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Journals are a series of collectibles that can be found throughout Avalon Forest in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. The Journals are separated into sets from numerous different authors, rather than the sole authors of Antonio and Luka in previous instalments in the series. They feature the writings of an unnamed biologist, Colm, Ignis, Púca, Morgana and two Umbra Witch apprentices.

Collecting all 48 Journals unlocks the "Accurser of Love" costume for Cheshire.

Biologist's Journal[]

Biologist's Journal 1[]

At last... finally, I have arrived! The realm of illusions, where souls may enter, but never return... the elusive Avalon Forest! Almost no scientific records exist on the ecosystems inside this expansive region... not something you get to walk into everyday! I've no doubt I'll be uncovering some marvellous mysterious of mother nature! A place like this is every biologist's DREAM... and it's all mine for the taking! Yes, I'm sure that the university may be somewhat surprised that I simply up and left without a word but, well, we can always worry about that later.

Let's get right into some observations, shall we? The first thing I've noticed upon entering the forest is the absolutely massive size of its plantlife... the forest soil must have an extraordinary amount of nutrients to produce such size and quantity. There are a few varieties of flower here than grow taller than myself! In particular, I've noticed two that use their buds in very unexpected ways: one for catching prey, the other for striking it. The latter walloped me right on the head, actually. Amazing! Currently I've decided to name these two the "Bud Eater" and "Bud Beater!.

Oh, I'm excited to see what we discover next!

Biologist's Journal 2[]

As mentioned in my last entry, most of the plantlife is of spectacular size. Yet recently I've come across certain varieties that seem stunted in their growth... I've kept a close eye on them the past few days but they look as if they are in stasis... despite the nutrient-rich soil here, there must be some kind of sustenance they are not receiving. I'm currently entertaining a theory they may be an alien species that has yet to fully assimilate with Avalon's environment. Oh, how I wish I could just ask them myself...! But alas, I do not speak the language of plants.

These past few days, I've found some curious specimens scattered about the forest floor... glimmering, dark crimson petals, and some kind of sweetish candy. As for the petals, they're not from anything I readily recognise, but I suspect they could be from an "Onyx Rose"... an otherwordly flower said to be prized by faeries... who just happen to be rumoured to live in Avalon. If so, perhaps the candy is also some snack of theirs...? I can only hope that these findings may eventually lead me to an actual faerie!

Biologist's Journal 3[]

What I'm about to write may sound incredible at first, but bear with me. I have seen it with my very own eyes. There was a tooth... and it was walking. I promise you I am of sound mind and body. And I swear, the tooth walked! At first I surmised that perhaps it was simply some rare biological beast with a striking tooth-resemblance. But the longer I observed it, I became absolutely convinced that it must be a human tooth. Well, yes, it did have eyes, and was quite sizeable compared to regular human teeth, and of course there is the whole walking bit... but I'm still certain it must have been a tooth! Might it be possible that the faeries have cast some sort of magic on the teeth of humans who disappeared in the forest...? What am I saying... as a scientific scholar I shouldn't suggest such outlandish theories.

I've decided to name these creatures "Denter". Their primary source of sustenance seems to be the faerie candy that I came across before, which like explains why most of them seem to have a few cavities. Be warned, they seem to be extremely territorial of any candy nearby them.

Biologist's Journal 4[]

I discovered what is likely the remains of a campground within the forest - perhaps I am not the first human to step foot in here. Even more curious, on the ground nearby I found a crumped flyer - it was advertising a circus of all things! Don't tell me that someone had the idea to set up a circus here! I apologise, I shouldn't even be entertaining such ridiculous notions. Though if I do happen to come across another human in this forest, I will have much to ask them...

Anyway, let's put that balderdash aside for the moment, shall we? Back to the plantlife here. Recently I've come across a plan that looked like a giant peapod. I gave a mighty tug on what seemed to be the tip of its stem, and what do you think should happen? The pod split open, pouring out plentiful amounts of faerie candy! Could this sweet, glowing candy really come from a plant like this? But no... I remember seeing the same candy produced by other plants here as well. Perhaps this candy is some kind of purified crystalline energy that the ecosystem here generates naturally... and could that mean this sweet excess is actually full of forest nutrients? No wonder the faeries love it so!

Biologist's Journal 5[]

It's been some time now since beginning my trek in Avalon, but it seems like the forest still has much to teach me. The other day I stumbled across a curious type of plant: its tall stem held a single piece of fruit... not remarkable at first glance, but trust me this was no run-of-the-mill berry. A short time after being picked, the fruit exploded! And I am not talking about a party cracker-sized pop, either. No, this was a full-blown BANG! Had I been but a few steps closer this journal would have to an abrupt end.

Another peculiarity of this plant is, for better or worse, the ratio that were able to actually bear these explosive fruits was fairly low. Perhaps this plant is also no indigenous to Avalon and struggling to adapt.

As the fruit resembled a large pomegranate, I've decided to call these "bombagranate" for the time being.

Hmmm... I realise now that if I were to ever publish these journals, there would likely be a horde of evildoers rushing into the forest to misuse these explosive plants. I suppose I have no choice but to take these writings to the grave, then!

