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Do not fear your fate. Stand, Cereza. Stand and open your eyes. For with every truth, there is another one to be seen.― Jeanne to Cereza

Jeanne is the former heiress to the Umbra Witches and Bayonetta's best friend and rival. Befriending her during their childhood, Jeanne was responsible for sealing away Bayonetta five hundred years prior to foil the corrupted Balder's plan of resurrecting Jubileus, The Creator, during the Festival of Resurrection.[2]

Five hundred years later, Jeanne was revealed to have been captured by Balder's forces and subjected to mental reprogramming from his magical abilities. She worked alongside the last Lumen Sage in order to bring forth Bayonetta's memory and eventually becomes her ally after breaking free of Balder's mind control.[2]

After Jubileus' defeat, she returns to being a high school teacher and vigilante who defends her students in her spare time[3] in addition to hanging out with Bayonetta.

During Christmas Eve, her soul is captured by the demons of Inferno after saving Bayonetta from being struck by Gomorrah. She is threatened to be lost in Inferno and consumed by the Infernal Demon, Alraune. However, she is saved and helps both Bayonetta and a past Balder travel to Fimbulventr and defeat Loptr.[4]

A major secondary character in the series, Jeanne is a playable character in both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2. She is also playable in the second game through its co-op mode, Tag Climax.

Hierarchy of Laguna

  • Jeanne 1

"A witch as powerful or more so than Bayonetta. Her piercing eyes cut through to awaken Bayonetta's lost memories.

The moonlit battlefield... Umbra Witches... The heir to the clan throne... How were these parts intertwined?

"Will you face me in this hallowed arena?"

-Vigrid Chronicles, Chapter One. Avellaneda"

  • Jeanne 2

"Long ago, two clans, the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages, oversaw the passing of history while balancing each other's power.

However, one day, the clans set loose a tremendous war upon the world, then crumbled away. Only Bayonetta, sleeping soundly on the bed of a dark, cold lake, escaped the battle...

To recover her lost memories, Bayonetta once again throws herself into the fight between light and dark. Why is this mysterious woman chasing her? What does she know?

"Now that you've returned, my sleeping beauty, it is time to finish that fight."

-Vigrid Chronicles, Chapter Two. Avellaneda"

  • Jeanne 3

"Bayonetta, unable to hide her worries about Cereza, finds her path blocked by another witch - Jeanne. Within her eyes lies not worry for the young child, but only blind ambition. She bats nary an eyelash at the statues revealing their connection, stating coldly in Bayonetta's path.

"Fill your eyes with hatred. Accept your violent fate; accept it and earn the Left Eye! Prove you deserve it!"

-Vigrid Chronicles, Chapter Three. Avellaneda"

  • Jeanne 4

"500 years ago, the Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches were wiped out in a chaotic war. Between the two clans, there was one unbreakable tenet of faith.

"The intersection of light and dark would bring calamity to this earth."

Jeanne, consorting with the light in violation of that tenet, relentlessly pursues her fellow witch's destruction. Bayonetta, staring down the barrel of Jeanne's gun, sees something hiding behind the red witch's blood lust... Memories that cause ambivalence towards their battle. But now, no one can change the course they have set out upon.

"That is why the Left Eye, our treasured Left Eye, will never fall into the hands of another!"

-Vigrid Chronicles, Chapter Four. Avellaneda"


Unlockable Character

Jeanne can be unlocked as a playable character after meeting certain conditions.

  • In Bayonetta, Jeanne is unlocked by attaining Platinum ranks and up on all chapters (except Angel Slayer and Rodin) in Normal Mode, or at the cheat phone stations for 1,000,000 Halos.
  • In Bayonetta 2, Jeanne is unlocked by beating the Story Mode as normal or by using a cheat door at the start of Chapter 2.
    • As soon as the chapter starts, use the touch screen to tap three times on a brown door, under a green sign immediately to the player's right. When the screen zooms out, tap ↑ ↓ ↑ → ↑ X, B, Y, A to unlock Jeanne for 500,000 Halos.

