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Faun, Deadly Watcher, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


A biped faerie wizard that summons spirits known as Barghest to do its bidding in battle. Able to summon large numbers of spirits simultaneously, they are often likened to a shepherd with a herd of sheep on the battlefield.

When fighting, they make a point of staying out of the action, providing assistance through their summons. Their offensive strategies consist of summoning enough Barghest to overwhelm their opponent. And, if ever finding themselves in danger, they can easily recall any of their Barghest to act as a shield.

Different from the relationship between Infernal Demons and the Umbra, which is based on a pact, the Faun manipulate their summons through mind control. This means those particularly gifted in mind manipulation learn to control much more than just Barghest. Legend even has it that a small town almost disappeared overnight after a Faun assumed control of the town's youth.


  • A faun is a nature spirit from Roman mythology and the equivalent to the satyr of Greek mythology. Possessing the upper halves of men with the lower halves of goats, fauns were portrayed as peaceful, merry, and hedonistic creatures that were symbols of peace and fertility. It was believed fauns inspired fear in men traveling in lonely, remote or wild places.

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