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The Journals Echoes

The Echoes of Memory are a series of collectible documents that are found throughout the various chapters of Bayonetta 3. Unlike the pure lore explanations like in Antonio's notebook from the first game and Luka's journal from the second, the Echoes of Memory are records of glimpses into the memories of multiple individuals from throughout the Multiverse. Many of the Echoes feature the numerous Variants found throughout the Multiverse.

Each entry in the Echoes begins with a narration of Bayonetta or Viola touching the specific memories and experiencing the memories as they do so.


The Isle Between (1)[]

As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

You can see several small boats floating around an outcrop of rock protruding from the ocean. A lone man standing at the head of the lead craft raises his voice, speaking to the rest with great excitement.

"Even with the power of the all-seeing Eyes, all we could gleam was bit of the knowledge of this location. But now, we have finally done it! We have gathered these many years and pieced them together, leading us to this very place, and I can tell you with hesitation that what we seek lies in the skies far above where I now stand! Now, my friends, let us begin! With our own hands, let us build the summit that will reach those very skies, so that we may achieve our long-awaited goal!

The crowd react to the man's speech, raising their fists and a spirited cheer.

Just as the ardor of those reacting to the man's exhortation begins to reach you, the images fade from your mind.

The Isle Between (2)[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

In the midst of a vast ocean, an enormous structure towers over the surrounding area, somewhat out of the place with the rest of the scenery. At the top, a lone woman looks out over the water, a bottle in one hand as she relaxes.

"This place was just a bit of rock sticking out of the water when we first came here with the Lumen but just look at this fantastic view now! I never thought they'd have me do anything this monumental, not even in order to find that singularity up in the sky. After all, you'd think jumping on an Infernal Demon and riding off would get there much faster, but apparently that's not good enough. They say a proper balance of light and shadow is important in order to harness the singularity. Who am I to tell them any different? At any rate, we were able to finish the first level in just one year. In another four years, the whole thing will be done. On second thought, I'll make sure it's done in two! Just you watch, you stiff-necked sages!"

As the woman begins to laugh heartily, she tosses the bottle into the ocean.

Just as you feel a sense of satisfaction at the promise of a new challenge, the images fade from your mind."

The Isle Between (3)[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A gigantic, manmade island rises high into the sky from the ocean's surface, and in one corner of the island, a man stands before some sort of device, his eyes narrowed.

"It's been two years and eight months since I came to this place with the others, but today our island of Thule has finally fulfilled its purpose. At last, we've gained control of the singularity. The fluctuations created by the rotation of five years interacts with a dimensional distortion, opening the entrance the Ginnungagap, the abyss between worlds. What's more, by adjusting the fluctuations, we've gained the ability to choose a destination world, a feat that's never been done before. The device that we developed in concert with the Umbra is perfect.

As long as we walk together, we have nothing to fear. There were many hardships, and many sacrifices, but we will continue to walk along, unravelling the mysteries of the World of Chaos and seeing that their sacrifices were not in vain. A glorious future is within our grasp!"

As you begin to fill with feelings of achievement and hope, the images fade from your mind."

Key to Success[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A man holding his head in consternation, with four weapons laid out before him. The man takes one of the oddly shaped weapons in hand, and begins to moan.

"Oh, damn, I've done it again. What I can do with this sword? I just forged it into the shape that came into my mind, but I don't think this will make a very good weapon... and somehow I just kept going and made four of them! No, that's not right. At first I was sure this was the right shape, but on second thought, something's definitely not right... AARGH! There's no point in making excuses to people who aren't even here. No time for that!

This is a big problem. NO matter how much I was told to just follow my heart, if I end up wasting materials the master will never let me hear the end of it! What if he kicks me out or... executes me?! Okay, NOW it's time to think of an excuse! A really good excuse! Think, think, THINK! Hnnnnhhhhhhh... I've got it! This shape! With all these edges... this is a key! A key meant to protect something very important! Not a sword, a key! Now that that's been decided, next is the lock. If I use that barrier magic I just leanred, I should be able to come up with something. Something for this key!"

The man starts to yell and hastily unroll a sheet of parchment, beginning the spell to create a barrier for use in the lock. As barrier spells start to whirl around your head, the images fade from your mind."

The Sealed Golem[]

"As you take the weathered parchment in your hands, it reacts to magic power and faded words become legible once more...

"The avatar of disaster has come from the realm of gods. For three days and nights it has raged, finally stopped by the combined might of the Umbra and Lumen. However, due to its terrible might, we were unable to destroy it. To prevent it from awakening again, its core was removed and sealed away within the depths of the island, where no one may enter.

A portion of the metal surrounding its core was retrieved and given to scholars, with the remainder melted down and fashioned into a medallion. That medallion was then broken into four pieces, and the pieces then left in the care of four of our most powerful, so that the medallion would never be made whole again. Let us pray that our island may now see an everlasting peace."

The words then begin to fade again, ultimately disappearing."

The Chaotic Abyss[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A young man is operating an impressive-looking device. As he activates it with a practiced speed, he wipes the sweat from his brow with an arm, a relieved look on his face.

"Gear operation stability confirmed. The 57th dimensional transfer test is also a success! Another success... but no matter how often I come here, I never quite get used to it.