When Jeanne is playable, combat will be slightly different, though the story remains the same with Bayonetta's skin merely replaced by Jeanne's. The differences in combat are:

  • Jeanne's Wicked Weaves do x1.5 damage.
  • Takes x1.5 damage from enemies.
  • Can dodge non-stop.
  • While dodging still provides invincibility frames, it no longer produces magic nor activates Witch Time if timed properly. Jeanne can only activate Witch Time using Moth Within, her version of Bayonetta's Bat Within.
    • Due to the stricter timing regarding activating Witch Time, attacks delivered during Jeanne's Witch Time yield x2 combo points (vs. Bayonetta's x1.5 multiplier).
  • Jeanne has unique grunts and battle cries during gameplay, displaying a more rude attitude than Bayonetta.
  • Her Wicked Weaves are white and pink, not black and purple as Bayonetta's are. Infernal Demons summoned by Jeanne reflect this.

Most of the weapons have a version with a different name, color scheme and backstory, more fitted to Jeanne.



Bayonetta's Weapons Jeanne's Weapons
Scarborough Fair All 4 One
Onyx Roses Garnet Roses


Angel Slayer
Kulshedra Vritra
Durga Kali
Lt. Col. Kilgore Col. Slade
Odette Karen
Pillow Talk Bloody Moon
Sai Fung Tang Lung

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta's Weapons Jeanne's Weapons
Love is Blue All 4 One
Rakshasa 羅刹 Rasetsu
Alruna Alruna
Kafka Samsa
Chernobog Inferno Slayer
Undine Rusalka


野牛 Yagyu
Salamandra Agni
Chain Chomp Chain Chomp


In comparison to the more rash and callous Bayonetta, Jeanne is far more serious, aggressive, and crude in personality. She is prideful of her heritage as an Umbra Witch and is a determined individual, having constantly pushed herself to the limit to becoming a powerful witch. She can also be rebellious and willing to break even rules set by Umbran law, such as befriending Bayonetta as a child despite being considered "impure" and even openly challenging her in battle despite the Umbran Elder vehemently denying the legitimacy of the challenge, having challenged her due to recognizing her as a potentially more powerful witch then herself.[2] She also proved to be a loyal friend to the likes of Bayonetta, having almost sacrificed her own life and soul to save Bayonetta from being attacked by Gomorrah.[4]

According to her profile on The Wonderful 101, she is described to prefer more traditional and tested tactics, using a more careful and reasoned fighting style compared to her fellow Umbra Witch and best friend. While working as a high school teacher, she is mild mannered but hides a heroic side, which shows when she adopts her heroic alias and is dedicated to ridding the school of wrongdoings. Her hobbies are also expressed to be shopping.[5]

While under Balder's mind control, she retains much of her personality though to a more warped, sinister, and malicious end. She seemed to enjoying testing and taunting Bayonetta in her amnesia and past. She also has very little patience for the Laguna and often rebelled in their interference in her battles with Bayonetta in an effort to awaken her Left Eye of Darkness. Under a darker influence, she was willing to bring harm to Isla Del Sol, a child version of Cereza, and Luka in order to goad Bayonetta into anger and fight at her fullest extent.[2]



Jeanne is portrayed as a tall, slender, youthful looking woman with porcelain skin and a short, platinum silver hair, similar to pixie cut. Jeanne wears her signature body suit made by the clothing line "d'Arc." It is red with a button design starting from the left side of her chest down to her right heel. The buttons open up, revealing a white layer underneath on the front of her right leg and on the back of her left leg. The suit has a rather large renaissance style collar that is worn similarly to a tie with her Umbran Watch resting right in the center of her bust. She has black, fur-like cuffs on her arms, as well as wearing red open-toe heels, revealing perfectly manicured toes. Her glasses are red and feature a wing design followed by a few black feathers over her right ear.

Bayonetta 2

Jeanne makes a reappearance in Bayonetta 2 with a makeover of her own. She has used magic to considerably lengthen and grow her hair to thigh-length, with it covering some of her face and reaching down her back (thus similar to Cereza's long hair in the first game). Her new outfit is a skin-tight biker suit with angular shoulders and a vertical stripe design. Her Watch is now placed near her left shoulder. The suit has black accent stripes near the shoulder seams that follow inward, going down the length of her body. The black stripes also go down her arms, one on each. Instead of the semi-wedges she wore, she now wears red thigh high boots and gloves, also sporting the stripe design. The glasses she had with the wing design are instead being replaced by silver and orange goggles which appear to have a cat/mask like design, as well as golden feather-like earrings with red jewels. She retains the use of her All 4 One, which have feline Musketeers acting as the charms over feathers, pointing towards her new cat theme.

