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These are a list of known glitches found in the first Bayonetta game. It is not known if all of these glitches work on all versions of the game, and further testing will be required to retrieve this information.

Durga/Kilgore Glitch[]

  • One of the most well-known glitches in the game. Performed by equipping Scarborough Fair, Bazillions, Durga, Shuraba or Onyx Roses to Bayonetta's hands and Durga on her feet and equipping Lt. Col. Kilgore on her feet in the opposite set, then executing the basic PunchPunchPunchPunchKick combo with the Durga set, switching to the opposite set with Lt. Col. Kilgore as soon as the kicking animation on the Durga begins will cause Bayonetta to fire twelve rockets consecutively from her feet, shooting two into the ground, five into the sky, and five straight ahead at her target. Alternatively, this can also be done using the same setup but with the PunchPunchPunchPauseKick combo with the same wapon setup.

Sai Fung/Any Other Weapon Glitch[]

This glitch is just like the Durga/Kilgore Glitch. But this time, using the Sai Fung. Wait Until the fifth attack animation. Then, switch weapon sets a second before the fifth attack animation begins. Also, this will work with switching to any other weapon, for example, switching to Lt. Col. Kilgore while doing it or switching to Shuraba while doing it.

Umbran Portal Camera Glitch[]

In Chapter V and X, during the sections where you drop a large distance, using the Umbran Portal Kick while falling through the hole to begin the verse will result in the camera becomming completely messed up. It does not return to normal until Bayonetta stops falling.

Infinite Flute Glitch[]

By setting the Magic Flute item to the rightmost item slot and activating it from the items menu, the item will be used without using it up. This can be especially helpful for speedruns, as the flute deals a massive amount of damage.

Weapon Glide[]

By jumping & dodging while grabbing an angelic weapon, Bayonetta will fly through the air if done with the correct timing. This can be used to evade enemy attacks while still picking up an angelic weapon, which takes time to do.

Between The Statues[]

In Chapter I: The Angel's Metropolis, it is possible to get stuch between one of the crystal statues and the angelic barrier in verse 2. By interacting with the statues while sliding forward with Odette equipped, it is possible to slide behind the statue while the text is on-screen, before the angelic barrier appears.

Motorbike Skip[]

Another glitch using a Magic Flute. In Chapter 8: Route 666, immedietly when Verse 3 starts, go into the menu and use a Magic Flute. Then, when exititing the menu, immediatly enter Panther form. If done correctly, Bayonetta will not be forced to move forward on the motorbike and can instead go backwards. This can be used to skip all of Verse 3 and the vast majority of Verse 4, making it exceptionally good for speedruns.

The Broken Hook[]

In Chapter XII: The Broken Sky, a couple of hooks appear in the large area where Verse 2 is fought. These are unique objects in the game that both act as a platform and move with Bayonetta's attacks, which can lead to some extremely weird movement. Hitting these with a Tetzukano Wicked Weave might result in Bayonetta being launced far away, possibly even out of bounds (using an Umbran Portal kick in the same manner will cause the portal itself to move and drop Bayonetta off in a different, far-away spot).

Tower To Truth Out-Of-Bounds[]

In Chapter XV: A Tower To Truth, it is possible to get out of bounds in the area where Justice is fought. By gaining height and flying into the corner above where the elevator quick-time event occurrs, it is possible to enter an odd placement and run along the edge. Going further, by beating Justice while on the very edge of the arena (as close to the angelic barrier as possible), the player may be placed out of bounds.

Balder's Satelite Glitch[]

During the fight against Father Balder, a few steps can be taken to break the rest of the fight. By locking onto Balder and holding down punch with Kulshedra during his Satelite attack, the game enters a glitched state where the laser never fires and Balder stays completely still. Jumping to the other platform still does not make the laser spawn, however it can reactivate Balder, who will attack like everything is normal. However, the platforms will all become completely glitched for the remainder of the fight.