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The Heavy Humanoid Combat Unit "Floccus" is a type of Homunculus encountered in Bayonetta 3. It is the heaviest hitting enemy of the basic variety, usually accompanied by Stratuses. In theory, it can be compared to the Beloved, although the Floccus is much more common and lacks a full health bar.

Anatomia Complex[]

A Homunculus type composed of a large number of Stratus types fused together to create a massive and hugely resilient body.

It dominates opponents with melee combat, and was used soon after creation to lead extermination squads, methodically destroying and murdering.

Although it is slow and is unable to make precise movements, its hefty body allows it to lumber along unfazed by most attacks, and it pushes through while sweeping its sword-like left- arm through its prey.

Because it is not under any direct control from Singularity the fusion between the Stratus types that compose it is weak, and a sufficiently strong impact will cause its body to break apart.

However, it can also use that weak connection to act in unexpected ways, such as liquefying itself to engulf targets.


Floccus is a bulky humanoid Homunculus with the eye-like unit characteristic of larger Homunculi in the center of its head, thick stocky limbs, and a blade mounted on its left arm. The shapes of its constituent Strati can be made out on its abdomen.


While slow, the Floccus is capable of performing powerful attacks with its blade arm that have a deceptively long reach. They can also liquefy themselves to try and ensnare Bayonetta on contact with their bodies; if they succeed, she will be immobilized until she can free herself from their grasp,

Occasionally, a Floccus will protect itself with a green bubble which repels most attacks; left alone, the bubble will burst to produce a potent shockwave. Infernal Demons can break the bubble and interrupt the attack, leaving the Floccus vulnerable.

Recommended Weapons[]

Weapons that deal large amounts of damage at once like the G-Pillar or the Dead End Express, or strong Infernal Demons such as Gomorrah, can deal with Flocci quickly by focusing on their vulnerable stomachs and stunning them so they can be exposed to a Torture Attack. However, any weapon can be reasonably effective against them if Bayonetta can remain close enough to them to avoid being hit.


  • "Floccus" (plural "flocci") is Latin for "a tuft, wisp of wool", and references floccus clouds, a species of clouds that resemble their namesake; small tufts of wool.

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