As a child, Jeanne greatly resembled Cereza, sharing the same facial features and wearing a night gown. However, she still resembled her adult self: her hair is short and platinum blonde. She has smaller red glasses on her head along with a black feather on the left. She wears a red nightgown with a black renaissance like collar, puff sleeves, black lacing, and white at the bottom (this look resembles her appearance in the first game). She also wears red slippers with black fur inside. 


Original History

As a child, Jeanne met the outcast of the Umbran clan, Cereza, and formed a strong friendship and bond with the girl. As an adult, Jeanne was next in line to lead the Umbra Witches. As part of her final trial, she had to engage combat with another Witch of the clan. Despite it being forbidden at the Umbran Elder's insistence, she chose her friend, Cereza, as her opponent. During the combat trial, the Angels of Paradiso attacked the clan and both Jeanne and Cereza fight off the attackers. Upon reaching a room of slain Witches, with Rosa among them, Cereza lost her will to fight. Seeing this, Jeanne used a special dagger to impale Cereza and seal her away along with her memories. Jeanne faces the oncoming horde of Angels alone.

Altered History

In the altered timeline, Cereza wore her Umbran Watch close to her heart. As such, the dagger did not pierce her and kept Cereza awake to fight the angels with Jeanne.



Jeanne met Bayonetta when they were children and, as she said, they used to play together. As time passed, Jeanne became the Umbra Clan heiress. In her final test to become the leader of the Clan, she was told by the Umbran Elder that she had to choose an opponent; she chose Cereza, which broke the Umbran laws. After the Elder mentioned this, Jeanne just said "It would not be the first time we've faced each other." Sometime after her defeat at Cereza's hands, civil war broke out between the Umbra Witches and their light counterparts, the Lumen Sages, in which Jeanne fought alongside Cereza. The war ended in the witches' favor, but the humans, fearful of their powers and instigated by Balder, started massive witch hunts that ended up killing almost all the witches. However, Jeanne and Cereza survived. Jeanne, fearful that the greatest Umbra treasure, the Left Eye, would fall in to the hands of the Lumen and the Laguna, sealed Cereza in a lake for 500 years.

Jeanne meeting with Bayonetta after their battle with Lagunas.

In the present day, Balder had brainwashed Jeanne to work for the Lumen Sages. Despite having been an ally in the past, she is forced to both face Cereza and lead her to her "fate". Jeanne and Cereza, now known as Bayonetta, first meet each other again when a plane full of Laguna (summoned by the self-sacrifice of Vigridian noblemen, which Jeanne witnessed) falls into Bayonetta and Enzo's position. After a brief fight with her fellow witch, Jeanne leaves without saying a word. Sometime afterward they meet each other in Vigrid, where she tells Bayonetta that she disappointed her. They fight again for Bayonetta's Umbran Watch, and after the fight Jeanne leaves, saying that Bayonetta is not ready yet.

They fight three more times after this encounter. The first takes place on the Umbran and Lumen holy grounds, where she is found speaking to the Cardinal Virtue Temperantia and showcases her Beast Within abilities. The next occurs in a plane from the Valkyrie Military transport, where she converses with the Cardinal Virtue Sapientia and taunts Bayonetta about her relationship with Cereza. This ends in her being knocked out by a wave as she pursues a Bayonetta going to search for Cereza. Bayonetta confronts Jeanne for the final time on Isla Del Sol, where Jeanne activates the city security systems and seemingly kills both Luka and Cereza.

After talking about Bayonetta's fate as the Left Eye, they start an intense fight that ends up in one wall of a skyscraper of the island, after flying and fighting in rockets and other buildings that got collapsed. She also changes her normal clothes for a white version of Bayonetta's Umbran formal suit. After her final defeat, she comes to her senses. She tells Bayonetta that in the past they were not enemies at all, but friends, despite Bayonetta having been exiled and Jeanne having been the heir to the clan. Taking the gem from the Umbran Watch on Bayonetta's chest (which says "Jeanne and Cereza"), Jeanne reveals that it was not one of the Eyes of the World, but the last remaining piece of a seal she had placed on her in order to protect her 500 years ago. Jeanne tells her to "stand", and is then seemingly killed by two rockets that collide with the building.

