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The Light Aerial Unit "Lacunosus" is a type of Homunculus faced in Bayonetta 3. Smaller in stature, they appear in groups in order to overwhelm Bayonetta.

Anatomia Complex[]

A Homunculus type that flies using its enlarged hands like wings, and has become specialized for aerial activity.

It excels at long-range attacks from high altitude and diving tackle attacks using its own sturdy form.

While it moves relatively slow, it has the strange ability to release large floating "hands" that automatically track and bind targets, allowing it to dispatch them at will.


The Lacunosus is a relatively small Homunculus with a roughly spherical body, two oversized hands formed from fused Strati, and a cannon-like weapon mounted to its back.


Lacunosi are basic flying enemies that attack from long range with energy balls and diving tackles in close quarters; the former can be reflected back at them using the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa or Viola's parry. They can also release a ghostly green arm that will try to grab the player and immobilize them, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from other Homunculi.

Recommended Weapons[]

Lacunosi frequently fly out of reach to protect themselves, but attacks such as Colour My World's bullets can still reach them in most cases. The Alruna can also pull Bayonetta towards a Lacunosus in order to start a melee combo. The ghostly hands can also be targeted and should be eliminated before they can grab Bayonetta.


  • "Lacunosus" (plural "lacunosi") is Latin for "full of gaps". It is used to denote a cloud formation that resembles a honeycomb pattern.