thrown at her. Once it is successfully encased in one, she will then follow up with a punch or a kick, sending it flying backwards. Once it is beaten down enough, Bayonetta throws a ring of energy around the creatures head, and it begins cutting into it as it constricts and unwinds. Butterfly will then finish it by flicking it away with her finger, sending it crashing through mountains towards the ground and a boulder falls on top of it, pinning it down. The creature is then pulled down by demonic hands, Bayonetta secures a chaos gear from it, along with β2's weapon and Butterfly returns to Inferno.

As Bayonetta makes her way through the fourth Universe in search of chaos gears, she is impeded by a Homunculus know as "Duplicatus", another Homunculus that can split itself into separate entities, seemingly at will this time. The creature splits and then fuses once again above Bayonetta, and tries to descend upon her. Bayonetta responds by summoning Madama Butterfly and she manifests with wings out-stretched, and knocks the Homunculus off the course of it's attack with a powerful uppercut. After knocking out the Homunculus, she gives Bayonetta a look of both satisfaction and assurance, which Bayonetta delightfully returns. Madama Butterfly goes back to Inferno and the battle against Duplicatus further commences from there.

After successfully opening a portal into the alphaverse and entering, Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly to aid in combating a giant homunculus known as Aureole, which is assumed to serve as a base of operations where Singularity himself resides and controls the Homunculi invading other universes. After manifesting, Madama Butterfly kicks the Homunculus; hard enough to turn it around and have one of its other sides facing her and Bayonetta. Bayonetta then hops onto her right shoulder and she powers up Madama Butterfly by dancing, transforming Butterfly into her more feral and aggressive-looking, rampage form. Even while in this form, Butterfly is still cognisant and allows Bayonetta to stand on her head as she fights the giant Homunculus. In the first phase of the fight, Madama Butterfly will attack Aureole's eye, evading its charges, slams, and projectile attacks. Once sufficient damage is done, she will knock it out and hold its eyelids open, allowing Bayonetta to pummel its eyeball, after which, Aureole will try and crush the two, destroying the floating platform as Madama Butterfly dodges. In the second phase of the fight, Aureole will release 3 Homunculi to attack Bayonetta and Butterfly. After successfully destroying two, Madama Butterfly will grab the last one and throw it into the processor on Aureole's body, which will then expose the nerve center on top where Singularity supposedly resides.

Madama Butterfly is called upon once again to join Bayonetta and also Gommorah, in the first fight against Singularity. In this fight, Singularity takes on a monstrous form known as "Singularity Chaos" and Bayonetta responds by summoning Gommorah, in its "Sin" form to do battle. The two trade blows with one another and after enough damage is done, they engage in a beam fight. Singularity uses a secondary beam from his tail, adding onto the power of the one being fired from the front, pushing Gommorah back and putting a great strain on Bayonetta's body, causing her eye to bleed. Bayonetta then performs a second ritual and summons Madama Butterfly in her "Queen Butterfly" form. She aids Gommorah with an energy beam attack of her own, similar to a Kamehameha, and this is strong enough to overcome Singularity's assault, blasting him off into outer space. After this is done, both Butterfly and Gommorah are dismissed.

Bayonetta flies to outer space, to confront Singularity again, as she knows it was going to take more than the previous attack to finish him off for good. When she reaches his location, he changes again into a form known as "Singularity Balance" and from here, the second battle phase begins. After enough damage is done, Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly again to attack Singularity. She starts off with 2 swipes using her sharp nails, then begins pummeling Singularity, using a force of 2400 Gigatons. She then finishes with one final punch, powerful enough for her fist to glow purple and send Singularity backwards. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to do the job of destroying him and he simply teleports behind Bayonetta and summons allies of his own to join the fight.

Madama Butterfly is summoned by the Bayonetta 1 variant using Demon Slave. Although it is Madama Butterfly, her design resembles the Madama Butterfly from Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2. After the two Bayonetta variants unfuse with our Bayonetta, Wicked Weaves of Madama Butterfly's arms are manifested, and punch Singularity continuously.

Bayonetta will use Madama Butterfly to punch Singularity hard enough to send him flying to Bayonetta 1, to which she will respond the same way in kind and send him flying to Bayonetta 2. The trio then proceed to pummel Singularity into submission, with Bayonetta(s) 1 and 2 sending him upwards with an uppercut and our Bayonetta finishing with a final punch downwards, sending him crashing towards the ground.


Madama Butterfly's most notable skill is her immense brute strength, which Bayonetta often uses as Wicked and Infernal Weave attacks in combat. She is capable of easily overpowering angels such as Valiance, fight on par with that of the Auditio, and shattering objects as large as meteors launched at her by Loptr[2] ,just by headbutting them.

Possessing some magic, Madama Butterfly is able to manifest her signature swallowtail-butterfly wings, allowing her to fly and she has the ability to focus some of her power into her fists, allowing her to do more damage to enemies. She is also capable of performing Witch Time herself when she is fully summoned (although, it could be just Bayonetta herself activating it).[2]

In Bayonetta 3 when manifested as part of Demon Slave, in addition to her melee proficiency and strength from her size, Madama Butterfly demonstrates new abilities such as being able to charm enemies to stun them, blowing a purple dust that's capable of knocking them back, shooting lasers from her eyes, channeling magical energy into heart-shaped explosive projectiles, and creating energy projections in the form of giant butterflies that flutter around her, damaging any enemies that come into contact with them.

She's also surprisingly agile for her size, being able to do dropkicks, hand stands, backflips, and even quickly twirl out of the way of incoming attacks, similar to how Bayonetta does in cutscenes where she effortlessly dodges all attacks that enemies throw at her, as if she's dancing.