Jeanne in her Umbra Witch outfit.

In the final chapter, it is revealed that Jeanne did not die in the explosion of the building. Instead she used the red jewel that she used to seal Bayonetta centuries ago to protect herself from the impact and also break free from Balder's manipulation. When Bayonetta is awakened as the Left Eye and incapacitated by Balder, Jeanne rides to her rescue. When Balder mocks Jeanne regarding being disregarded for Bayonetta as the Left Eye, she responds that she doesn't care about the power and she is there to rescue her "Umbran sister".

When she pulls Bayonetta out of the statue's eye, she is apparently killed again by a shockwave from the statue, but returns in the end to help Bayonetta destroy Jubileus by using her hair in conjunction with Bayonetta's to summon Queen Sheba. After saving Bayonetta from an incoming rock, she ironically claims that "even after destroying that abomination, it is still is going to destroy the world" and that she is going to get her out of there even if it costs her own life, claiming that she is "one of a kind". After Bayonetta insists that they "both are one of a kind", they destroy Jubileus' body together and return to Earth.

At Bayonetta's funeral, Jeanne is disguised as a nun and praying to summon Laguna, just as Bayonetta did in the Prologue of the game. When the Laguna come down from Paradiso to claim Bayonetta's soul, Jeanne mimics the previous actions of her fellow witch further by proceeding to assault them. This is the signal for Bayonetta to rise from her coffin. Their friendship renewed, the two remaining Umbra Witches fight side by side against the Laguna in the graveyard.

Bayonetta 2

Jeanne's new look in Bayonetta 2

In a bright cityscape after the events of the first game, just before Christmas time, Jeanne meets Bayonetta on her bike to comment on how things between the Trinity Of Realities have been unusual. She agrees to pick up some things for her and Bayonetta's party hat evening and drives off. When Bayonetta has to fight with an influx of angels hijacking the Platinum Stars display team, Jeanne appears flying one of the jets through the city to help complete their daily obligation to their demonic contracts. After a rail bridge is destroyed, the witches meet up where Bayonetta asks if Jeanne has gotten everything. Jeanne claims they can pick up missing caviar if they finish it up quickly. The pair engage with Belief in a battle which ultimately leads Bayonetta to call upon Gomorrah to finish the angel off. However, the demon suddenly breaks free from his bonds and turns on his master. Jeanne notices this and quickly rushes to save Bayonetta and is hit in the process, knocking her soul from her body. As she laments that this isn't how things are supposed to end, Jeanne is then dragged down through a portal into Inferno. After dispatching Gomorrah, Bayonetta is seen holding Jeanne's lifeless body in her hands.

Bayonetta later learns that Jeanne's soul can still be saved before it is completely absorbed into Inferno by reuniting the source of her long life, Jeanne's Umbran Watch, with her soul. In order to travel to Inferno, she also learns she has to go through the fabled Gates of Hell found at the sacred mountain of Fimbulventr. She urges Jeanne to hang on as she travels to the mountain to rescue her friend.

When Bayonetta eventually makes it into the depths of Inferno, the demon Alraune has captured Jeanne's soul in order to use the witch's power for her own. After a titanic battle, Bayonetta rips Jeanne's soul free and manages to barely make the time limit to save her. Jeanne awakens and begins to float off towards her body in order to revive, but not before warning her friend that something big is about to happen to the world and that she needs to be careful.

Jeanne later appears in her fully revived state in a fighter jet in order to escort Bayonetta and young Balder to the top of Fimbulventr to rescue Loki from Loptr's clutches. She later summons Gomorrah to swallow Loptr's physical body after Bayonetta wins in her own fight with him. Several days later after the events on Fimbulventr, Jeanne accompanies Bayonetta in some shopping during the after-holiday sales, only for Cereza realizing she forgot Enzo and he returns with Angels chasing him she joins her friend in battle getting her own dress ruined and gets into their uniforms.



