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The Hierarchy of Laguna are the Angels that Bayonetta encounters during Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 games. They are the soldiers of Paradiso that Bayonetta hunts down. The Angels are collectively referred to as "Laguna" and worshiped by the people of Vigrid.


The Angels' Ranks are as follows: (from lowest to highest)

*Non-Angel enemies that are still counted in The Hierarchy of Laguna

All Angels share certain characteristics: marble-like skin covering twisted musculature, gold-and-ivory armor (occasionally tinted), and a large golden halo above their heads or bodies. The higher-ranking Angels can be identified by their more elaborate armor and halos.

List of Angels

The known Angels of The Hierarchy and their proper Rank.

The Angels
Third Sphere Angels Affinity, Dear and Decorations, Enchant, Cachet & Compassion, Acceptance
Archangels Applaud, Accolade, Enrapture, Fidelity
Principalities Ardor, Allegiance, Irenic
Second Sphere Powers Beloved, Kinship, Belief, Worship
Virtues Fairness, Grace and Glory, Urbane
Dominions Fearless, Harmony, Gravitas
First Sphere Thrones Inspired, Resplendence
Cherubim Braves, Valiance, Valor
Seraphim Gracious and Glorious, Joy, Glamor
Auditio Fortitudo, Temperantia, Iustitia, Sapientia
The Infinite One Father Rodin
Occult Device Golem
Umbra Witch Jeanne
Lumen Sage Father Balder, Masked Lumen


  • In terms of appearance, The Hierarchy of Laguna draws from Judeo-Christian concepts of angels as divine, but monstrous beings. Some designs, like the Inspired and Enchants, draw directly from actual descriptions (in the former's case, of the Seraphim, often described as draconic or serpent-like, and the latter from the Ophanim, spinning fiery wheels).
  • When consulting the Hierarchy of Laguna in the menu, each angel file includes a unique freeze frame along with, in front of that rank's halo symbol, the title of the angel and above and below that "___ (First, Second, Third) Sphere ___ (Individual Rank)". The Affinity angels, though simply ranked "Angels", are registered as "Third Sphere Archangels" even though that rank belongs to Applaud only. This is presumably an error.
  • Harmony and Irenic are the only angels above rank 9 that appear without a health bar on the bottom right of the screen. This is probably because Irenic appear only in the motorcycle scene of stage 8, where nothing has a health bar; Harmony also appear in large groups to the point where that many health bars would be confusing. Also, Harmony have relatively low health and are not mini-bosses in the game's coding.
  • Kinship are the only angels that leave behind their remains after death.
  • In true Christian religion, groups of angels are not called "Spheres", but "Choirs".
  • When angels are killed, they drop halos that bear a striking resemblance to the rings in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Every angel in the game appears in Chapter XIV: A Tower to Truth (including the enemies 'Courage,' 'Temperance,' 'Justice' and 'Prudence' who serve as weaker versions of the Auditio). The only exception to this is Irenic, as it would have been rather difficult to get a car into the building. As such, Irenic is never fought on foot.
  • The concept of using angels as the villains was previously seen in the classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. The main difference is that the angels from Evangelion are giant, grotesque looking aliens, while those in Bayonetta look more angelic and are much smaller, but still vary in size and appearance. Both series also use "Fly Me to the Moon" as their theme music as well.
  • It's possible if the writer of the "Vigrid Chronicles" in The Hierarchy, Avellaneda might of had a relationship with Bayonetta, as this person able to know about the figures in Vigrid Chronicles very detail.
  • There are a few angels that possess halos that differ from their ranking listed from the Hierarchy of Laguna, with these angels being Irenic (listed as Third Sphere Principalities, but possesses halos from the First Sphere), Iustitia (still possesses an Auditio halo, but has Second Sphere halos on his smaller heads), and Gracious and Glorious (listed as First Sphere Seraphim, but their halos are those of the Second Sphere).