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Knocker, Excavation Engineer, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


A quadruped faerie that dons a unique spiralling helmet. Knockers use this helmet like a drill and spin their bodies to burrow into the ground. The helmet is made more than durable enough to withstand this. This technique is primarily used to dig underground tunnels for transporting energy, but when in battle, Knockers can use it to spring up from under their opponent with a shockingly powerful attack. The offensive ability of this assault makes them an enemy to be feared.

Since they spend most of their day burrowed in the ground, they have even worse eyesight than that of a typical faerie. They also seem to be weak to sunlight, and as so, do not like to be above ground for longer than necessary. Because of this, there are actually faeries who don't even know Knockers exist.

Their constant burrowing has led them to discover many locations of hidden jewels and beds of ore. Sadly, they aren't the most generous faeries and tend to keep this information a secret from anyone, other faeries included.


  • Knocker, also known as a knacker, bwca, bucca, or tommyknocker is a gnome-like earth-ground spirit in British folklore. It was said that the knocker made knocks in underground mines either to cause mine collapses or to warn miners of impending collapses.