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The Light Arts is the collective magic type used famously by the Lumen Sages, originating from their own pact with the Laguna, residents of the realm known as Paradiso.[1]


Known to be at it's most powerful at the peak of the sun's ascent[2], the Light Arts allows a Lumen Sage to channel power from the Laguna for their own purposes similar to the Dark Arts, in which channels the demonic power used by the demons to an Umbra Witch.[1]


Beast Within[]

Balder WolfWithin

Balder's Wolf Within form.

Main article: Beast Within

A transformation technique in which allow a Lumen Sage to transform into an animal, this is one of the techniques shared with their dark counterparts, the Umbra Witches. Only one sort of Beast Within technique, Wolf Within has been used.[1]

Light Speed[]

Balder (Masked Lumen) using Light Speed

Balder using Light Speed.

Main article: Light Speed

A Temporal Control technique in which is similar to that of the Umbra Witches' Witch Time technique. Unlike that of the Witch Time, however, Light Speed appears to freeze all objects/enemies around the user, implying that this technique's speed boosting capabilities may be greater.[1]

Serious Mode[]

Main article: Serious Mode
Balder Wings Model

Balder adored in his winged appearance, his version of "Serious Mode".

A special state is available for Lumen Sages such as Balder, in which said Sage is adored in peacock wings that form via magic. During this mode, a Lumen Sage uses more of his magical power outright much like how an Umbra Witch uses her own Wicked Weaves more often during this state. They also momentarily take this form during their Lumen's Climax.[3]


Main article: Umbran Climax

Lumen Sages are capable of a variation of Umbran Climax. Appearing in their own Serious Mode variant, this allows them to utilize the Laguna in their attacks, heal some of their vitality, increase the power of attacks, and create giant manifestations of their weapons (such as the Holy Glaive).[1]

Sage Walk[]

Main article: Witch Walk

Lumen Sages are seemingly capable of utilizing their own variant of the technique known as Witch Walk, enabling them to walk on vertical surfaces.[1] Thus far, this move has only appeared to be utilized in gameplay within Tag Climax if the player selects Balder and plays in certain stages.


  • Early screenshots of Balder being a playable character in story mode reveals that he was capable of performing Torture Attacks.[4]


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