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Fallen Angels are former angels of the Laguna whose nature have changed and turned them into Infernal Demons. These angels turned demons serve as enemies in the second game, Bayonetta 2.


Pride, also known as the Enveloper of Flame, is a large, red-colored mechanical demon enemy with two burning gears doubling as arms.

In his demonic form, Rodin changes drastically from his human form, with a thick moustache and eyebrows, and a black and red skin, his hand and feet turn into sharp red claws, with three claws on the front of each foot, and an extra claw at each heel, and his coat has only the collar closed and lifted, he has a single red horn on top of his head, and his tattoos seem to be red in this form, he also has a scaled skin with a pair of red feathered wings, and a tail.

List of Fallen Angels[]

  • Rodin - A former higher-ranking angel seemingly of a Dea ranking charged with creation until an insurgency caused him to fall from grace. He currently is the owner of his own business called the 'Gates of Hell'.
  • Pride - A former angel who once served God as a blazing chariot.


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