The way she summons her wings has also been changed in addition to all her new abilities. Instead of directly materializing, she uses her sleeves as a medium to manifest them on her back, the same way in 2, Bayonetta's 'sleeves' are used to manifest Malphas's wings in aerial combat.



In the first game, Madama Butterfly's hands and heels are summoned during Wicked Weaves. Her limbs sometimes change color when equipping weapons with an elemental motif and attacks in different ways from claw strikes to palm thrusts depending on which weapon is equipped. She also forms Bayonetta's shadow when it is cast and her wings are used to give the witch an extra boost in height when she jumps. When equipped with the Sergey's Lover accessory, Madama Butterfly appears as two images that mimic all of Bayonetta's moves.

Bayonetta 2[]

Madama Butterfly can be summoned during Umbran Climax finishers and during Torture Attacks against other demons. All of her previous attack patterns and abilities return along with some new ones such as uppercuts, headbutts, and flying kicks. In addition, Bayonetta can now use Madama Butterfly's wings to glide across short distances.

Madama Butterfly is briefly controllable during the fight against the summoned Temperantia in Chapter IV. She uses her fists to sideswipe and uppercut her foe and is able to activate Witch Time by dodging Temperantia's own attacks.

Bayonetta 3[]

Bayonetta (Bayonetta 3) Madama Butterfly Demon Masquerade

Bayonetta fused with Madama Butterfly during Demon Masquerade

The Demon Slave mechanic allows Bayonetta to equip and summon Madama Butterfly in her full glory to directly control her in battle. Madama Butterfly notably fights with her trademark punches and kicks and her moves can be combined into uppercuts and stomps in sequence; her shooting attack blows a cloud of dust that knocks back enemies. Her special ability "Flutter Kiss", allows her to charm enemies with a kiss blown at them, causing them to become temporarily stunned and leaving them open for a barrage of attacks. She can also use her wings glide, allowing her to set up mid-air combos more easily and move around a lot faster.

Additionally, the new Demon Masquerade mechanic, which ties Madama Butterfly to the Colour My World set of guns, means Bayonetta can now fuse with her Infernal Partner and use her abilities in traversing across the environment and performing new variants of Wicked Weaves. Madama Butterfly's Demon Masquerade allows Bayonetta to control her falling speed and glide for short distances.



  • Flutter Kiss (R)
    • Blows a magical kiss that charms enemies for a set amount of time.
  • Infatuation
    • Extends Flutter Kiss charm duration.
  • Infatuation II
    • Further extends Flutter Kiss charm duration.
  • Poised Wing (Midair, hold Jump)
    • Glides with butterfly wings, descending slowly over time.


  • Goku Tetsuzanko (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Closes in quickly with a heavy reverse tackle.
  • Wingspan Clip (Rotate Left Stick+Punch)
    • Unleashes a rising uppercut that launches enemies.


  • Full Monarch Shoot (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Kick)
    • Performs a backflip attack that launches enemies.
  • Rapture Vortex (Rotate Left Stick+Kick)
    • Performs a spinning kick from a handstand position, attacking while moving across a wide area.


  • Glamour Burst (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Shoot)
    • Concentrates magic energy into a fireball and releases it. Hold Shoot for more power.
  • Royal Escort (Rotate Left Stick+Shoot)
    • Summons three protective butterflies that circle around Colour My World. The butterflies explode on contact with enemies and cause them to flinch.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Super Smash Bros. Series[]

Madama Butterfly accompanies Bayonetta's arrival in Super Smash Bros. where her limbs can be summoned as Wicked Weaves for Smash attacks. Her wings appear when Bayonetta performs a midair jump and her silhouette is visible in Bayonetta's shadow.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Madama Butterfly's Spirit can be obtained. It is a Support Spirit, has a rarity of four stars (Legend class), requires a Primary Spirit with all three slots to use, and its ability allows the player to heal damage through poison rather than take damage.


  • Madama Butterfly is based on the titular character of the opera by Giacomo Puccini, based on the short story "Madame Butterfly" by John Luther Long. Butterfly (also known as Cio-Cio-san in the opera and Cho-Cho-san in the story, with "chocho" being the Japanese word for butterfly) was a young Japanese girl who fell in love with an American serviceman, who married her for convenience with the intention of leaving her once he found a proper American wife. Butterfly would have a child by him and wait three years for his return, only to see him arrive with his new wife, who had agreed with him to raise Butterfly's child as their own. Heartbroken, Butterfly agreed to give up the child to the couple before taking her own life by means of using her father's knife to commit jigai, a female form of seppuku, to preserve her honor for her family.
    • Compared to Madama Styx and Madama Khepri, Madama Butterfly is the only contracted Madama-named demon not based on a deity, but rather a literary/theatrical character. She has this in common with the demon queen Odile, with whom the witch Odette made a contract, who is based on the ballet Swan Lake. However, she shares some similarities with Ītzpāpālōtl:
      • She is the Aztec goddess of death and queen of the afterlife where dead infants reside. Her counterpart, Madama Styx, is queen of the River Styx in Inferno and is responsible for the guidance of sinful souls into the afterlife.
      • Her name means "Obsidian (or Clawed) Butterfly".
        • Her name is thought by some to refer to bats. Coincidentally, Bayonetta possesses the Bat Within form, while Jeanne's equivalent form is Moth Within, corresponding to the moth form of Madama Styx.
        • Her true form achieved through Deadly Sin, Queen Butterfly, is titled the "Lady of Onyx Brilliance". Onyx and obsidian are both black stones. Coincidentally, onyx's name comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning "claw" or "fingernail".
      • She is said to be able to take the form of a seductive woman.



Bayonetta 2[]

Bayonetta 3[]

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