Biologist's Journal 6[]

After a perilous climb over a mount of giant mushrooms, I have found a completely new ecosystem within the forest: an elevated area riddled with long, winding branches covered with moss. It's quite slipper, but some of my findings are astonishing. Of particular interest is one plant that may possible be a subspecies of the Bud Beaters I have written about previously. They line up along the vines, waiting for prey to cross... and swiftly clamp together to crush unsuspecting passersby. Seeing how they are secluded to this higher area, I assume they must be a product of selective adaptation. I say, it was a dastardly journey up those mushrooms, but I'm glad I persevered through it. Seeing as how they suddenly clamp their prey, I've decided to name them Bud Clamps.

Oh yes, and in very unscientific news, I seem to have now discovered what looks like a ghost. It was about the height of a child and ghastly white, with an ever-so-faint glow. It ran off as soon as I approached it; it must be shy I suppose. I only hope to see it again so I may gather a little more factual information regarding it.

Biologist's Journal 7[]

I'm truly astounded by the tremendous findings I've uncovered since coming to this forest. The other day I saw an absolutely enormous lily pad... it was so great in size that it held me while floating on the lake with no trouble at all. I know my peers might say it was just an oversized Victoria Amazonica, but trust me, the Victoria Amazonica cannot hold the weight of a full-grown adult. These lily pads are several times sturdier and larger. If I dare say, it's nothing short of one of the greatest botany findings of the last few centuries.

Seemingly native to this forest, I've decided to give it the name "Faeria Avalonica". Currently I am considering trying to use the lilu pad as a vessel to transport me to yet unreached corners of the forest.

Also, while I've no scientific evidence to prove it at the moment, I feel like someone or something has been watching me for the past few days. Be it another human, or possibly the ghost-like fire I encountered previously, I cannot say. But it has been watching me... of that I am certain. Wait not... there's a third possible that has just struck me. Could these watching eyes be the source of the various faerie legends for which Avalon is so infamous?! If that is true, it's absolutely essential that I research them further...

Biologist's Journal 8[]

Avalon contains a large web of lakes. The largest I have found thus far is actually located near the forest's entrance, where I first discovered the Faeria Avalonica. Upon this lily pad I unconvered numerous other sections of Avalon, though I almost get swallowed up in a whirlpool as well. Perhaps I should be just a tad more careful of my surroundings; I am in a forest of uncharted peril after all.

I digres... today I have something truly remarkable to write about. At last, I have found them... faeries! They do exist! At least, I am assuming what I have discovered are the same legendary creatures rumoured to dwell in Avalon, though I suppose their appearance is different than how they are typically described. There seem to be both bipeds and quadrupeds. I say "seem" here as I have yet to observe the creatures as clearly as I would desire; they reside within a thick mist that distorts the shape and colour of everything within, as if seeing the world through a prism or kaleidoscope. Still, there actions are orderly and highly intelligent, and as I had hoped I appear to interest them greatly. I assume the eyes watching me earlier belonged to them. Perhaps if I were to reach out to contact them, I could learn even more...

The Wisp Weekly[]

The Wisp Weekly 1[]

There was this ethereal old lady and big white wolf. I think they helped me. But, I guess it was too late, because it looks like I'm a wisp now. I'm must've died.

That makes sense because I can see right through my hands!

Well, I'm sad about dying and all, but my mind seems mostly intact. I heard there are a lot of other wisps in this forest that the monsters... the faeries do all sorts of mean things to. I must've been saved so I can help them, the other wisps. I can't fight of course; I'll just help in my own way. Like, if I write down something helpful and leave it somewhere, another wisp might come along and get some use out of it! I could even try to get a bunch of wisps to try and chip in! Then everybody would be helping everyone else! If I make it out of this place, I'm going to make a difference, even if it's just one wisp at a time.

The Wisp Weekly 2[]

There's this really tall red structure the faeries call "Faerieland Tower."

Inside it's packed full of faeries and they're all searching for wisps. After they catch a wisp, they torment 'em for a while, then they make 'em disappear... none of the wisps ever come back.

They say they're using the wisps to collect their energy, or they're all feeding 'em to this really big monster... I've heard lots of different rumours. I'm not sure which are true, but either way it just means steer clear of there! A lot of faeries don't have very good eyesight, so if you find a good corner to curl up in you might be able to hide from them.

Don't even think about putting up a fight - wisps can't beat faeries. We have to run. That's how we survive. If they still find some way to catch you... well, just say your prayers, I suppose. Who knows where that train'll take ya...

The Wisp Weekly 3[]

It looks like wisps who get caught near Forgotten Knoll get taken to Amadán's Big Top. That's a circus, but it's not a fun one. They specialise in acts that features wisps as the "star attraction" - and I mean that in the worst way possible. Every wisps has had bad run-ins with faeries. But Amadán Dubh is something different. Have you ever heard what else they call him? "The Great Wisp Pulversiser" - and if you don't know what pulverise means, maybe you don't wanna. Cross him and it's lights out, trust me. They say underneath that circus tent is a whole score of devices all designed for maximum discomfort... I don't even wanna think about it.

But I've heard the circus also hides the entrance to a nature-filled paradise. Even if you do get caught, don't give up - just look for that way out. Wisps like us have to be tough, okay? Good luck!