Thanks to her training, Jeanne is a extremely skilled combatant, being a master of Bullet Arts and other forms of weaponry that rival the likes of Bayonetta. She is described as being either just as strong as Bayonetta or slightly stronger (though she has been defeated by Bayonetta twice in battle).[2] Her preference in battle is that of a katana, notably the Angel Slayer, making her a proficient swordswoman.[6]

Jeanne possesses exceptional physical might and agility that seemingly rivals the likes of Bayonetta. She is strong enough to have survived re-entry into the Earth after the defeat of Jubileus and manage to lash out on Sapientia by stomping on his head several times despite his extremely large size, causing him to fall while in flight into the ocean.[2]


An Umbran Witch, Jeanne possesses magical powers similar to that of her rival and best friend, Bayonetta. As an Umbra Witch, she is easily capable of seeing the other realm known as Purgatorio and entering it at will. Skilled in the Dark Arts, Jeanne also possesses some magical abilities unrelated to the dark arts, most notably being capable of sealing Bayonetta in an effort to keep her away from a corrupted Balder. She is also capable of telekinesis and was shown to control bullets with this skill. When using this power, her eyes turn red.[2]

Due to her pact with Madama Styx, Jeanne is able to attain great power and knowledgeable counsel.[2]

Dark Arts and Magic Techniques

  • Umbran Climax & Serious Mode: Very similar techniques that allow Jeanne to enter into an ascended state of her power. While under this technique, she continuously summons the limbs of her pact demon, Madama Styx, in her attacks. When using certain weapons such as Angel Slayer, she may instead manifest larger bladed constructs in her attacks. When using the Umbran Climax technique, she can use the special technique, "Infernal Weaves".[2][4]
  • Witch Time: Jeanne is capable of using the Umbra Witch's signature temporal control technique that allows her to move at extremely high speeds. She is also capable of "stacking" the effects of her witch time at will, further increasing her speed.[2]
  • Beast Within: A magical technique that transforms Jeanne into various animals at will. Instead of Panther, Crow, Bat and Snake-Within, she has access to Lynx, Owl, Moth and Centipede-Within.[2]
  • Witch Walk: A technique that allows Jeanne to defy gravity and walk on any vertical surface. This technique can only be used under a full moon[2] or by select devices created by Lord Aesir.[4]
  • Wicked Weaves: Using her hair as a conduit, Jeanne can bring forth infernal demons's limbs or even summon them at will. Her skill in Wicked Weaves makes her own slightly stronger than Bayonetta's own (in gameplay, her Wicked Weaves deal 1.5x more damage).[2]
  • Infernal Weaves: An even more powerful variant of Wicked Weaves used during Umbran Climax. This allows her to send forth infernal demons during her combo attacks for additional damage.[2]

Torture Attacks

Like Bayonetta, Jeanne can perform special attacks to potentially finish off her opponents. By chanting in Enochian, she can summon various objects in order to potentially kill her opponents.[2][4]


As an Umbra Witch, Jeanne is capable of summoning various demons. Each summon is usually evoked via dancing and speaking in Enochian although they can also manifest via chanting during Infernal Weaves.[4]

Lone Summons
Team Summons


Jeanne's arsenal is vastly similar to Bayonetta's in terms of functionality.[4][2]

Costumes (Bayonetta)
Costumes (Bayonetta 2)
  • Default: "Jeanne, in a tight fit crimson motorcycle suit. She's grown out her platinum blonde hair to contrast with Bayonetta's new style".[4]
  • Uniformed: "The battle uniform of the Umbra Witches. The strong, tightly woven hair forming this bodysuit repels all attacks."[4]
  • Cutie J (Old Hairstyle): "The battle uniform of the Umbra Witches. The strong, tightly woven hair forming this bodysuit repels all attacks. But in the hands of the seemingly mild-mannered schoolteacher Jeanne, the suit allows her to transform into the powerful Cutie J! Defending her city and her beloved students, she cuts through evil with her crimson blade, Bloody Moon. Those distant, hear the sound. Those close by, see the spectacle...Evildoers, fear final justice, because the Platinum Knight has arrived to defend the weak and innocent. CUTIE J IS HERE!"[4]
  • Old (Old Hairstyle): "Wax nostalgic with this faithful reproduction of a dress that was in vogue 500 years ago. Wearing this will make you feel young again. Enter a fashion time warp."[4]
  • The Last Witch: "A friend of Bayonetta since their days training together long ago. She prefers her red suit to the traditional battle uniform witches commonly wear."[4]
Nintendo Costumes


Jeanne is a capable driver, skillfully riding a motorcycle on a rocket created by the Ithavoll Group.[2] She is also skilled at aviation and can pilot a jet with proficiency.[4]

Boss Moveset


Jeanne is fought as almost a direct mirror to Bayonetta, presented as her equal in both technique and power. Most of her attacks, however, cannot activate Witch Time if dodged successfully.

