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The Barrier Generation Unit "Humilis" is a static Homunculus unit whose sole purpose is to create barriers to hinder Bayonetta's progress.

Anatomia Complex[]

A Homunculus type created to generate barriers that impede enemies and defend other Homunculi.

Unable to move, it is usually deployed in groups that cooperate to form a barrier around a specific area.

These powerful barriers keep out both physical and spiritual matter, and are vital in blocking enemy progress and defending important bases.

Linked Humilis types also share vitality, and if only one of a group is defeated, it will soon be revived. As a result, a group of Humilis types can only be defeated if they are all destroyed at the same time.


The Humilis, visually, serves as a basis for the general appearance of the Genitus and Spissatus, being a roughly cylindrical Homunculus with fused Strati being visible in its center. The only difference is its slightly pointed top.


Humiles appear in groups of five, generating barriers that block paths Bayonetta needs to pass through. While they have no attacks and are dependent on other nearby Homunculi for protection, every Humilis in a group must be killed at the same time to destroy the barrier; otherwise, the slain Humiles will be resurrected and any Humiles that are injured will regain all their health.

Recommended Weapons[]

Using Wartrain Gouon or Baal's Song Of Baal are the only ways for Bayonetta to ensure that a Humilis group is slain simultaneously.


  • "Humilis" translates to "low, slight, shallow" in Latin, and is the name of a small type of clouds with little vertical extent.

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