The Wisp Weekly 4[]

If you're ever in the woods and you hear a loud roar, run and hide as fast as you can. It's probably the Jabberwock, a faerie dragon that's as strong as they come. To him, everything else is just food, no matter how big or small. Get caught and you'll be swallowed up in a single gulp. They say he used to be kept in a cage, but he got out somehow, and he's been causing a ruckus ever since. Even the other faeries can't control him. Worst of all, he has wings, meaning he can FLY. So it's really hard to hide from him - hiding behind something won't cut it. You've got a find a way so that you can't be seen from the sky. Wisps with something big sticking out of their head should be especially cautious. He typically dwells somewhere inside Windy Knot, so I'd stay away from there for starters, if you know what's good for you.

The Wisp Weekly 5[]

Have you ever spotted giant red wheels around the forest? They were made by the faeries a long time ago; they used wisps to turn them and generate energy. Supposedly they're called "turbines". And as of now, all most of them do is just spin. Because they're old! The devices they used to power have all fallen into disrepair or been reclaimed by the forest. Some of the forest animals put Avalon Drops inside them, so you might be able to get a little snack if you try. Then there are the ones that are still attached to big machines. These are the ones you need to be careful of. Once I just have one a spin without must thought and the ground starting right under me! I've seen a few turbined in the lake as well. They're hard to reach, but maybe a steady stream of water could get them turning. If you're curious, it's worth a try.

The Wisp Weekly 6[]

Ode to my lilyboat, first verse:
Out on the lake with my lilyboat,
The stream carries us to and fro,
A marvellous time on my lilyboat,
Oh where shall my lilyboat go?

Second verse:
Sailing Nimueh with my lilyboat,
I've nary a guide but the wind,
But if I should fall in that whirlpool,
Then there should my journey end!

Just a little lyric I wrote floating along the other day, you like it?

I think it's got a certain charm to it... maybe I can try to invite some wisps out so we can all sing it while actually on a lilyboat... that could be fun!

On second thought, I'm not sure if everyone want to sing on an unstable lily pad... maybe I'll just try to gather the wisps who like music in the hideaway and try to sing it there.

The Wisp Weekly 7[]

Any of you ever wonder why those faeries catch us in the first place? I asked old lady Ignis and she told me it's so they can drain our "negative vibes". Negative vibes are what wisps generate when they're scared, or sad, or angry even. Which means, we've gotta do our best to not be scared! Even if some real big faerie comes to get us. Don't let them intimidate you! If they come for you, the best strategy is always to hide in a dark spot. And if they try to draw you out with fire, just stay calm and douse it with some water! Gotta use everything you can if you're going to try and survive in this forest. You can use some vines to tangle 'em and buy some time, or maybe even distract them by starting a little fire of your own. Whatever you do, don't just stand there. They'll nab you in a heartbeat. Once they find you, if you're a second too slow it might already be too late - keep moving, keep thinking, keep hiding!

The Wisp Weekly 8[]

Hey, have you heard some of the secrets of this forest?

There's a lot of amazing things the forest keeps tucked away.

For example, Vitality Petals - these are little petal shaped jewels that stick together after collecting a few of them! Once you've collected enough they disappear, but you feel tougher after they do for some reason.

Then there's Magic Butterflies - names so because they look just like one, but they're actually a liquid. They've got a bitter taste, but they're pretty popular with a certain wisp crows these days.

And don't forget Crescent Clusters - these are crystals that you're not usually supposed to even find in Avalon - they're from Inferno or some place. Must be a lovely place to create such lovely objects.

It's such a large forest, there's still probably lots more I haven't even found yet. If anyone find anything special, definitely share it with yours truly1

A Faerie's Research Log[]

A Faerie's Research Log 1[]

By glorious decree of our faerie king, many a moon have we spent studying the language of humans - the time to disclose these learnings is finally upon us. The majority of Avalon's faeries of untaught in the human tongue: fortuitous, for their ignorance shall act as a cloak ensuring the sanctity of these records.

The way of humans is disdainful, yes; yet we still reluctantly must admit that their wealth of knowings can be a considerable ally. By virtue of their scripts, we have taken their experiences and added them to our own fountain of wisdom. Surelly all of Avalon would tremble now to see our mind's might! And they shall! They shall know our name before long... and we shall lead them to the light!

As of now, of the utmost importance is to study the intricacies of the "beach vacation": a tradition where the faeries of ancient times created illusionary shores of shining crystal sea... a most useful resource for recovering from the mental woes and drudgery of everyday forest life. Once complete, we shall present the tropical paradise to our great faerie king! (Not before, of course, we take due time to ascertain its salubrious properties for ourselves...)

A Faerie's Research Log 2[]

The forest of Avalon has been protected by a great barrier since times of yore. In the beginning, there were the sinful (seeking the forest for nothing but selfish desire, cursed by their name). In response the faeries lords of the past banded together to drape the forest in an unseen wall of magic. Its existence has denied Avalon intruders ever since, allowing passage only to faeries and purehearted humans. As the hearts of humans grow twisted and corrupt with age, most who can enter are juveniles.

Our recent calculations conclude the great barrier of Avalon is a rich source of magic that should not go untapped. By utilising the four Elemental Cores of Wood, Stone, Water and Fire, we could strengthen and reroute the great barrier for a new purpose. Specifically, the imprisonment of an insufferable being who would interfere with our glorious destiny. Yes, the use of this power may cause certain... distortions in the fabric of the forest, but 'tis a small price to play for a plan of such monumental import!

A Faerie's Research Log 3[]

At last, a fortress worthy of our infinite glory! The has been long and fraught with some unfortunate obstructions, but nary a worry! Finally, we are a master of our own domain, a king with a castle to call our own. Oh, the songs that will be sung chronicling this splendid day!

