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Light Speed

Light Speed in action

Light Speed is a Technique used by the Lumen Sages that mirrors the Umbra Witches' Witch Time. Light Speed is an ancient art used by powerful Lumen Sages to increase their speed, allowing them to bypass their opponent's defenses. It is demonstrated by Father Balder after Bayonetta attempts to shoot him, allowing him to move fast enough to position her bullets to fire back directly at her. It is also demonstrated by his younger self in the teaser of the second game, Bayonetta 2, as well as in the actual game; in nearly all cases, he uses it mainly to stop his daughter's bullets.


Much like the Witch Time, Light Speed is most commonly and most easily activated by dodging an enemy's attack at the last possible moment. However, not all attacks activate it regardless of the player's timing. Certain enemies do not activate Light Speed with some of their attacks, and must still be dodged in order to avoid taking damage. Thus it doesn't work all the time.


  • Light Speed is a play-off of the saying "at the speed of light".
  • In Bayonetta 2, Light Speed in gameplay is depicted similarly as Witch Time, tinting the entire screen, only in white/gray instead of blue.
    • Also, when activated, time appears to stop completely as opposed to merely slowing down.
    • Taunted or enraged enemies seem to move fast enough to counteract this ability.