  • A straight punch followed by a kick. This can be extended further into a wicked punch, very much like the PKP combo, but only after her first encounter in the past. The wicked punch can activate Witch Time if dodged correctly.
  • A dodge roll. However, this doesn't work like her dodge as a playable character, and she will launch herself up in a flip once she reaches five consecutive dodges.
  • Jeanne can snap her fingers or slam her foot down to summon either a wicked punch, wicked kick, wicked uppercut or wicked stomp. This can be chained into two weaves, one after the other, and normally proceeds after Jeanne dodges away from you. These weaves only start appearing after her second encounter, or during any of her fights at hard difficulty and above. These can incur Witch Time, if dodged at the right time.
  • A five consecutive kick combo, resembling one that Bayonetta can achieve by inputting KKKK with Odette equipped.
  • An All 4 One Stiletto.
  • An All 4 One heel slide.
  • Afterburner Kick, both the ascending and descending versions. These are normally chained together.
  • The K flick-up, with charge modifier if the first hit connects and launches.
  • She can kneel down, hold her arm out and fire her gun in a wide arc, performed identically as Joy does it.
  • She can do a grounded air K bullet climax.
  • She can summon Scolopendra to perform a charge in a circle around her, identical to the Golem transformation. This only occurs after her third encounter.
  • She can summon Gomorrah to perform a lunge, identical to the Golem transformation. This only occurs after her third encounter.
  • She can summon Phantasmaraneae to jump up and perform a slam, identical to the Golem transformation. This only occurs after her third encounter.
  • She can summon Hekatoncheir to perform a clap slam, identical to the Golem transformation. This only occurs after her third encounter.
  • She can charge at you with her bike. This attack only occurs in her third encounter.
  • She can send wicked punches at you while you are at a distance from her as she is stationary on her bike. This attack only occurs during her third encounter. Dodging the weave allows for Bayonetta to activate Witch Time.
  • She can send a volley of bullets in an arc while she is stationary on her bike. This attack only occurs during her third encounter.
  • A quick-time event where she attempts to kick Bayonetta. Successfully completing the QTE allows Bayonetta to get a kick on Jeanne for a large amount of damage. Failing it allows Jeanne to do the same. Not activating the QTE allows Jeanne to get four kicks onto Bayonetta. The QTE can occur twice in succession, and both need to be completed for Bayonetta to win.
  • A quick-time event where she attempts to slam two wicked punches into Bayonetta. Successfully completing the QTE allows Bayonetta to send a weave of her own into Jeanne. Failing it allows Jeanne to do the same. Not activating it simply completes the attack. The QTE can occur twice in succession, and both need to be completed for Bayonetta to win. This QTE only occurs from her second encounter onwards. Dodging the weaves allows for Bayonetta to activate Witch Time.
  • A quick-time event where she clicks her fingers and sends a missile at Bayonetta. The QTE has to be completed five times in quick succession in order to win, and ends with Bayonetta throwing the missile into Jeanne. If any of the QTE's are failed, the missile slams into Bayonetta for a large amount of damage. Not activating it slams the missile into Bayonetta's location. This only occurs in phase two of her fourth and final encounter.
  • Jeanne can utilize Lynx-Within to close gaps.
  • She can do the first two hits of her Angel Slayer PP combo, charge modifying the final hit. This attack can only occur after her second encounter.
  • She can do the full PKP combo with Angel Slayer. The final wicked slice can activate Witch Time, and this attack only can occur after her second encounter.
  • She can do the full PP-P-P-P combo with Angel Slayer. The final wicked slice can activate Witch Time, and this attack only can occur after her second encounter.



