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The Humanoid Module Generation Unit "Genitus" is a static Homunculus unit whose sole purpose is to create other units.

Anatomia Complex[]

A Homunculus type created to produce other Homunculi.

It has no method of attack, and merely takes root like a plant using materials and energy it absorbs to continuously produce Stratus type Homunculi.


The Genitus has a cylindrical body with fused Strati in its center (much like the Spissatus and Humilis), and is distinguished from them by the branchlike growths on its top that make it resemble a tree. The cyan globules on its "branches" grow into Strati and drop off when they are ready to fight.


Genita cannot move or attack on their own, but as long as they remain alive they will continually produce Strati.

Recommended Weapons[]

As a Genitus is defenseless on its own, any weapon can be used against it so long as the player does not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by Stratus reinforcements.


  • "Genitus" means "create, beget, produce, give birth", fittingly for its function as a unit that "births" Stratus units. It's the name given to "clouds which form or grow as a consequence of certain, often localized, generating factors. These may be either natural, or the result of human activity." [1]

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