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Legendary Dark Witch is a Bewitchment (achievement or trophy) that can be earned in the first game, Bayonetta by completing each Chapter on Non-Stop Infinite Climax difficulty.


"Complete all Chapters on Non-Stop Infinite Climax difficulty."


One must complete all Chapters on Non-Stop Infinite Climax difficulty to earn Legendary Dark Witch.

Witch Time is disabled on Non-Stop Infinite Climax difficulty; as such, it is suggested that the player use Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa Evil Harvest Rosary, or Bracelet of Time in its place. Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa enables Bayonetta to block and counter incoming enemy attacks, Evil Harvest Rosary deals damage to enemies each time Bayonetta successfully dodges an attack, and Bracelet of Time allows Bayonetta to activate Witch Time through the use of magic.


  • Legendary Dark Witch adds 100 points to the player's Gamerscore when earned on the Xbox 360 only.
  • Legendary Dark Witch grants the player a 'Gold' trophy when earned on the PlayStation 3 only.