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Leipreachán, Devious Trapper, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. They are the fodder enemies of the entry, wielding bear traps in combat to damage Cereza and Cheshire.


A shrewd faerie excelling at planting traps around Avalon to snatch up the unsuspecting. Most are well versed in the forest's byways, knowing just the inconspicuous spots to set a trap for maximum effect; a true nuisance of a faerie.

Likely due to the fact that their principal targets are humans and wisps, they often will place jewels or other shiny objects near their traps as bait. Some are even cunning enough to make their own treasure chests and then booby trap the area around it. Those unknowing of these admonishable habits think of the Leipreachán as a "safekeeper of treasure", and believe them to know where buried gold and other treasures may be hidden.

The traps they make are built using wood straight from the forest, meaning there is no shortage of materials. This has made it possible for the Leipreacháns to build an absurd amount of traps in the forest. Some wild faeries of the forest have even taken to copying Leipreacháns in recent years, leaving traps in all sorts of strange places.


  • Leipreachán, more commonly known as leprechaun, are mischievous faeries traditionally depicted as small bearded men in Irish folklore.