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The Heavy Humanoid Combat Unit "Fractus" is a Homunculus in Bayonetta 3 and is an upgraded version of the Floccus unit, equipped with a large flail and an energy shield.

Anatomia Complex[]

A variant of the Floccus Homunculus type fitted with a large blunt weapon as its left arm.

The Fractus type can separate a portion of its left arm and swing it like a flail, giving it both greater power and longer range than the Floccus type.

It also has the ability to deploy an energy shield and cover the weaknesses seen in the Floccus type.


The Fractus is similar in appearance to the Floccus, with differently colored armor and possessing a flail on its arm rather than a blade.


The Fractus' flail gives its attacks a significantly longer reach than those of a Floccus, and its energy shield nullifies most frontal attacks. However, the flail is not especially accurate in close quarters.

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  • "Fractus" (plural "fracti") translates to "broken, shattered", and is the name of a cloud species that consists of ragged cloud fragments.

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