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Enchants are angels of Third Sphere within the Hierarchy of Laguna.

Hierarchy of Laguna[]

An Angel shaped like a cartwheel. The impetus behind this fateful form was the Creator's desire to craft an Angel designed to compel humanity to continue its struggle and feel no satisfaction at surpassing others.

Enchants protect the field of God from human encroachment and are further responsible for passing communication to Paradiso and correcting the trespasses of humanity.


Enchants take on the appearance of bladed wheels held together by six limbs, and a feminine marble face in the center encircled by a disk of gold and red gemstones.


Enchants are fast and use fire as their main element. They are capable of splitting themselves in half and rushing Bayonetta to electrocute her, or merely ramming her to set her ablaze. Both attacks do minor damage, but the electrocution attack does a bit more.

Enchants can also be found attached to the walls and floor. In this state, they do not move but can fire extremely fast spheres of lightning at Bayonetta. Dodging these allows for Witch Time, but since they are so fast, it's not advisable to use them for this purpose. Approaching an Enchant that is in the wall or floor will prompt them to remove themselves and act as a normal Enchant would.

If one is weakened and stunned, Bayonetta can grab one and spin it around, which causes heavy damage to anything it hits. After a predetermined time frame, Bayonetta will throw away the angel, killing it.


  • Though the game classifies them as of the order of Angels, the Enchant actually closely resembles the Thrones, or Ophanim - the third rank of Angels that appeared as flaming wheels that pulled (or sometimes comprised) the chariot of God.