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Fearless are Dominions of the Second Sphere within the Hierarchy of Laguna.

Hierarchy of Laguna[]

Fearless are classified as Dominions, the fourth rank amongst the hierarchy of angels. Controlling the lightning feared by many as the instrument of divine justice, Fearless make known the majesty of God to the masses.

Almost all of the naturally occurring lightning in the world is a result of the actions of these angels. It is said that divine wrath against gluttons is released in the lightning's flash, as the thunder signals heaven's roar.


Fearless has a large canine body with blue skin adorned in white swirls, a suit of red, white, and gold armor, and matching claws. Its limbs and tail are surrounded by halos. It has a thin tail ending in a triple axe tail head harnessing the power of thunder, a pair of golden wings, and a bird-like head covered in a golden bell-shaped helmet and a sharp beak.


Fearless are swift enemies that have an affinity for lightning-based attacks. While they are not as powerful as their blazing fire cousins, Fairness, Fearless possess a wide variety of attacks: they pounce at their opponents, launch their tails at them, and they can fire a sweeping beam of lightning from their mouths.

Torture Attack[]

For the Fearless' torture attack, Bayonetta will summon a massive spiked wheel, which she will slam down onto the Fearless' back before kicking it, causing it to grind into the Angel for a few seconds before the spikes catch and roll it away, where it will eventually collide with a wall or simply explode.