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For Items in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, see Items (Bayonetta Origins).
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Items are materials and tools that can be obtained in every game throughout the Bayonetta series. Most of them can be bought from Rodin at The Gates of Hell, through hidden chests and breakable items in the environment, or with points during the Angel Attack! mini-game in the first game.


Halos Halos[]

A very rare, spiritual metal containing the essence of an angel's life force. Used in business transactions within Inferno. Bayonetta In-Game Manual

Halos are a commonly obtained item in first two Bayonetta games. They are dropped by Angels of all kinds and are rewarded based on combat performance at the end of each verse depending on the player's rating. Halos are used to buy everything within the Gates of Hell from Rodin (and via cheat codes) to purchase weapons, techniques and upgrade materials.

In Bayonetta 3, Halos are a rarer form of currency rather than the primary due to the decline of Angel appearances throughout the multiverse. In regular gameplay, they can only be collected in hidden Verses against Angels or by finding them hidden in objects throughout the world. They can also be earned as a reward for beating the 'Jeanne's Spy Action' mini-game at the Gates of Hell. Halos are used as the currency to purchase the game's selection of Rodin's Treasures, including accessories for Viola's room in the Chapter Select menus of the game.

In the Wii U versions of the original two games, when the player chooses the Link, Peach or Daisy costumes, the appearance of Halos changes to that of Rupees or Coins (together with their sound effects when collected) to reflect the currency used in those games (Zelda or Super Mario, respectively).

Orbs Orbs[]

A very rare metal containing the essence of a demon's life force. Used in business transactions within Inferno.
Demon Orbs

In Bayonetta 2, Orbs are dropped from battling Infernal Demons and resemble crystallized demonic blood. While visually they appear to be distinct from Halos, the crystalline currency is added directly to your Halos count, making them a cosmetic nod to the differences between the denizens of Inferno and their gilded counterparts.

In Bayonetta 3, Orbs are earned as a form of currency after battles from the amount of combo points earned. They are used to unlock new abilities for both Bayonetta's weapons and the chosen demons she can summon as part of Demon Slave. Orbs can be spent at any time via the menu options.

Seeds Seeds[]

Mysterious objects composed of crystallized Homunculi tissue that are neither fully organic nor completely metallic. They give off a faint warmth. Although of no interest to demons, Rodin has graciously agreed to accept them for trade.

Seeds are a primary form of currency in Bayonetta 3 and act as the main collected Item from battle with the Homunculi. Like Halos in previous games, Seeds allow the purchasing of consumable items, accessories and other upgrade materials from the Gates of Hell.

The option to exchange 10,000Orbs for 10,000Seeds appears in The Gates of Hell after completing Witch Trials 3.

Special Items (Bayonetta 3)[]

Chaos Gear[]

Chaos Gear
A bizarre, perpetually moving mechanical object.
According to Viola, there are five Chaos Gears spread through the Multiverse, on various parallel worlds.
She claims that if all five are collected and set in an altar known as the Altar of the Skies on the island of Thule, it will become possible to travel to the parallel world of one's choice. From the script etched into the surface, it can be surmised that both the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages were involved in their creation, but no other details are known.

Chaos Gears are items relevant to the main story of Bayonetta 3. As devices that are necessary to both open the portal on Thule to the Alphaverse and stop Singularity, Bayonetta must collect five of them throughout her journey.

Medallion Shard[]

Medallion Shard
A shard made of a unique blue metal.
From the shape and pattern on its surface, it is thought to have been part of a medallion.

Medallion Shards are items scattered across the island of Thule, usually found hidden within the deactivated bodies of destroyed Golems. There are four in total, and finding them all creates the Blue Medallion.

Blue Medallion[]

Blue Medallion
A blue medallion created from a unique metal.
Once broken into four pieces hidden in various corners of Thule, the now-restored medallion gives off a brilliant light in response to the map of Thule.
What mysteries could lie waiting in the direction it point...

The Blue Medallion is a secret item obtained upon collecting all four Medallion Shards. Once in the player's possession, it unlocks an extra chapter, The Artifact Unleashed, which is a secret boss battle against a Golem appearing as it did in Bayonetta 2. This fight can be completed with either Bayonetta, Jeanne, or Viola.


