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Lt. Col. Kilgore is a set of rocket launchers that can be equipped on the arms or legs, and are swung like tonfas, which appeared in the first game, Bayonetta. They are essentially the game's "power weapon," granting major damage at the cost of speed. Rodin gives it to you from the Golden LP Walkürenritt. Jeanne's equivalent for Lt. Col. Kilgore is Col. Slade.

In-Game Description[]

His campaign of slaughter on the battlefield leading to his swift consignment to hell, the soul of the Vietnam War madman Lt. Col. Kilgore now resides in these grenade launchers, which fire explosive shells with incredible magic power.


Lt. Col. Kilgore is a set of rocket launchers that can be equipped on the arms or legs, they are based on AT-4 Anti-Tank missile launchers, with the difference that they are fitted with tonfa grips and forearm rests for ease of use as a melee weapon. They are mostly coloured army green on the outside and silvery grey on the inside, with their rear seal and muzzle covers as well as some details on the sides and grips coloured gold, black in the alt. version, on the side of each rocket launcher there's a small plaque made from gold, copper on the alt. version, bearing the simplified Umbra symbol and some writing, on their rear seal there's a pair of red gemstones.

How to Obtain[]

This weapon's Golden LP is divided into 3 parts in Chapter 9.

  1. Verse 1, found behind a destructible wall on the end of the courtyard where Verse 1 takes place.
  2. Verse 6, found after fighting Kinship. It's out in the open.
  3. Verse 9, found just after the Gates of Hell portal, instead of going up the golden path, jump the gap to where the original bridge would have led and break the destructible wall at the end of the path.

After obtaining the complete Golden LP, Lt. Col. Kilgore Alt. can be purchased from the Gates of Hell for 99,800 Halos, which will allow Bayonetta to equip them to both her hand and feet slots simultaneously.

Unique Traits[]

Lt. Col

Bayonetta using Lt. Col. Kilgore during an ambush in Vigrid.

Lt. Col Kilgore is the slowest, but the most powerful ranged weapon in Bayonetta's arsenal. It specialized in dealing massive damage in a large area with broad sweeping punches and kicks for melee attacks, and rockets that explode on impact and deal great damage over an area of effect at range. Its melee hits and rockets also have a high stagger rate that allows it to keep most Angels off-balance during its slow combos, making the weapon a lot safer to use than it initially appears. Lt. Col. Kilgore shines in both ranged and melee combat against a wide range of enemies throughout the game, though more agile ones such as Gracious and Glorious have a tendency to move out of the way of its slow missiles as they dart around the battlefield.

Bullet Climax (Hands): When executed, Bayonetta will do a quick spin as she whips the two rocket launchers around her, if Punch is held down she will also fire two rockets in opposite directions.

Bullet Climax (Feet): When executed, Bayonetta will do a hand-stand and then spin with her legs outstretched and the launchers flipped away from her body, causing this attack to do damage to everything in a large radius around her. This attack is much slower than the Hand version but has a great deal of more range. If done in the air, Bayonetta will spin kick with all limbs out-stretched and fire three rockets, this attack is much faster than when it's done on the ground. If Kick is held down she will fire two rockets in the opposite directions when on the ground and fire a fourth rocket when in the air.

Charge Modifier: When the corresponding button is held down Bayonetta will fire off one or more rockets depending on the attack. Holding down the attack buttons for her basic combos (PunchPunchPunch and KickKickKick) will not only shoot a rocket, but Bayonetta will whip the launcher forwards once more and then fire another rocket.

Extra held attacks: While using this weapon, many attacks allow Bayonetta to perform a quick extra melee attack right afterwards before continuing on with the combo as you normally would. This can be done by continuing to hold the attack button even after it launches its first missile. This will cause Bayonetta to extend the rocket launcher for a slightly quicker extra melee attack, which can also be held in order to fire a missile. This can be used in the middle of combos to slightly alleviate the slow attack speed of Lt. Col. Kilgore.

Unique Combos: PunchPunchPausePunch and KickKickPauseKick are both unique combos exclusive to the Kilgore. Both of these combos will hit numerous times if the button is held down during the last attack and will not only fire a rocket but a projectile Wicked Weave as well, with the Punch combo launching up to four and the kick combo only launching one.

Unique Technique: Executing Stiletto (Press the Left Joystick ForwardPress the Left Joystick ForwardPunch or Lock On (Right Bumper or R1)Press the Left Joystick ForwardPunch) while Lt. Col. Kilgore is equipped to the hands' slot will cause Bayonetta to fire the launchers in the opposite direction and use them to propel herself towards the targeted enemy, colliding with them a few times. This can be used as a slower, more powerful version of the Umbran Spear that doesn't cost any magic as it will even launch Bayonetta up into the air towards her target. Holding down Punch will also cause Bayonetta to fire off two rockets as the move ends.

Lt. Col. Kilgore/Durga Exploit: Performed by equipping Scarborough Fair, Bazillions, Durga, Shuraba or Onyx Roses to Bayonetta's hands and Durga on her feet and equipping Lt. Col. Kilgore on her feet in the opposite set, then executing the basic PunchPunchPunchPunchKick combo with the Durga set, switching to the opposite set with Lt. Col. Kilgore as soon as the kicking animation on the Durga begins will cause Bayonetta to fire twelve rockets consecutively from her feet, shooting two into the ground, five into the sky, and five straight ahead at her target.

Col. Slade[]

Col. Slade is Jeanne's version of Lt. Col. Kilgore, and it functions exactly like Bayonetta's version, but like with Jeanne's other weapons, it matches her sense of style in color.

In-Game Description[]

A grenade launcher containing the soul of Col. Slade, a man who traded his eyesight to a demon to save his troops, only to be deceived by the hellish denizen and find himself consigned to Inferno. Each shot fired from the launcher's tube is filled with Col. Slade's endless malice.


Messiah HWV 56 glitch

Acquiring the Walkürenritt LP.

  • Lt. Col. Kilgore is named after Bill Kilgore, a character from the 1979 war movie Apocalypse Now.
  • Col. Slade is named, after the blind Lt. Col. Frank Slade from the film Scent of a Woman.
    • The weapon's perfume gives Bayonetta a yellow scarf, aviator sunglasses and a stetson hat, all of which were worn by the Apocalypse Now character.
    • The Angelic Hymns Gold LP is a snippet of "Ride of the Valkyries", the beginning of act 3 of Richard Wagner's opera Die Walküre. In Apocalypse Now, Kilgore's helicopter squadron plays the song on loudspeakers during a napalm strike.
  • For reasons unknown, acquiring the Walkürenritt LP instead displays the Messiah HWV 56, intended to unlock the 細鳳 -Sai Fung-. Kilgore is still unlocked as normal.
  • The taunt for this weapon, has Bayonetta and Jeanne lay down and prop their leg up into the air.
  • The weapon closely resembles the real world, AT-4 Anti-Tank missile launcher. Often mistaken for the bazookas weapons.