Naturally, we have integrated technology of our own invention throughout the fortress. Compared to the trifling materials used in ancient faerie architecture, the fortress's red alloy will surely prove impregnable! (Furthermore, it should inspire horrible imaginings in any fool who dares to stand before it in defiance!)

At the fortress's upper floors, tests are being done for my latest invention - the Tír na nÓg. We believe Tír na nÓgs will become an invaluable cornerstone for swooping up the energy from humans and wisps we so do require. After tests are concluded here, we shall expand Tír na nÓgs to cover all of Avalon... nay the world! (For those inquiring of the name Tír na nÓg, we have coined this moniker from texts that serve as the basis for our faerie utopia... which, with the power of the Tír na nÓg, may well be within our grasp!)

A Faerie's Research Log 4[]

We have discovered the energy source required for the Tír na nÓgs is far greater than previously expected. Even the extra power we have have amassed from siphoning the four elements of the forest and channelling them through the Elemental Cores is proving to be insuffficient.

To offset this, we have devised two plans. The first of these is an increased effort in drawing out the negative vibes of wisps - human souls - for energy. It is the nature of Avalon to take the spirits of humans who perish within its hallowed ground and transmogrify them into wisps, in which form they may (possible) exist eternally. And the negative vibes that emanate from tormenting these pathetic being is as delicious as it is useful - and should thus be used without remorse!

Plan number two is the production of a device to further amplify the power we have snatched up. The principles for this device come from the human-made "gear". But what we have devised for our fortress makes any clockwork made by the hands of man seem like child's play. The beauty of these machines is that even a small source of power should be greatly amplified into something far greater. (The one unfortunate downside is the complexity of these devices makes them more fragile than even the human psyche; susceptible to malfunction or breakdown if misused... even slightly.)

A Faerie's Research Log 5[]

To keep our kingdom the epitome of efficiency and efficacy, having those who serve us know their standing is of principle importance. That why, after long digression, we have decided that form this day forward, our faerie kingdom will employ a benevolent hierarchy for all of its citizens. The virtues of such a system are twofold: to imbue pride in one's post, and to incentivise rising up to the ranks of others. We believe the roles of a kingdom can be best exemplified through the game of chess; we will use this, along with a jewel, taken from the faerie's natural colour. The innate aptitude of a faerie can be largely be determined from their birth, by their colour. It for this reason that most faeries take pride in the colour they bear. To not integrate this into the hierarchy would be a most foolish mistake.

As for ourselves, our jewel with be Amethyst, making me the Amethyst King... Amethyst King...? What a sweet ring to our ears! How pleasant to see it etched in ink!

Indeed, sharing this joy with the other faeries of Avalon must not be our first priority, for we are all sure they will be pleased with their titles as well. Yet another wise decision that further solidifies the magnificence of my grandiose monarchy! All hail the Amethyst King!

A Faerie's Research Log 6[]

Word has arrived that the Jabberwock, a war-time ally and once trusted confidant, has extricated himself from his cage somehow. Few know the bounds of dear Jabbie's might - has given assistance even to the great Moltred during the feudal times of Avalon. His appetite has claimed many a faerie. He has absolute confidence in his combat prowess, as do we. After being sealed away by that dastardly former faerie king, we were so kind as to liberate him and recruit him to our army post-haste. Despite that, the cursed beast refused to listen to a single order and just thrashed about to his own pleasing! Unstopped even by our own hand, he continued snacking our higher-ranking officers until we locked him in a cage and tossed it out around Wyvern Falls.

If his escape is more than mere rumour... it is quire an unpleasant turn of events. Still, unless onw wanders haphazardly near his dwelling there little to fear. And if he desire to feast of an off faerie pawn time and again, we say so be it! It is of no matter to us! As long as we can assure our own safety there, 'tis nary a trouble at all. That is... other than the Elemental Core of Water. Well, when we have business with it, we supposed we will just need to exercise extra caution. Other than that, bothersome situations are best handled with the policy (to use the human proverb): "out of sight, out of mind."

A Faerie's Research Log 7[]

Being a ruler, in short summary, is to decide what stays, and what must go. To take all the spoils is never an option, we lament. One would surely weigh themselves down with that which should be omitted. One should never hesitate to execute an healthy in their kingdom to "make out with the old and in with the new". And as the one eternal, infinite ruler of Avalon, we hereby proclaim the inconsequentials of this kingdom to be:

1. Devices we have created that have sadly broken down
2. Wisps who have been drained of their energy-generating vibes
3. Eyesores baring ancient regalia
4. Incompetent, stupid faeries.

If unnecessary for our kingdom, we wish they be promptly removed from our sight. We have decreed that the Faerieland Tower vicinity shall be the proper place for the expulsion of this detritus.

We shall extend a proclamation to our kingdom that this waste must be disposed of with utmost haste. Repeated excursions to and from the site, however, seems an unconscious bore. Therefore, we have ordered the construction of a giant slide that feeds directly to the disposal area, so faeries may toss these unwanted articles straight down the slide, gone in an instant. Could this be out most ingenious idea to date? We shall make the arrangements to see that it is exacted immediately!

A Faerie's Research Log 8[]

Amádán Dubh, a more than adequately reliable faerie to whom we bestowed the title of Amber Jester, possessed a set of exemplary abilities. Beginning his studies of the circus arts during the reign of the former king, he pursued his ambitions and established Amádán's Big Top, right here in Avalon, making a name for himself with a fine selection of performances centred around the hoisting of wisps.

