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Love Is BlueLove Is Blue is the name of Bayonetta's signature weapons featured in the second game. They function as a replacement for Scarborough Fair from the first game and match her new blue and black color palette. Like their predecessors, Love Is Blue are the only weapons that don't need to be unlocked by collecting Golden LPs or by completing a certain task.

In-Game Description[]

Bayonetta 2[]

A set of guns masterfully crafted by the famed demon-smith Rodin, waiting for their time to finally be put to use. Individually, their names are Prelude, Minuet, Toccata and Nocturne. These weapons are no second fiddle to Scarborough Fair in terms of control and power. Whilst useful as standard melee weapons, they can also summon Wicked Weaves and use the Umbran Climax, a secret skill that unleashes the user's saved-up magic energy to give them enhanced powers.

Bayonetta 3[]

A set of guns masterfully crafted by the famed weaponsmith Rodin for a Bayonetta somewhere in the Multiverse. They are crowned with the names Prelude, Minuet, Toccata and Nocturne.

These weapons are no second fiddle to Scarborough Fair in terms of control and power.


As their name implies, they are blue in color, but the aesthetics such as the Umbran symbol is still shared between them and Scarborough Fair. They each feature a set of gems that match the colors of lyrics from the weapon's namesake, both embedded in the gun itself, and as floral imprinted accessories that hang from the grip of the gun, & an engraving on each side of each gun. Director Yusuke Hashimotto provided in a tweet a list of each guns' individual names.[1] As follows: 

  • A Red teardrop-shaped gem on her right-hand gun.
    • Name: Toccata. Engraved is "Eye of the Overseer".
    • The Flower is a Marigold, symbolizing Sorrow.
  • A Grey oval-shaped gem on her left-hand gun.
    • Name: Prelude. Engraved is "An Endless Life".
    • The Flower is a Muscari (Grape Hyacinth), symbolizing Frustration.
  • A Black diamond-shaped gem on her right-heel gun.
    • Name: Nocturne. Engraved is "The Darkest Night".
    • The Flower is an Erica (Heath/Heather), symbolizing Solitude.
  • A Green rectangle-shaped gem on her left-heel gun.
    • Name: Minuet. Engraved is "A Jealous Lover".
    • The Flower is a Cyclamen, symbolizing Jealousy.

They also appear to surround Bayonetta's kicks and punches in blue demonic energy instead of the pinkish-crimson that Scarborough Fair did in the first game, again matching the new game's color palette of blue and black over red and black.

In comparison to real guns, Love Is Blue appears to be heavily stylized Mauser C96 "Broom Handle" pistols (Red 9 is a variation of C96 firing 9mm rounds, rather than 7.63mm rounds), but confirmation from Platinum has not been released. The key differences between the Mauser C96 and Love Is Blue are

  • The barrel of Love Is Blue is much fatter and longer. Judging the barrel size, it fire at least 20mm cannon shells, instead of 7.63mm pistol rounds.
  • The ammo holder for Love Is Blue is much smaller and shorter than the C96.
  • The trigger guard on Love Is Blue goes all the way from the ammo holder to the bottom of the pistol grip.
  • What looks like a huge piston/gas chamber is designed underneath the barrel.

Overall, the gun is also much larger than its real-life counterpart.

How to Obtain[]

Bayonetta 2[]

Love Is Blue is given to Bayonetta by Rodin during the Prologue stage after her initial Handgun weapons break during the fight.

Bayonetta 3[]

Love Is Blue can be purchased at The Gates of Hell for 16999Seeds if a save file for the second game is on the system.

Unique Traits[]

Bayonetta 2[]

While Love Is Blue's combos inputs are largely shared with Scarborough Fair's, few of the actual animations and timings are the same, with even the very similar combo chains having distinct differences, as the animations for the attacks themselves have been designed from the ground up. Many of Love Is Blue's attacks have different finishers and Wicked Weave endings when compared to the small firearms in the first game. Like Scarborough Fair before them, Love Is Blue will fire bullets at nearby enemies while using Dodge Offset, however, due to changes to the way bullets ricochet in Bayonetta 2, these bullets will largely miss enemies.

Despite being the replacement for Scarborough Fair, Love Is Blue suffers as the designated "all around" weapon within Bayonetta 2. While supporting a variety of mix-up combos, featuring mid-combo ground-to-air launchers (PunchPunchPausePunch) and a more diverse move-set for the feet, it suffers from being one of the lowest damage weapons in the game, while also having attack animations that are too long to be properly as effective on higher difficulties.

Bullet Climax: Bayonetta stands motionless and takes aim at nearby enemies with powerful shots from either hands or feet. Unlike Scarborough Fair in the first game, Bayonetta will automatically fire at any surrounding enemies. If Bayonetta has available Magic power, the bullets will be charged up, and the Bullet Climax can be extended until her Magic runs out.

Charge Modifier: Love Is Blue acts the same as Scarborough Fair, with the holding down of particular buttons firing off a few rounds before transitioning into the next attack. These bullets do significantly less damage to larger enemies and bosses, with most bosses outright blocking them.

Wicked Weaves & Umbran Climax: To showcase the new Umbran Climax feature in Bayonetta 2, Love Is Blue is capable of summoning a wide range of Infernal Demons to act as combo finishers, all dependent on the particular combo being performed. Arguably, the most notable of these is the summoning of Madama Butterfly, who delivers a wide range of powerful headbutts to the battlefield that deal significant area of effect damage.

