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The Mega Aerial Raid Unit "Iridescent", also known as the Mega Aerial Raid Unit, is a type of Homunculus boss introduced in Bayonetta 3.

Anatomia Complex[]

A massive, shark-like Homunculus type that flies as if swimming.

Although it looks almost elegant as it twists its body in the air, it scatters clouds of erasure from above as it goes, spreading destruction over a wide area.

The cloud that covers its head can also create dimensional pockets in the spaces between the atoms of matter it touches, allowing Iridescent to phase through even the most durable substances like air.


Iridescent is titanic in size, easily trumping Gomorrah's stature. Its body resembles a large shark, and its outer structure is made of the white and gold plating that all Homunculi have in common, while the inner structure is made out of a mass of fused Strati like other large Homunculi. Iridescent's body is surrounded by a form of energy field expanding beyond its head.

Due to its size and ability to carry Homunculi forces like a warship, it can be considered the equivalent of Worship and Insidious.


The Iridescent is first encountered in New York, where its mere presence creates a massive tsunami. It is later seen in Shibuya, Tokyo, attacking Bayonetta on the train, wreaking havoc and phasing through buildings to erase or warp them in impossible ways to obstruct Bayonetta's pursuit of it.

After the chase, Bayonetta, riding atop Gomorrah, directs the Demon to attack Iridescent, who then effortlessly bites Gomorrah in half. It is later pursued by Bayonetta β1, who ultimately breaks through its body to confront the Iridescent Core.


Iridescent's weak spot is immobile, but can raise spikes from below the ground and call one of two other types of Homunculi to support it and attack Bayonetta. The first of these appears to be a miniature version of the Iridescent itself and swims near the weak spot, trying to charge at Bayonetta with its sharp fins or rush at her before exploding. The second, later introduced properly as the Uncinus, fires lasers at her and uses a lashing attack if she gets too close. The weak spot cannot be harmed as long as there are Unicini present, making them a priority target.

After the weak point's health is fully depleted, a short platforming segment will begin. The battle with the Iridescent Core will commence immediately afterwards without any opportunities to recover, so the player should try to conserve health during the fight with Iridescent if possible.

Recommended Weapons[]

As it is fought solely by Bayonetta β1, the only weapon available to fight Iridescent is the Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo and Phantasmaraneae (the only Demon available to Bayonetta β1) cannot be summoned. That being said, it is an effective weapon for the fight since it has reasonably long range and potent aerial combos that can keep Bayonetta relatively safe while she attacks.


  • The name Iridescent refers to cloud iridescence, an optical phenomenon giving clouds in general proximity to the Sun vivid colors.

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