  • "What's the matter, Bayonetta? All that sleeping made you soft?"
  • "Fancy bumping into you here. Out to find some answers about your past, are we?"
  • "Two overseers...the Eyes of the World. They are the power behind everything."
  • "Will you face me in this hallowed arena?"
  • "The only ones meddling are your hapless minions. This will be taken care of in the manner I see fit. Your assistance is not required."
  • "I suppose coming here has given you a second wind. Feeling better, Bayonetta?"
  • "You and I once fought for the jewel upon the crown of the Umbra throne. And now that you've returned, my sleeping beauty, it's time to finish that fight."
  • "What's the matter, sweetie? Afraid of something, are you?"
  • "No need to take out your stress on me, Bayonetta. It's clear you're worried for the girl."
  • "My, aren't we attached to our precious little one? Do you like it when she calls you "Mummy"?"
  • "I am well aware of my task! But you have forgotten that I do not need your help!"
  • "If you've made it this far, that should be enough. You're back to your old self. This is where we finish what was started so long ago."
  • "Between us there was a law that was never to be broken. It stated that "The intersection of light and dark would being calamity to this earth". But 500 years ago, a child was born in clear violation of this tenet. That child was you."
  • "The disaster this caused sent the clans into a spiral of chaos that continues to be felt to this day. You, the half-breed of light and dark, are at the center of that chaos. Allowing you to continue to exist is a danger than cannot be accepted."
  • "When the Eyes of the World are within our grasp, the power of creation will be awakened. That is why the Left Eye, our treasured Left Eye, will never fall into the hands of another!"
  • "The memories you've held for 500 years are the source of your fear. They cloud your vision. But now, you've accepted your fate. That is how you bested me. That is why you possess the most beloved of Umbran treasures. That is why you possess the Left Eye."
  • "I will not stand for the wild ambition of a treacherous Lumen Sage who disrupted our age old balance. Your path ends here!"
  • "In the innocence of our childhood, we used to play together, as friends. But as time passed, perhaps even my eyes were clouded with fear."
  • "Do not fear your fate. Stand, Cereza. Stand and open your eyes. For with every truth, there is another one to be seen."
  • "I have no intentions of gazing upon the Left Eye. I am here to reclaim my Umbran sister!"
  • "This looks ridiculous on me! I swear, this is the last time I cosplay."
  • "Will you hurry up? Don't tell me you fell asleep in that thing again!"

​Bayonetta 2

  • "Just had something I had to look into. Cereza, you haven't felt anything strange recently?"
  • "Our friends in Paradiso are far too quiet. I'm sure you've noticed. But they aren't the only ones. 'Our friends down south seem to be a bit upset as well."
  • "Forgot the caviar. Think they're still open?"
  • "No...This isn't how things end..."
  • " came here rescue me? Are you insane?"
  • "Be careful, Cereza. Something...something big is going to happen to our world."
  • "Cereza, cat got your tongue?"


Activating Witch Time

  • "Foolish!"
  • "Slower than usual!"
  • "Feel your fear!"
  • "You're worthless!"

Wicked Weaves

  • "Begone!"
  • "Die!"
  • "Disappear!"
  • "I'll crush you!"
  • "Worthless!"
  • "Burn!"
  • "Fuck off!"
  • "You're vanquished!"
  • "Stand..."
  • "...So you can fall!"
  • "Quit wasting..."
  • "...My time!"

Character Selection/Tag Climax

  • "I stake my honor as an Umbra!"
  • "This too is fate."
  • "Let's get this over with."

Appearances in Other Media

The Wonderful 101

Wonder-Jeanne in The Wonderful 101

Bayonetta, Jeanne, and Rodin appear as secret unlockable playable characters in The Wonderful 101.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

Along with Rodin, Cereza, and Bayonetta, Jeanne appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Bayonetta also has a palette swap based upon Jeanne's look, which aesthetically alters her Wicked Weaves and Infernal Climax to match her white hair.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bayonetta's palette swap based on Jeanne from 3DS and Wii U returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Jeanne herself appears as a Spirit, and can be enhanced to the Cutie J spirit at level 99.

Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation

On January 12th, 2019, Dx2 announced a collaboration with Bayonetta. On February 14th, 2019, the collaboration event began and It was revealed that both Bayonetta and Jeanne would be playable demons and that Beloved was an enemy boss. Jeanne takes her appearance is from the first game and has a different moveset from Bayonetta. Jeanne is different from Bayonetta, as she wields Angel Slayer as opposed to All 4 One, though she has All 4 One equipped on her feet. She has Angel Slayer's moveset from the first game and can summon Madama Styx's weaves. For more information on her moveset, visit her page on the Dx2 Wiki on the link below:

Jeanne's appearance in Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei

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  • Jeanne is seemingly named after "Jeanne d'Arc," better known as Joan of Arc. sharing also her birth date of January 6, 1412 (as her watch contains the numbers 141216, which is her birthday according to character designer Mari Shimazaki) and the accessories in the game mentioning other historical figures. It is possible she is indeed Joan of Arc in the series.

The concept art of Jeanne as a teacher, and Bayonetta as a nun.

  • The Couture Bullet available only to Jeanne, "Formal," suggests that Jeanne is a Germany school teacher in her time off. This is supported by bonus concept art by Mari Shimazaki (which also reveals that Bayonetta is a nun in her time off, as seen outside the window). Her occupation is fully stated in Bloody Fate, as she chats with Bayonetta about their occupations, with Jeanne outright stating that she is happy "being a high-school teacher. Furthermore, It is implied that Jeanne teaches the subject of History according to a tweet from series creator Hideki Kamiya.
  • Like Cereza, Jeanne had a cat doll when she was a child. However, hers appears to have been professionally made, in contrast to Cereza's Cheshire, which seems to be homemade. This shows how differently Bayonetta and Jeanne were raised.
  • It was made known by an interview in the Bayonetta Official Strategy Guide that Jeanne's method of entering Witch Time is a result of her always wanting to push herself to her limits.
  • When dressed like Cutie J and have Bloody Moon equipped, for the taunt, she says "Bring it" and makes the same pose of Viewtiful Joe's transformation.
    • Jeanne's Cutie J alias is also a reference to Cutie Honey.
  • Despite not being the main character, Jeanne technically can be played in more levels than Bayonetta herself; she is both an unlockable playable character and one is forced to play as her at the beginning of Epilogue: Requiem in Bayonetta.
  • Jeanne's motorcycle is called "Angel Slayer" according to the fuel tank, and the license plate reads "U1 QTJ" (Cutie J). Kamiya states in his developer commentary that the "U1" is for "Umbra #1," representing Jeanne's pride as an Umbra Witch.
  • When playing as Jeanne, there will be certain times where the colors of the demons summoned do not match. For example, her white hair will enter the ground, but she will be covered with black swirls of hair, and a black demon will appear. It is also worthy to note that during some chapters or fights, her Wicked Weaves of Madama Styx's limbs appear in black hair. This only appears in the first game.
  • In an interview between Hideki Kamiya and the game site Siliconera, Kamiya stated he would like to make a Bayonetta spin off title starring Jeanne for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • In the Wii U version of Bayonetta, as well as succeeding re-releases for other platforms, Jeanne's bust size is reduced. This was done in order to make her body type closer to her concept art, as well as match her body type in the second game.
  • Although Jeanne is unable to activate Witch Time by dodging at the last possible moment, there are certain enemies in the game that will allow her to active Witch Time, as one normally would playing as either Bayonetta or Rosa in Bayonetta 2: Kinship in Verse 1 of Chapter XV: Truth, Belief in Verse 2 of Prologue: World of Chaos, and Cachet --within circle formation-- in Verse 2 of Chapter I: Noatun, The City of Genesis.
  • Hideki Kamiya confirmed in a tweet, that Jeanne's stuffed cat is named Charles.
  • Jeanne is Kamiya's favorite character to play as in Bayonetta 2's Tag Climax mode.[7]
  • In Bayonetta, just as is the case with Angels, if the player were to move too far away from Jeanne, she will teleport and drop down next to the player. However, to view this, the player will need to utilize an exploit to both get out of bounds in Chapter XII: The Broken Sky and activate her bossfight in Verse 8 early.
  • In addition, in Chapter XII: The Broken Sky, starting Verse 8 early, defeating Jeanne and then completing another Verse will cause the game to soft-lock when attempting to start Verse 8.


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