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This page is a list of enemies in Bayonetta the player can encounter across the games. During her adventures, Bayonetta comes face to face with foes of differing origins. So far, each game has offered new or returning enemy classes for the titular witch to eliminate.


Angels of Paradiso[]

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Bayonetta's quest for her lost memories in the first game is perpetually disrupted by the Hierarchy of Laguna, or Angels. Additionally, any Umbra Witch is required to sacrifice heaven's emissaries daily to upkeep their part of their demonic pacts. The Angels come in three spheres that determine their levels of difficulty:

  • Third Sphere - basic enemies, such as Affinity, they spawn in large numbers.
  • Second Sphere - Stronger than Third Sphere, they serve as mini-bosses and are usually supported by Third Sphere angels.
  • First Sphere - The most powerful of the three Spheres of influence, they serve as mini-bosses late into the first game.

Infernal Demons[]

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In addition to Angels being a nuisance, Bayonetta 2 introduces Infernal Demons as common opponents as Bayonetta ventures into the depths of Inferno to save Jeanne. Both sides of the coin are in disarray due to an imbalance in the Trinity of Realities, making Infernal Demons go rogue. While traveling through Inferno, weaker demons such as Hideous and Fury can be fought as basic enemies. Further into the game, stronger demons such as Sloth will appear as mini-bosses.


Anatomia Complex
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As Bayonetta 3's new threat is located entirely in the Multiverse, beyond Paradiso or Inferno, the most commonly faced enemies are Homunculi, man-made bioweapons. And although Angels and Demons are still present, they are much rarer.


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A mysterious race of nature spirits from Bayonetta's past, the Faeries are the primary enemies in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, where they attempt to impede Cereza and Cheshire in their quest to save Cereza's mother.