Bayonetta 3[]

Love Is Blue returns in Bayonetta 3 with an identical moveset to its past incarnation.


Demon MasqueradeDemon Masquerade[]

  • Panther Within (Left Stick Up+ZR x2)
    • Transform into a swiftly running panther.
  • Crow Within (Hold Jump)
    • Transform into a crow for limited flight.
  • Umbran Spear (Left Stick Up+R x2)
    • Transform into a crow and charge forward.
  • Machete Wing (Shoot or Kick during Crow Within)
    • Deploy sharp feathers around your body. Press Shoot or Kick again to fire the feathers.


  • After Burner Kick
    • (Kick soon after Jump) Launch into the air with a blazing kick.
    • (Midair, Left Stick Up+Kick) Deliver a blazing dive kick from the air. Hold Kick to keep going after impact.
  • Full Moon Shoot (Hold R, Left Stick Down+Kick)
    • Perform a backflip that launches enemies. Hold Kick to shoot while continuing to spin.
  • Heel Slide (Hold R, Left Stick Up+Kick or Left Stick UpLeft Stick Up+Kick)
    • Slide toward enemies at high speed while attacking. Hold Kick to follow up with a burst of gunfire.
  • Heel Stomp (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Kick)
  • Heel Tornado (Rotate Left Stick+Kick)
    • Deliver multiple spinning kicks while firing your guns. Move with Left Stick.


  • Rising Barrel (Hold R, Left Stick Down+Punch)
    • Launch an enemy with a swift gun butt attack. Hold Punch to follow up with a burst of gunfire.
  • Witch Strike (Punch soon after Jump)
    • Launch into the air with a spinning punch.
  • Stiletto (Hold R, Left Stick Up+Punch or Left Stick UpLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Close in with incredible speed and deliver a devastating thrust attack. Hold Punch to follow up with a burst of gunfire.
  • Witch Twist (Rotate Left Stick+Punch)
    • Go into a dance-like spin while wildly firing your guns.
  • Tetsuzanko (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Deliver a powerful short-range reversed tackle accompanied by a Wicked Weave punch. Hold Punch for a follow up burst of gunfire.


  • Full Auto (Hold Punch or Kick)
    • Add a follow-up burst of gunfire to attacks.
  • Bullet Climax (Rotate Left Stick+Shoot)
    • Fire powerful, magic-charged bullets. Change the direction of fire with Left Stick, and hold Shoot to keep shooting.
  • Charge Bullet (Hold Shoot)
    • Charge then release Shoot to fire a powerful shot.

Arwing Guns[]

Love Is Blue altered by the Fox McCloud outfit. It replaces its original shape and coloration for that of an Arwing, losing its original charms for plushes of the four main characters of the Star Fox series: Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy. It seems to use some sort of energy over the magic that made Love Is Blue function. ― In-Game Description
Star Mercenary guns

Arwing Guns

When Bayonetta wears the Star Mercenary costume, Love Is Blue is replaced with guns based on Arwings from the Star Fox series. Not only do they replace Love Is Blue in gameplay, but also during cutscenes as well. They also have unique properties, instead of using magic, their elemental damages is Energy, an element exclusive to them. Each Arwing gun also features a little-stuffed doll based on the original 4-star fox crew members.

  • Fox McCloud on the right-hand gun.
  • Falco Lombardi on the left-hand gun.
  • Peppy Hare on her right heel gun.
  • Slippy Toad on her left heel gun.



Love is Blue Gems Snake Within - Bayo2

Snake Bayonetta's Tiara with Love Is Blue's gemstones

  • The Love Is Blue guns get their name from the 1967 French song L'amour est bleu (Love is Blue).
    • The French lyrics of Love is Blue describes the pleasure and pain of love through the use of both color and elements, notably blue, grey, red, green, and finally black, the latter four being the colors of the guns' gemstones.
    • The lyrics of Love is Blue is referenced in the button prompt of Bayonetta 3. After successfully executing a button prompt for repeated button press, earning a max bonus, a ring of text that reads "BLUE IS MY WORLD NOW I'M WITHOUT YOU" in demonic alphabet will pop out.
  • When Bayonetta uses her Snake Within technique, the gems on her guns appear on her tiara alongside her Umbran Watch.
  • Like Scarborough Fair from the first game, Love Is Blue canonically appear to be Bayonetta's preferred weapons of choice in combat they are used in every cutscene where fighting takes place.
  • Like in the first game, Love Is Blue cannot technically be unequipped as pressing Shoot will cause Bayonetta to use them to fire at her current target. This is also accurate even when Scarborough Fair has been equipped on her hands.
  • In early screenshots of Love Is Blue, the grey gemstone was originally attached to Bayonetta's heel and the black gemstone was attached to her hands (as seen here, here and here). However, in later screenshots, they were shown to have switched places with black on her heel guns and grey on her hands (as seen here and here). It is currently unknown why they were switched.
  • If Bayonetta wears the Galactic Bounty Hunter costume while equipping these guns on her hands, Love Is Blue will be replaced with Samus Aran's arm cannon, which also fires energy bullets instead of actual bullets.
  • Bayonetta wields Love Is Blue in her default appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, complete with the weapon set's combos and moves from the series.