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Ghost (Stylized as GH()ST) is the battle theme for Viola, featured in Bayonetta 3. The vocals are performed by Mikaila Delgado.

Unlike previous battle themes, this theme is more heavy rock-oriented, and features a more punk rock vibe, fitting for Viola's design.


The warning signs are written on the wall, yea,
And my head, I can't wrap around it all,
And the red that's been drippin' down on the edge
For far too long,
It's what we're bleeding for.

I don't wanna be a ghost and
Don't wanna be a little secret,
My heart's sinking on the other side,
Trapped between the walls
That you'll never find.

You'll ever you'll ever find,
You'll ever you'll ever find,
You'll never find.

My heart is buried in sinking sand,
My fate, my time slips right through my hands,
From the top of my lungs, I'm screamin'
Speaking in tongues
Why can't you hear me
(Why can't you hear me?)

I don't wanna be your ghost
And don't wanna be your little secret
All the hate grows inside of me
These memories that I can't speak of
I'm the ghost within you
You're my history
Begging to be free
But you don't hear me

I can't repeat this nightmare, this misery
In a loop, it’s tearing apart at the seams
In a loop, let's rewrite our history
And time won't stop
For now the fates got me.

I don't wanna be a ghost
And can't have any unfinished business
The world's weight is on my shoulders
Set it free, the fire in me, that's trapped inside

The fire that's trapped inside,
The fire that's trapped inside
That's trapped inside

My eyes are blinded, a clouded mind,
And the storm inside me is ragin' wild,
From the top of my tower, I'm waitin',
Still is the air
Why can't I save me?
(Why can't I save me?)


  1. Eyes of Bayonetta 3