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G-PillarG-Pillar is a dual club and high-caliber rifle weapon in Bayonetta 3. It is bound to the Infernal Demon Gomorrah and is mentioned to be made out of the Demon's biological tissue.

As with other weapons in Bayonetta 3, G-Pillar is treated as an entire weapon set rather than being relegated to the hands only.

In-Game Description[]

A large-caliber anti-materiel rifle that incorporates tissue from the Infernal Demon Gomorrah.

While designed as a weapon to destroy targets by firing powerful armor-piercing rounds, its shape, durability, and mass also make it suitable for use as a particularly damaging club when swung without restraint.

The dark flame emitted when the club makes impact increases the damage dealt, and this flame can also be directly discharged at an enemy for even greater effect.

When this weapon is used in tandem with Demon Masquerade, the user channels Gomorrah's power and brutal physicality, attacking and moving in an almost bestial manner.


G-Pillar is a gigantic, anti-materiel rifle and club hybrid. It is made from a purple and metallic material.

In club form, the gun's barrel becomes the club's handle with the muzzle on the pommel, the mace head is comprised of a moving mouth full of teeth, and a tongue, a mouth that can spew out dark purple flames for more damage, there are four red glowing eyes on the sides of the mace head and two red horns that closely resemble Gomorrah's. In rifle form, the gun's barrel and muzzle comes out from the beast's mouth and the gun's tripod legs resemble Gomorrah's legs with its paws and claws. When equipped, instead of butterflies, Bayonetta's steps and jumps generate purple flames at her feet.

How to Obtain[]

During Bayonetta's excursion into Tokyo against the Homunculi, she summons the Gates of Hell where Rodin notices her use of the Demon Slave ability. Noting that he thinks she can handle the weapon's power, he gives her the G-Pillar before she leaves.

Unique Traits[]


Bayonetta's Demon Masquerade form while using G-Pillar

This will be smashing! Die! ― Bayonetta executing G-Pillar's Masquerade Rage

Massive in size, G-Pillar allows Bayonetta to perform slow but strong medium-range swipes and strikes coated in dark purple energy, along with ground-pounding hits.

Pressing Shoot fires the rifle, which is similarly powerful but has a low rate of fire.

Charge Modifier: Holding down PunchorKick causes Bayonetta/Jeanne to fire a burst of flame from G-Pillar's mouth after the initial strike, dealing additional damage.


Demon MasqueradeDemon Masquerade[]

  • Greed Rush (Left Stick Up+ZR x2)
    • Channel the power of Gomorrah and transform, running wild like an untamed beast.
  • Demon Pulse (Hold Jump)
    • Charge and detonate energy in your palms, using the recoil to move at high speed. Hold Jump for more distance.
  • Rending Surge (Left Stick Up+R x2)
    • Charge forward at high speed, slashing enemies on contact.


  • Intruder Palm (Hold R, Left Stick Up+Punch or Left Stick UpLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Deliver a charging palm thrust. Hold Punch for more power and distance.
  • Prideful Flame (Punch soon after Jump)
    • Use the thrust from a flame blast directed downward to perform a rising drill attack.
  • Dual Denial (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Punch)
    • Build energy in both arms and deliver a fierce double palm slam. Hold Punch for more power and a larger area of effect.
  • Wyrm Snout (Hold R, Left Stick Down+Punch)
    • Swing G-Pillar upward and launch enemies.
  • Ashen Claw (Rotate Left Stick+Punch)
    • Rake enemies with spinning claws of flame, knocking them back.


  • Wyrm Tail (Hold R, Left Stick Down+Kick)
    • Swing G-Pillar to build momentum, ending with a rising swing.
  • Barrel Invader
    • (Kick soon after Jump) Detonate a shell and use the propulsion to deliver a rising kick.
    • (Midair, Left Stick Up+Kick) Detonate a shell and use the propulsion to deliver a dive kick. Hold Kick to keep going after impact.
  • Blast Shredder (Hold R, Left Stick Up+Kick or Left Stick UpLeft Stick Up+Kick)
    • Charge forward and upward, delivering a powerful slash. Hold Kick for more power and distance.
  • Rupture Slash (Left Stick DownLeft Stick Up+Kick)
    • Use explosive energy to jump high and crash down on an enemy while tearing at them with your claws. Hold Kick for more power and a larger area of effect.
  • Tremor Slam (Rotate Left Stick+Kick)
    • Build energy in your right arm and slam it into the ground, creating shockwaves.


  • Gloating Flame (Hold Punch or Kick)
    • Trigger explosive bursts when attacking to deal additional damage.
  • Twin Scorcher (Rotate Left Stick+Shoot)
    • Emit flames from both hands in twin arcs.
  • Dragon Burst (Hold Shoot)
    • Switch to a fixed, more stable firing position. Release Shoot to fire a high-powered shell.

Masquerade RageMasquerade Rage[]

  • Seismic Tyrant Smash (L+R)
    • Rocket into the sky using dark flame propulsion, then crash down with a giant-sized, momentum-assisted, and incredibly powerful palm slam.