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Higher And Higher is an achievement/trophy in the first Bayonetta game that is unlocked by grabbing 10 enemies with Kulshedra without touching the ground.


"While never setting foot on the ground, grab enemies 10 times using Kulshedra"


For this, you just have to stay in the air using 10 enemies. You'll want to find Dear & Decorations for this or you can use the 5th or 10th Alfheim, the goal for that one is to just stay in the air for 20 seconds. The trick is to use Kulshedra's ability to grab an enemy; when you grab, and enemy you will be pulled towards them jump/double jump, and just keep grabbing more angels.

Just keep grabbing the angels in the Alfheim. As you do the level you will likely unlock this achievement without trying.

Here is a video link.


  • The Xbox 360 achievement adds 20 points to the player's Gamerscore.
  • The PlayStation 3 trophy gives the player a 'Bronze' trophy.