His devotion to his craft is absolute, continually pushing himself to achieve new heights of wisp agony. As one dedicated to research of our own, we feel him our kin. Perhaps this is why we find his shows to be such excellent entertainment, and have been known to take one of the box seats from time to time.

His knack for tormenting wisps is of a level not commonly seen in the faerie world, and we must say he served Avalon well during his time as overseer of Faerieland Tower. Ever since leaving his post, the faeries his trained to take over have done his name proud.

We wish nothing but prosperity for his circus troupe and pray it may serve to further enrich the culture of our fine kingdom! A cheer for Amádán Dubh!

Ignis' Journal[]

Ignis' Journal 1[]

For too long now, Avalon has known nothing but endless suffering, day and night. Everywhere you go, it is survival of the fittest, with the weak facing constant persecution. But now, I finally feel a ray of hope has arrived.

Oh, I have waited for this moment for such a long time. Waiting for someone able to put an end to the faeries' treacherous ways and return the forest to the peaceful land it was always meant to be.

There was a time I may have been able to stand against the faeries myself, but regrettably, that power has long since left me. If only I could do something to rekindle it, to regain my previous strength... oh, how I shed many a tear cursing how feeble I have become! But now, I see that it does not have to be my doing. Justice shall be delivered without my intervention. Yes... a hero shall come to restore balance; such is the way of light and darkness in this world.

I believe the fate of Avalon rests on that young, bright-eyed witch... and the strength of the bond between her and her companion. I sense they may have what it takes to stop the wrongdoings in this forest. May the blessing of Avalon be upon them...

Ignis' Journal 2[]

Time and time again, new souls from the outside world somehow find their way to Avalon. The barrier casts on the forest makes it so that usually they are innocent children.

Curiously, a decent number who come through are young witches of the Umbran clan. Despite their youth, are they able to sense what hides in the shadowy depths of the forest? Or perhaps they simply come in search of power, drawn by the wondrous, natural energy flowing through Avalon.

Whatever the case may be, despite minor differences in skill, every girl who has entered the forest clearly seems to still be in training. However, it is this naïve courage against overwhelming odds that gives each of them their own unique lustre - watching the youthful energy they radiate breaths new life into a heart I thought long rusted and cold.

In my journals, I'd like to share the tales of these girls, lest their memories be forgotten.

Ignis' Journal 3[]

The dreadful clown is turning out to be quite the formidable foe.

His malicious wisp tricks have resulted in some of the largest accumulations of negative vibes in faerie history, catapulting him to the top of the faerie hierarchy. It's striking to think that he used to be a faerie no bigger than the rest of them!

His story, I fear, is of one being driven mad by power they cannot contain. Once of the general overseer of Faerieland Tower, he carried a modest reputation for being an efficient wisp tormentor. Now, he just holes up in his tent all day, working on his little circus show. I was certain his madness would eat away at him until his eventual demise, but he seems to have a very keen sense of self-preservation. There was a young witch who went to face off against him in his tent... he made short work of her. The girl must have underestimated him based on his foolish appearance and challenged him to a ball-balance duel. An unfortunate mistake. He had trained for years and years on that ball of his - every movement practised to perfection. Within an instant, the poor witch was flattened like a pancake. It just goes to show, challenging your opponent on their home court is never a wise strategy.

Ignis' Journal 4[]

The Jabberwock of Wyvern Falls has been a scourge of this forest ever since the ancient days of yore. Anything that moves is his target: humans, wisps, faeries... he will strike anything without hesitation or remorse. His violent disposition is enough that even I am hesitant to approach.

Once, there was a brave young witch who attempted to rid Avalon of this pestilence. She scoured the forest looking for anything to be of assistance, until coming across some trees that bore explosive fruit.

Confident she had found the key to victory, she waited for an opening, then gave the bombastic fruit a might toss right into the dragon's mouth.

Sadly, the smoke cleared to reveal the Jabberwock had not suffered so much as a scratch. The young witch stood in shock, and before I could try to help, the beast had gobbled her up whole.

Since then, the vile creature has even taken a liking to the fruits, eating a dozen or so at a time for a snack. I do think I'll enjoy the day someone finally takes care of that despicable dragon.

Ignis' Journal 5[]

Near Púca's Fortress, there is a frozen cavern that could only be the product of one with a heart as wicked as his. Once, it was said to be a mystical cave full of dragon's cold and twinkling fireflies. But his reckless use of the Elemental Core to power his fortress drained the energy from the surrounding areas, turning them to e blasted heath. Plants rotted to ash, the animals fled, and the caves became a frozen wasteland in a matter of months.

Seeing Púca carry out his schemes truly makes my heart ache. He seems bent on undoing the works of the previous faerie king and returning Avalon to a land of absolute authority.

Sadly, he has amassed enough power to make his terrible ambitions a reality.

Many of the faeries are under his control and there are even angels who seem to do his bidding. It's true what they say: history repeats itself. I only hope someone will rise to stop him...

