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For Items found in the mainline series, see Items.

Items are special materials and tools that Cereza can find in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon to help in her battle against the faeries of Avalon Forest. While some items return in their original form from the mainline series, some either function differently or are entirely new to Origins.


Onyx Roses[]

Onyx Roses
Onyx Roses are flowers from the depths of Inferno. Cereza requires them to learn new skills.

Onyx Roses act similarly to that of OrbsOrbs in that they can be exchanged to enhance Cereza's magical abilities. They can be found throughout the environment or by performing Witch Pulse on certain objects.

Avalon Drops[]

Avalon Drops are drippingly sweet crystallised pieces of magic. Cheshire requires them to learn new skills.
Avalon Drops

Star-shaped gems in Bayonetta Origins, Avalon Drops are Cheshire's counterpart to a collectible item that can be used to enhance his combat abilities. They can be found in the environment or as a reward for completing certain tasks.

Moon Pearls[]

BO Moon Pearl
Moon Pearls are pure crystallised magic energy that can be used to teach Cereza especially powerful skills.

Though sharing a name with their counterpart in the mainline series, the Moon Pearls of Bayonetta Origins are collected in the environment from the crystallised remains of Umbra Witches who fell victim to the faeries of Avalon Forest. They must be used alongside Onyx Roses to unlock Cereza's stronger abilities.

Inferno Fruits[]

Inferno Fruit
Inferno Fruits are special fruits that can be used to tech Cheshire especially powerful skills.

A sickly fruit that only demons have the stomach for due to their sweetness, Inferno Fruits can be found within Avalon Forest and consumed upon approach. They must be used in conjunction with Avalon Drops to unlock some of the more powerful skills in Cheshire's arsenal.

Dropped Items[]

Vitality Petals & Blossoms[]

Vitality Petals
Vitality Blossoms
Collect five Vitality Petals to create a Vitality Blossom, increasing Cereza's Vitality.

Vitality Petals are the primary reward for completing the trials of the Tír na nÓg and for certain tasks such as saving the Wisps. Collecting five Petals will earn a Blossom, expanding Cereza's vitality by one full flower.

Magic Butterflies[]

BO Magic Butterfly
Pick one up to recover the Spell Cooldown gauge, allowing Cereza to cast Umbran Arts again more quickly.

Crescent Clusters[]

Crescent Cluster
A power-imbued crystal the shape of a crescent moon. Pick one up to restore some magic energy.

Concocting Compounds[]

Compounds return from the first three games. This time, however, in addition to concoctions, they can also be given to Wisps as a small side-quest.

Mandragora Root[]

BO Mandragora Root
A compound sealed in crystal. Breaks out into a screaming fit over every little thing; best to pack it deep in your rucksack.

Baked Gecko[]

BO Baked Gecko
A compound sealed in crystal. Interestingly, can have various effects on the user depending on how well it is baked.

Unicorn Horn[]

BO Unicorn Horn
A compound sealed in crystal. Knocked straight off a poor unicorn. May be used for ornamental purposes, depending on their length and sparkle

Umbran Potions[]

Functionally similar to lollipops, Umbran Potions have multiple uses in helping Cereza and Cheshire in their fight against the faeries. Once collected for the first time, they each become available for Cereza to concoct using the compounds she finds throughout the forest.

Each potion initially has a limit on the number that Cereza can carry, but this limit can increase to x9 of each type through unlocks in Cereza's skills. Once that limit is reached, Cereza cannot concoct any more of that specific potion and any she collects in the environment do not count towards the total.

Healing Tonic[]

Healing Tonic
Medicine in a petal-shaped bottle. Use it to slightly restore Cereza's vitality.

Tiny Mandragora Root x5
Tiny Baked Gecko x15
Tiny Unicorn Horn x10

Umbran Syrup[]

Umbran Syrup
A potion in a butterfly bottle. Grants temporary invincibility and faster Umbran Arts recasting.

Tiny Mandragora Root x30
Tiny Baked Gecko x10
Tiny Unicorn Horn x10

Demonic Mist[]

Demonic Mist
Perfume in a crescent moon bottle. Temporarily gives Cheshire unlimited magic energy to perform skills.

Tiny Mandragora Root x15
Tiny Baked Gecko x10
Tiny Unicorn Horn x35

Blast Cocktail[]

Blast Cocktail
A potion in a thorn-laced bottle. Use it to create a shockwave, stunning all nearby enemies.

Tiny Mandragora Root x30
Tiny Baked Gecko x10
Tiny Unicorn Horn x10

Elemental Cores[]

These cores are what kept Lukaon locked up. Not only will destroying them will break the chains of his seal, but it will also imbue Cheshire with the elements of each core.

Wood Core

Wood Core[]

The Wood Core is found in the Wood Shrine, where the White wolf is followed, when Cheshire destroyed it, Cereza gained its power and gave it to Cheshire so he can become Wood Cheshire.

Stone Core

Stone Core[]

The Stone Core can be found by defeating Amadan Dubh who guards the Stone Shrine, where it is also destroyed by Cheshire, and in turn gained that power to become Stone Cheshire.

Water Core

Water Core[]

This Core is found in the Water Shrine, which is guarded by the Jabberwock. When Cheshire destroyed it, he gained the power to become Water Cheshire.

Fire Core

Fire Core[]

This Core is found within Puca's Fortress, guarded by the self-proclaimed Faerie king themselves. When Cheshire destroyed it, he gained the power to become Fire Cheshire.