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Heel Tornado is a Technique in the second game, Bayonetta 2. It is a lengthy, multi-hitting attack that shoots enemies repeatedly before launching them away with a spinning kick and is purchasable from the Gates Of Hell.


While holding down the Dodge and Kick buttons at the same time, Bayonetta spins around on the ground, firing shots from her hand-and-foot mounted Love is Blue guns, regardless of what the player has equipped. At the end of the move, she finishes with a spinning kick that knocks all nearby enemies up and away from her. Bayonetta can still move around while performing this move, though jumping or dodging will cancel it.

While performed similarly to Witch Twist, this move is more in common with Break Dance, to which it is almost identical. The main difference is the kick at the end, which leaves Bayonetta much less vulnerable than Break Dance’s pose. The grounded portion lasts much longer than the Witch Twist.