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Now this is cheeky, throwing me these cheap toys! Bayonetta, Prologue - The Vestibule

The Handguns are a set of firearms that are featured across all three games in the Bayonetta series. They function nearly identically to Bayonetta's signature set of guns in each instalment, but lack a lot of the firepower and magic usage.

In each game, the Handguns are used during the tutorial sections to introduce players to the primary mechanics of attacking enemies. They can later be unlocked on repeat playthroughs as a set of challenge weapons due to their limitations.

In-Game Description[]


Automatic handguns produced by Rodin. Unable to withstand the intensity of magic-imbued bullets or melee attacks, those capable of such feats must be careful in holding back their full power.

Bayonetta 2[]

"Automatic pistols from Rodin to serve as some means of protection in the human world. Designed to be used by normal humans, these weapons are unable to withstand concentrated amounts of magic when firing, so witch energy must be controlled carefully."

Bayonetta 3[]

"Typical handguns that, depending on the country, just about anyone can possess. Designed to be used by normal humans, these weapons are unable to withstand Bullet Arts, so Umbra Witches must carefully control their magic energy."

How To Obtain[]


The Handguns are the default weapon used during the Prologue on a first playthrough before being replaced with Scarborough Fair or All 4 One in subsequent Chapters. Completing the game on Normal difficulty will unlock these 'toys' for future runs.

Bayonetta 2[]

Similar to the first game, the Handguns are the mandatory weapon used in the Prologue before being replaced with Love Is Blue, All 4 One, or Unforgiven midway through the first Verse. For later play, complete the game on any difficulty.

Bayonetta 3[]

The Handguns are once again a mandatory weapon for Bayonetta before she is given Colour My World from Rodin midway through the first Verse. Completing the game on any difficulty will unlock them for either Bayonetta or Jeanne in both the normal and Phenomenal Remnant Chapters.

Unique Traits[]

The Handguns share their movesets with the corresponding signature guns of each game (Scarborough Fair, Love Is Blue, Colour My World), though are weaker in the amount of damage they deal on each hit. Their Bullet Climaxes and Charge Modifiers function the same as the signature counterparts, albeit with less damage-dealing potential.

The most obvious difference between the Handguns and the other firearms is their inability to conjure Wicked Weaves or the Demon Masquerade as part of their combo finishers. This is further amplified in Bayonetta 3 as the combo finishers from Colour My World cannot be performed whatsoever when the Handguns are equipped.

However, the low amount of damage and ability to rack up a lot of hits with their Charge Modifiers make the Handguns useful in gaining magic from attacking enemies without killing them outright.



  • The design of the Handguns are modelled after the M1911 pistol and are engraved with the logo of the Gates of Hell. The two Handguns attached to Bayonetta's feet also have a metal brace to allow them to slide into her heels.
  • During his commentary playthrough of Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya states that the Handguns were referred to by the development team as "crapguns" due to their low power. The intention behind having them be the mandatory opening weapons was to create a sense of empowerment when receiving Scarborough Fair afterwards, as well as not introduce the Wicked Weave mechanic to players too early.
  • The colour scheme of two of the Handguns are identical to Ebony and Ivory, the iconic guns of Dante from the Devil May Cry series.