Ignis' Journal 6[]

The sinister structure of rusted red in Ashenbark Woods continues to grow in seize at an alarming rate. An army of faeries is stationed around the structure's premises, and flames burst forth from its every orifice. A single misstep and any poor soul would be incinerated. The primary objective of this never-ending construction must be to keep intruders away from what lies within, but I conjecture there's more to it than just that. Faeries feed on the negative vibes of humans and wisps... so what better than to create a towering symbol of absolute dread to keep their prey in constant terror? The ominous and grandiose it becomes, surely the richer and more plentiful the negative vibes it will produce.

I think you could also say it exists to assist the faeries' domination of Avalon.

Once, there was a young witch who challenged the dreaded fortress.. Lamentably, her efforts proved to be in vain; the fortress's exterior was too hard to crack. Still, the faeries were absolutely relentless in their retaliation on this poor girl, following her to the ends of the forest to make sure she was eradicated completely. The terrible fortress is truly a reflection of the cruel hands which built it.

Ignis' Journal 7[]

In a way, Avalon is a naturally formed labyrinth, growing increasingly complex as time passes. Even for someone who claims to have learnt the forest's inner workings, keeping track of its constant changes can prove overwhelming. Much of this has to do with the every-evolving nature of the forest's biology, but the impact the faeries bring with their continuous building does not make my task any easier.

I'm sure if I took my eyes off the forest for an instant, it would transforms into something else completely.

As such, it's easy to imagine how some of the young witches who have wandered into Avalon can quickly lose their way. One such witch spent hours circling the same path endlessly, until she resolved to plunge right into a pile of bushes. And what would you know, it ended up being a secret passageway that not even I was ware of. Perhaps it is best not to underestimate the inner compass of the Umbra. Or so I would say, if it had not led her straight into a faerie trap. She was never heard of again. It just goes to show, sometimes is crucial to look before you leap.

Ignis' Journal 8[]

As I watch Colm and the other wisps of the hideaway, I realise the necessity of bonds and belonging - something I admit I may have been neglecting.

They remind me of two young witches who came to this forest long ago. They were twins who seemed to have an almost inseparable bond. Together, they were able to overcome countless obstacles in the forest. I hoped they might be the saving grace that Avalon so desperately needs.

But one day, the two fell into an argument they could not resolve. They came across a powerful enemy and debated how to proceed. The prideful older sister insisted they must fight, while the younger felt fleeing was the only way to stay alive. Ultimately unable to agree, the two went their separate ways They both regretted what they had done, but it was too late, and they were both found defeated. Those two girls were special to me... I still have bad dreams about not being able to save them.

This forest is full of faerie deception - nothing is more essential than having someone to rely on, and yet at times, nothing can be more difficult. The older I become, the heavier my sorrows weight. But I am not ready to give up yet. I vow to do what I can for others, for my own sake, as well as theirs.

Faerie Kingdom History[]

Faerie Kingdom History 1[]

Avalon Forest is considered to be an ethereal world dense with nature's greatest secrets. Since long ago, this land has been home to the enigmatic faeries and their monarch, the faerie king. Surround by a magical force which only permits the purest of souls entry, it is ultimately the faeries which give it life.

By some twist of fate, I was allowed passage into this enchanting world, and I plan to use this chance to unravel this forest's many mysteries.

We illuminate the past to reflect on it, and take record of the past to enlighten others. I pray that my findings may be instrumental to a long-awaited reconciliation between the faeries and humankind.

The history of the faerie kingdom begins in the feudal times of Avalon, where splintered nations overseen by different faerie lords were in a constant struggle for power. For eons, these nations would crumble and rebuild, united and divide. In their feudal state, none of the nations would prove particularly long-lasting, and most were ultimately relegated to the annals of history as this era reached its end.

Faerie Kingdom History 2[]

"The feudal era between the faeries nations officially come to a close by the hand of a faerie known as Moltred. Both a skilled strategies and a fearless Warrior with a flaming spear, his fighting earned numerous accolades and brought his home nation to prosperity. Stories of his strength spread through the forest and many of Avalon’s most talented fighters gather before him. With his unrelenting ambition and military prowess, he conquered the surrounding faerie nations, one after another, until he had finally succeeded in overcoming all of Avalon.

Moltred's unification of Avalon, however, ushered in an era that was as heated as the surface of the sun. After his conquest was finished, there was not a single soul left with the power to oppose the new faerie king. Gaining absolute authority, his hubris grew, and his already tumultuous pride began to misshape him, slowly but surely."

Faerie Kingdom History 3[]

"Moltred was twisted by his obsession with complete domination of Avalon, going after wisps, humans, animals, even lesser faeries - stealing their souls. When ascending to the throne, the most powerful faeries in Avalon had already shifted to his side, so at this point no one remained to oppose him. In but a few years' time, Avalon had transformed into a prison of torment where the weak lived in constant fear. Moltred and his generals showed no signs of slowing down, their iron grip on Avalon absolute.

With the forest's balance spiraling out of control, it seemed as if this would be Avalon's fall. Then, out of the blue, the seemingly impossible occurred. A young faerie decided to take a stand, becoming a ray of hope to those in the forest who had lost their light. His name was Arthur. Growing up along the shores of Lake Nimueh, he had a deep sense of caring for all the forest's creatures. Deciding it was time to bring peace back to the forest, he raised a call to arms against Moltred."

