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A mysterious figure who appears suddenly before Cereza, introducing herself simply as one who knows about "the goings-on in the forest". She does seem well versed in the ways of Avalon, and to provide Cereza what guidance she can.

She seems to have something of a personal vendetta against the faeries, which is likely linked at least partially to her reasons for wanting to help Cereza.

Her true identity is one of the oldest wisps in Avalon. She has undoubtedly been through much to survived through the treacherous times of Avalon, which has given her a more weathered appearance compared to the other wisps.

She knows of less trodden paths even the faeries have not discovered, and just about every shortcut the forest has to offer. She will gladly impart this wisdom to any travellers who might find it useful.

As a wisp, her frail form does not have the strength to contend with the faeries, but she will always lend a helping hand to those lost in the forest, and shows an especially keen interest in any young witches she may come across.

She is always calm and focused, never letting the faeries intimidate her or get the best of her. Because of this many of the wisps think she must have considerable power in her previous life.

Long ago, a small band of thieves on a quest for power invaded Avalon, searching for the faerie kingdom hidden treasures. A young witch of promising potential was sent to the forest to circumvent them, but legend says that ultimately neither her nor the thieves ever made it back out of the forest.

Since that day, a powerful barrier was cast around the forest, allowing only those pure of heart to enter. The event served as a catalyst that would have many clamour for better relations between faeries and humans, which is likely to have enabled the first human queen in faerie kingdom history.

There are rumors the witch from that time is still alive somewhere in the forest, yet what connection this may have with Ignis, if any, is unproven.




Ignis is a white wisp with a large brown cap with clovers on it. She also carries a large red staff with a pale yellow bangle coming off the end.


Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon[]




  • Ignis once was an Umbra Witch that became a Wisp in Avalon, and is also the narrator of the story; the clover crown around her hat matches with the round glasses of the narrator, as shown during the title screen. Her voice actress, Jenny Lee/Ikuko Tani, is credited for "Narrator/Ignis", indicating that she is meant to be the same person.