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Gean Cánach, Fledgling Mage, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


A quadruped faerie wizard with a pointy hat. While still being a lesser faerie, they have acquired a few useful spells, including teleportation and duplication. Their offensive arsenal may not be as powerful as that of higher ranking faeries, but it generally serves its purposes. Their trademark in combat is to trap their enemy and make them suffer slowly. To their opponent's advantage, they're not especially quick spellcasters.

They are quite studious and learn most faerie magic fundamentals under biped wizard faeries known as "Sparcanagh". But they are always seeking out additional knowledge, sometimes going as far as to dig through the forgotten belongings of humans who disappeared here. Their triangle hat is said to be them mimicking human culture in a show of respect for the great wizards of legend.

On a strange side note, they cast their spells in a low, soft voice that has been likened to whispering sweet nothings to an admirer.


  • A gean cánach (Irish for "love talker") is a male fairy from Northern Irish mythology that wanders the countryside to seduce women.