Faerie Kingdom History 4[]

"Arthur was a pacifist by nature who disliked fighting and bloodshed. Though he was born with superb natural gifts, he knew his skills alone would never stand a chance against Moltred. The first thing he set out to do was find the legendary sword said to sleep somewhere deep within Lake Nimueh. Journeying around the lake's inlets on his trusty lilyboat, he eventually found the divine blade, nearby the place of his own birth. The second he lay hands on the sword's hilt, a goddess emerged from beneath the lake. She spoke unto him, saying "Take the sword...may its blade cut open a new future for Avalon." With new resolve, Arthur took the sword and sheathed it to his waist. Word that someone had finally remove the sword from its resting place spread through the forest overnight. Knowing of his kind nature, many like-minded faeries came to his side to join him. Arthur held his sword high, proclaiming war against Moltred. And with this one grand gesture, the battle to reclaim Avalon had officially begun."

Faerie Kingdom History 5[]

"Arthur and his group of revolutionaries began tactical sieges throughout the forest. At first, Moltred underestimated Arthur's forces, casually ordering his troops to put down what he had assumed to be a doomed rebellion. This overconfidence would eventually backfire as one by one Arthur defeated Moltred's generals. The earth titan, Gunzelhark. Odradine, ruler of the waterways. And Fovylhund, the fervid devil. Gaining courage with each victory, Arthur decided next to make his way to Windy Knot and challenge the Jabberwock, the great faerie dragon and loyal pet to Moltred. At first, things did not bode well for the revolution. The Jabberwock's hardened scales prove impervious to all attacks, and his screeching roar alone was enough to bring an [...]"

Faerie Kingdom History 6[]

"Arthur shed a tear for his fallen comrades, then set his gaze back on the foe before him: the mighty Jabberwock. He realized the dragon was too powerful to be defeated by any usual method. The beast gave him but a split-second opening, but it was all he needed. Casting a powerful spell he sealed the draconic faerie in a crystal tomb.

Though the revolution's sacrifices were great, thanks to Arthur's efforts, they succeeded in immobilizing the Jabberwock, ending his reign of terror.

The band of rebels pushed on, their victories growing by the day. Slowly, Moltred was being drawn into a corner; by this time, his numbers had been reduced substantially, and Arthur's revolutionary army had outgrown his own. He decided it was time to take to the front lines himself.

Despite losing ground, Moltred alone had strength that could easily match Arthur's army. Deciding he could not increase casualties further, Arthur challenged Moltred to a one-on-one duel at Chalkroot Hollow.

The fateful battle was about to begin."

Faerie Kingdom History 7[]

"Acknowledging Arthur's strength, King Moltred accepted the duel. Arthur had barely time to blink before the warrior king was upon him. Eyes wild with laughter, his trusted Infernus Pike blazed brighter than ever. Arthur unsheathed his blade to meet Moltred head on, but he had move a fraction of a second too late. Moltred's lance sank deep into Arthur's side, searing him from the inside. The moment seemed frozen in time. The whole forest looked on in desperation, their hopes on the verge of shattering. Just then, rain poured forth from the heavens, so heavy it was as if Lake Nimueh had been emptied from the sky. For a moment, Moltred's flames were extinguished. Arthur seized the opportunity and plunged his sword straight into Moltred's ashen-black heart. Eyes wide in disbelief, Moltred's body lit up an incandescent red, expanding like a balloon, until finally bursting into pieces, which scattered to the wind. The Crimson King had been defeated. Arthur was victorious. His coronation was unanimously approved by all of Avalon. Long ravaged by war, the forest was finally at peace."

Faerie Kingdom History 8[]

"Arthur's first order as the new king was to foster a philosophy of modest living and nurture a civilization where all the forest's residents could share in its abundance equally. He worked to improve relations with both humans and wisps, who had been subjugated by the faeries for generations. Arthur even allowed a few promising young faeries to learn the language and culture of humans.

The days of feudal Avalon are now a thing of the past. The denizens of the forest now live in peace with one another under the rule of their great king. Still, Arthur's ideals are myriad, and he will require the cooperation of many to see them accomplished.

Oh, how I hope that we might finally be able to free this land from war and suffering. I wish to show its residents the beauty that can be found from seeking harmony with all living creatures.

My dear son Lukaon, I can only hope that by the time you have grown, the misguided walls drawn to divide faerie and human have all crumbled to dust.

With that wish, I close this chapter of Avalon's history, and look towards its bright future."

Umbran Apprentice Diary[]

Umbran Apprentice Diary 1[]

""You are forbidden to enter that forest!" ...yeah, yeah, I know. But sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. Besides, I'm already inside anyway, so no turning back now! I'm going to do what I came here for.

I suppose I may have rushed into things just a little bit...

I probably should've brought some food and a few more essentials, but...I can't start getting down on myself already. I'm from a long line of [...] more confidence in myself.

The first thing I realized as I started exploring the forest is the importance of a place I can set up base and recuperate. You never know what will be waiting around the corner here, so I need to stay well-rested and alert. Fortunately, there's plenty of wood around to build with, and even this weird red metal too. If I put a little bit of time into it, I'm sure I can make a simple camping spot to hold me over for a while. Oh, I should probably find a cauldron for concocting too..."

Umbran Apprentice Diary 2[]

"In Avalon, no matter where you go those faeries are running the show. Those creepy pockets of fog here and there seem to be their work too. I think being in it makes them stronger too, because I tried giving one a good wallop with a stick when I was in there and it didn't even flinch...That doesn't mean it got the best of me, though. Hey, I'm and Umbra Witch after all! I used my magic to shine a light, and the faerie seem to get scared and ran off.

