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Heel Stomp

Heel Stomp is Tetsuzanko's sister Technique that Bayonetta can use with any weapons equipped on her feet in both the original game and the sequel so far. Like Tetsuzanko, it can be purchased at the Gates of Hell.


By rapidly pushing the control stick in opposite directions followed by the kick button, Bayonetta stomps her heel on the ground. When there is enough magic orbs in her gauge, using Heel Stomp causes an instant downward Wicked Weave of Madama Butterfly's heel to[1] appear. The Wicked Weave will down an enemy, leaving them open to further attacks, and can also be used from a further distance if the enemy is target-locked onto.

Heel Stomp returns in Bayonetta 2 with some slight variations. It functions in the same way as in the original Bayonetta with almost all weapons except for Salamandra, Alruna and the Chain Chomp, in which case she will slam the weapon down in front of her instead of summoning a Wicked Weave. If Heel Stomp is used during Umbran Climax, it will summon a few of Hydra's snakeheads to drop down on enemies. The exception to this is with the previously mentioned weapons, which will instead summon their own unique Wicked Weaves.

Other Appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. 4[]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U, Heel Stomp acts as one of the variations for Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves which serve as her smash attack. Heel Stomp's size and power make it extremely effectively near the edge of stages, able to spike multiple enemies downwards.


  • Like with Tetsuzanko in the original Bayonetta, using Heel Stomp with enough magic summons a Wicked Weave, without Bayonetta's outfit disappearing as it usually does with other Wicked Weave attacks. But when using Heel Stomp against an enemy, her outfit disappears. In Bayonetta 2, using Heel Stomp, regardless of usage, makes her outfit disappear.