Lollipops are consumable items that provide an immediate effect when used. Each lollipop comes in two forms, a normal and a "Mega" variety. The Mega lollipops have double the effect or duration of their normal versions. In the original two games, they can be bound to the up, left, and right directions of the D-Pad to be used immediately without having to use them through the menus.

Note: All consumable items in Bayonetta 3 have a purchase limit of 99.

Green Herb Lollipop & Mega Green Herb Lollipop[]

Green Herb Lollipop Big
Mega Green Herb Lollipop Big

An herb-shaped candy lollipop containing an extract with healing properties. It recovers Bayonetta's health when used, with the Mega version recovering twice as much as the normal.

Gates of Hell Purchase limit: 3 Green Herb Lollipops and 1 Mega Green Herb Lollipop. (Bayonetta 1 & 2 only)

Purple Magic Lollipop & Mega Purple Magic Lollipop[]

Purple Butterfly Lollipop Big
Mega Purple Magic Lollipop Big

A butterfly-shaped candy lollipop that increases one's alertness, it restores magical power when used. The normal lollipop restores four orbs of the magic gauge while the Mega version restores eight.

Gates of Hell Purchase limit: 3 Purple Magic Lollipops and 1 Mega Purple Magic Lollipop. (Bayonetta 1 & 2 only)

Bloody Rose Lollipop & Mega Bloody Rose Lollipop[]

Bloody Rose Lollipop Big
Mega Bloody Rose Lollipop Big

A rose-shaped candy lollipop with energy-increasing ability, it dramatically increases attack power temporarily. The Mega version lasts twice as long as the normal.

Gates of Hell Purchase limit: 3 Bloody Rose Lollipops and 1 Mega Bloody Rose Lollipop. (Bayonetta 1 & 2 only)

Yellow Moon Lollipop & Mega Yellow Moon Lollipop[]

Yellow Moon Lollipop
Mega Yellow Moon Lollipop

A moon-shaped candy lollipop capable of producing a magical barrier, it temporarily makes Bayonetta invincible. The Mega version lasts twice as long as the normal.

Gates of Hell Purchase limit 3 Yellow Moon Lollipops and 1 Mega Yellow Moon Lollipop. (Bayonetta 1 & 2 only)

Free Lollipop Effect[]

In the original game during cutscenes where Bayonetta will have a lollipop, pressing down the button corresponding with the lollipop's color the moment she removes it from her mouth will grant the effect of one of the lollipops immediately after the cutscene ends. This only gives the effect of the lollipop, is not obtained in the player's inventory, and only works on scenes that cut directly to a fight afterward. This bonus lollipop effect doesn't count as a used item and will not affect your final score on a mission.

Other Consumables[]

11 RedHotShot

Red Hot Shot[]

A wondrous demonic medicine that can save a witch from the depths of mortality, it is automatically used when Bayonetta's vitality is depleted and acts as a second chance.

Gates of Hell Purchase limit: 1. (Bayonetta 1 & 2 only)


Broken Witch Heart[]

A magical stone made of rose heart-shaped crystals. Collecting four Broken Witch Hearts forms a completed Witch Heart which will permanently increase Bayonetta's vitality.

There are forty Broken Witch Hearts to find throughout the first two games, whereas Bayonetta 3 has thirty two.

Witch Heart

Witch Heart[]

A witch's vitality in crystallized form, which will permanently increase Bayonetta's vitality.

In addition to collecting all the Broken Witch hearts through the actual game worlds, extra completed Witch Hearts can be bought at the Gates of Hell. Each purchase causes a price increase until Rodin is out of stock.

In Bayonetta 3, Witch Hearts must be found/bought and given to Bayonetta and Viola separately to max out their vitality.

Blue Witch Heart

Blue Witch Heart[]

A mysterious blue stone in the shape of a heart, it extends the life bar by three Witch Hearts' worth, even when all normal Witch Hearts have been obtained.

The Blue Witch Heart can only be bought from the Angel Attack! mini-game for 40 points. It lasts for a single chapter.

  • Exclusive to Bayonetta


Broken Moon Pearl[]

A magical pearl fragment, when two are obtained they are combined into a completed Moon Pearl which permanently increases Bayonetta's magic gauge by one orb.

