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Jabberwock, Voracious Faerie Dragon, is a type of Faerie that appears in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon as a boss enemy.


A gigantic dragon faerie usually found near Wyvern Falls.

He considers anything other than himself food, even munching down other faeries when so inclined. He spends most of his day hunting for meals, most likely in order to maintain his sizeable figure. All of Avalon is overcome by an intense dread just hearing the flap of his wings as he takes off to survey from the sky.

He partakes in many... exotic foods, especially bombagranates, the explosive fruit of a flower originally found in Inferno. If spotting any mid-flight, he will dive down to gobble up a mouthful immediately.

His body is covered in durable scales, said to be stronger than even metal. In the past, other faeries have made many attempts to slay him, but failing to penetrate his hardened exterior, they instead inevitably become the Jabberwock's lunch. There is little more terrifying a sound than his thundering screech, which itself alone causes shockwaves powerful enough to rip apart your insides.

Despite his seemingly savage instincts, he possesses an intelligence on par with most of the other faeries in Avalon, and is known to form alliances when determined self-beneficial. There was a time he offered his powers of destruction to the Faerie King Moltred, but was eventually thwarted and sealed away by his successor, Arthur.

Later, this seal would be removed by the self-proclaimed king, Púca, with whom another brief alliance was formed, only for the Jabberwock to ignore most of Púca's orders and run amoke in Avalon until Púca was forced to throw him into a cage near Wyvern Falls. It was not long, however, until the Jabberwock had escaped the cage and was again ravaging the forest. Ultimately, no one was truly able to contain the beast until he finally met his demise.


The Jabberwock is a golden faerie dragon with glowing teal marks.



  • "Jabberwock" comes from the titular dragon-esque creature of Lewis Carroll's nonsensical poem Jabberwocky that was also featured in Through the Looking-Glass, the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.