To be honest, it was dark and I was just trying to light up a path to see where I was going, but all's well that ends well! Now I know their weakness.

I think I figured out how the fog works too. Inside, I found a spot that looked like a big crack in the air itself...The fog was pouring out of that crack, no mistake. I'm sure if you checked out what's beyond that crack, you'd find what's causing this fog in the first place. Not that I'm about to test that theory myself ...(I'm not THAT brave)."

Umbran Apprentice Diary 3[]

"Those faeries can be pretty clever...they got a few good hits on me. I mean, there's so many of them it's hardly fair! (They should be called Unfaeries, am I right?) Maybe it wasn't a good idea for me to head into this, I can't doubt myself. If I'm going to be a witch, I can't give up!

I should get back to my camp so I can concoct something to take care of these wounds. We witches have a whole bag of tricks to work need to worry when I've got pockets full of concocting ingredients!

I should probably write down a few of these recipes I keep forgetting. Healing Tonic...that's a little Mandragora Root and some Baked Gecko. And probably what I need most right now. Then there's Umbran Syrup...that one's made with root and newt too, and a dash of Unicorn Horn, but it uses a lot more Mandragora than the tonic...You get a couple mouthfuls of that down and you're able to cast spells nonstop!

I'm sure I've made more than that but...ah, I should have paid more attention to my master! I'll just have to write them down when I remember them..."

Umbran Apprentice Diary 4[]

"This place has a lot more Infernal plants than I Avalon close to Inferno or something? Most of them are all droopy at first, but just sprinkle a little magic and they shoot up in now time! Doing so has opened up a few different paths in the forest, so I'm trying it out wherever I can. I'm also not an expect on exactly which plants are Infernal, so I kind of just try some magic on whatever suspicious-looking plants I come across.

Speaking of Infernal plants, I found this giant fruit near here that I'd only seen in books before. It was called "Inferno Fruit" and the sweet scent alone hit me like a ton of bricks. I was hungry so I tried taking a bite, but it was too sweet for a human tongue, practically inedible. Still, it did really energize me, so it must have some pretty strong magical properties. If only it wasn't so bloody sugary, I'd probably have taken some with me."

Umbran Apprentice Diary 5[]

"I met a wisp who told me a little bit about this area. It seems to be called Faerieland Tower and it's a hub for the faeries to send captured wisps off to every corner of the forest. There are hordes of faeries on guard; it must double as their base of operations. I tried to sneak a little look, and just like the wisp said, there were many poor souls inside being tormented by the faeries. I'd heard that faeries drain the life energy out of humans, but it looks like it doesn't stop there. After they've sapped your corporeal body dry, [...] truly spent. I wish I could do something about these horrible deeds, but that's not what I'm here for. I need to stay focused on my mission. The leader of Faerieland Tower is a circus jester named Amada...something. Knowing the sinister purpose of the contraptions strewn about his circus gives the entire place a creepy air. Or, perhaps it's the other way round. Maybe the whole circus was designed that way on purpose to strike fear into human hearts...the show has begun before we even set foot in that dastard's circus ring!"

Umbran Apprentice Diary 6[]

"Me and my sister are twins - Prima (her)/Plima (me). Like you'd expect, we look alike, we're the same height, but the other day I realized something that took me by surprise. Prima is actually a bit heavier than me...and by a bit, I mean a lot. It happened when we split up while we were looking around inside the circus. All of a sudden, something sent me catapulting into the air! I noticed the ground we were standing on was able to tilt like a see-saw, and my sister was standing directly opposite me on the other end. You don't need to be a mathematician to understand what it mean that she sent me flying.

Thinking back, I caught a glimpse of something during that jump...if only I could get a better look...Maybe if Prima would try stomping the ground really hard she could get me up even higher. I think it's worth checking out...I'm just not sure how to bring it up. She'd probably deny everything if I told her. Ah! That's her coming ri-"

Umbran Apprentice Diary 7[]

"We finally made it to the faeries' fortress...and it is something to behold.

This has to be where they're doing all their scheming. Pipes full of who-knows-what shooting every which way, bright blue flames, and complex machinery unlike anything I've ever seen...what could they possibly be doing with all of this? Beats me, but that's beside the point. We're here [...]

[...] main problem at the moment is...we're stuck. We know the Elemental Core is up there somewhere, but we have know idea how we're going to reach it. The walls are impossible to climb. I thought about asking Plima if she'd let me stand on her shoulders again, but she got really whiny the last time we tried that...I wonder what that was about. I weigh less than her! ...I think.

Well, since we're witches, I suppose we should try using magic? That faerie contraption over there looks like it might do something..."

Umbran Apprentice Diary 8[]

"The faeries have this leader they call the faerie king; I'd watch out for him if I were you. It was too dark for me to see clearly, but it looked like he summoned this monster that looked absolutely enormous! If he has the power to summon something like that, there's no way we can beat him. I know we had a reason for coming in this forest. But if we die along the way, it'll all be for nothing! We have to run...we can't fight him as we are now.

Prima wouldn't listen at all...she says we'll be fine, that we have to stand our ground. I got so angry that she wouldn't listen...If she's going to be like that, I told her to just go off and fight by herself. I'm worried about her. She's the only sister I've got. Ever since we were taken in, it's always just been the two of us...I thought we could go through anything together.

...I'm going to go find her and apologize."