There are sixteen Broken Moon Pearls to find in the first two games for eight extensions to the magic gauge. In Bayonetta 3, there are twenty four Broken Moon Pearls to collect.

Moon Pearl

Moon Pearl[]

Contains the source of a Witch's magical power, the power of the Moon. One Moon Pearl will permanently increase Bayonetta's magic gauge. In addition to finding all Broken Moon Pearls, eight complete Pearls can be bought at the Gates of Hell.

In Bayonetta 3, Moon Pearls must be found/bought and given to Bayonetta and Viola separately to max out their magic gauge.

Golden Moon Pearl

Gold Moon Pearl[]

A strange golden pearl that automatically recharges two orbs of the magic gauge when it is empty. When combined with Eternal Testimony accessory, their effect will stack and recharge up to four orbs whenever it empties.

The Gold Moon Pearl can only be bought from the Angel Attack! mini-game for 40 points. It lasts for a single chapter.

  • Exclusive to Bayonetta

Magic Flute

Magic Flute[]

A Magical Flute said to have been played by the mythical Sirens. Releases a wave of high-frequency spiritual energy that causes heavy damage to any nearby angels.

  • Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2 only

Midas's Testament

Midas' Testament[]

It is said that whoever rings this bell will be blessed with unexpected wealth. Using this item will temporarily cause all angels and demons to glow while the bell is active and attacking enemies under the effect of this item will cause them to bleed out more halos/orbs than normal.

Gates of Hell Purchase limit: 1

  • Bayonetta 2 & Bayonetta 3 only

Dropped Items[]

Dropped Items are collectibles that are left behind from angels or objects that are immediately picked up when near them. Some of them are collectible, while others have an immediate effect.

Green Laurel

Green Laurel[]

Green gems in the shape of laurel leaves that contain vital essence in crystallized form. The Laurel Leaf instantly restores half a bar's worth of vitality when picked up while a Green Laurel restores a full bar. If the health bar is full the Laurel Leaf is turned into 50 halos, while the Green Laurel is turned into 100 halos.

Purple Butterfly

Purple Butterfly[]

Butterfly-shaped gems that contain magical power in crystallized form, the Purple Butterfly instantly restores four magic gauge orbs, while the Swallow Tail Butterfly restores eight. If the magic bar is full, the Purple Butterfly is turned into 50 halos while the Swallowtail Butterfly is turned into 100 halos.


Arcade Bullet[]

A single gold bullet. Each one collected gives Bayonetta three more shots during the Angel Attack! mini-game in the first game. When replaying a Chapter, Arcade Bullets will replace any already-collected Broken Witch Hearts, Moon Pearls, and Umbran Tears of Blood.

  • Exclusive to Bayonetta

Record (Bayonetta 3)


Silver records found scattered throughout the chapters. Collecting them unlocks music tracks to listen to in the Gallery.

  • Exclusive to Bayonetta 3

Baked Gecko

Baked Gecko[]

Crystallized compound that can be used to concoct various items with various effects. Baked Geckos control Defense.

Mandragora Root

Mandragora Root[]

Crystallized compound that can be used to concoct various items with various effects. Mandragora Roots control Vitality.

Unicorn Horn

Unicorn Horn[]

Crystallized compound that can be used to concoct various items with various effects. Unicorn Horns control Offense.

Concocting Compounds[]

By using the three different crystallized compounds, Bayonetta can create some of the items listed on this page for free beyond the limits of purchase at the Gates of Hell. Below is a table listing the recipes for each item. Note that each figure in the right-hand column represents five individual items.


Mandragora RootMandragora Root


Mandragora RootMandragora RootMandragora Root


Unicorn HornUnicorn Horn


Unicorn HornUnicorn HornUnicorn Horn


Baked GeckoBaked Gecko


Baked GeckoBaked GeckoBaked Gecko


Mandragora RootUnicorn Horn


Mandragora RootMandragora RootUnicorn Horn

Magic Flute

Mandragora RootMandragora RootBaked GeckoBaked GeckoUnicorn HornUnicorn Horn



Bayonetta 2[]