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JP Kellams of Platinum Games

Kellams at a Cafe

Jean Pierre Kellams, or JP Kellams for short, was a member of Platinum Games main staff in Osaka, Japan. He acted as the mediator for English fans of games developed by Platinum Games. He was also the Creative Producer in the main office.

Video Interview[]


Interview with JP Kellams from PlatinumGames

In an interview with Go Nintendo, with JP Kellams of Platinum Games. He explains how he got to working with Platinum Games, as well as advises people on how to adapt to Japanese culture while pursuing job opportunities within the gaming market.

He also defends Platinum Game's decision to keep Bayonetta 2 exclusive on the Wii U, bringing up many contradicting statements behind Pandemic Port Begging regarding the game.


PlatinumGames Works[]

Noted Other Works[]

  • God Hand
  • Bionic Commando
  • Monster Hunter Freedom series
  • Ace Attorney 4: Provides the English voice for the character Apollo Justice
  • Devil May Cry 4

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