Although we keep the gate open, it always seems miraculous that I'm able to return back home from this abyss. Not that I don't have faith in the device, but I would be lying if I said there wasn't a degree of anxiety. After all, I'm going on trips by myself to search for something that not even the Eyes could find. It would be stranger if I weren't anxious. But this is no time for complaints. Every moment counts.

In order to understand how the world of Chaos was split into countless parallel worlds, diligent if somewhat tedious investigation is necessary. Now what kind of world awaits beyond that light over there..."

The man runs off quickly, disappearing into the light. As a mixture of apprehension and curiosity begins to fill you, the images fade from your mind."

The Cold, Dark Realm[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

In the midst of almost total darkness, one man moves forward slowly. Although he takes in his surroundings carefully as he walks, he fails to notice a stone just underfoot and trips. Eventually regaining his composure, he brushes the dust from his clothing and appears thoughtful.

"That was unpleasant... and I have no idea where I am. Curse the luck... I thought I'd just take a closer look at that portal since it looked so strange, but of course I end up touching it... sometimes my carelessness and bad luck surprises even me. From the looks of things, this seems to be a deeper layer than Ginnungagap... but this is probably no time for a calm assessment of my surroundings.

Something else is here. Right, demons?! And if I don't take care of you first, I won't be going home with my report. Creator, grant these creatures your mercy and guide them after I release them from their corporeal bonds! Oh, and ah... grant me assurance that my doors back home are securely fastened! Prepare yourselves, as I have!"

The man while stumbling slightly, faces off against the encroaching horde of demons. As you feel the rising of a mixture of fear and fury, the images fade from your mind."


"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A lone witch stands in an alley, arms crossed as she periodically looks out at the street. She takes a glance at her watch and smirks.

"This is the day we set things straight. I'll teach that annoying witch who really controls the streets of Shibuya! First that 100-song karaoke battle, then the sushi eating content... oh, and how could I forget the scramble crosswalk foot race. Somehow they all ended in a draw, but today I'm going to pull out front and win. After all, today's content is bowling! She must not know they call me the Split Queen of Sasazuka. She has only herself to blame for choosing a bowl-off on a gorgeous day like this!

Hmm... she's unfashionably late. That's not like her at all.. if anything, she's usually annoyingly punctual for these little spats!"

Just then, a roaring din fills the air as an avalanche of rubble falls. The next instant, the rubble begins to move in slow motion... As a sensation all too familiar to an Umbra Witch begins to take over, the images fade from your mind."

A Classic Tune[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A young man with a large backpack walks down the street, smiling as he peeks in the windows lining both sides.

"Taking the road less travelled is always a great feeling, especially at this hour. The stores are still closes, and there's only a scattering of people around. Truly one of life's great pleasures. I'll head a little further into the back streets and... hey, what's that music? That's definitely not digital. That's a nice rich tone, with just the right amount of noise... has to be vinyl. Is there a record shop around here?"

The young man stops to look around, but he can't find the source of the music.

"I don't... see anything... can't tell where it's coming from... and now I can't hear anything! What was that?"

As he's lost in thought, a tendril of cigar smoke wafts under his nose.

"What the hell?!"

He turns around, but no one is there.

"Uh, I'm starting to feel like maybe I shouldn't be here... yeah, I'll be going now."

Saying his goodbyes to thin air, the young man hurries off quickly. As you feel a mixture of fear and respect for some unknown entity, the images fade from your mind."

Afternoon Rendezvous[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

Beneath a giant monitor embedded in the side of a tall building, a man comes running in something of a panic. Paying no attention to the commercials blaring from the monitor, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and steadies his breathing.

"Just great... first I oversleep, then I rush out without my phone. And of course I forgot her number, so there's no way I can call. Maybe I can go back and get it? Nah, if I do that I'll definitely be late... What time is it anyway? I'm not even sure if I'd make it there and back at full speed... hm? Hey, I recognize that song... and that voice! So it's noon exactly. Well at least I'm not late. But... was this the right place?

The man tilts his head in doubt, but the looks up at the monitor and decides to keep waiting for the other person to come. With a feeling of uncertainty still lingering, the images fade from your mind."

The Protector[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A general stands in front of an encampment, holding what must be the helmet of a fallen soldier to her chest as she looks out over the raucous battlefield. Looking down at the helmet, she lets out a deep sigh.

"It has already been a week since the general fell... he was truly the bedrock on which this army stood. Sometimes... actually quite often, his attempts at grandeur ended in unintended humor, but I know what his true intentions were. This is a battlefield. A place where lives are taken. Pulled tight by the constant tension, the soldiers' nerves are frayed to their limits. But when he played the buffoon, they were all joined in laughter and with hearts lightened, and they found the will to fight again. By showing weakness, he gave them strength.

But what becomes of them now, with him gone? They give their all against this new and unknown enemy for the time being, but they cannot hide their weariness. I can't be what he was. I can't soothe their hearts - I can only give them hope by showing my own strength. I must not show weakness. I must move forward and for his sake as well, I vow to end this battle with all of the power at my command! I will defend this land that he loved!"

The general places the helmet carefully at the root of a nearby tree, then turns back toward the encampment. As you feel deep sorrow burn away before a fervour for the battle to come, the images fade from your mind."

The Quicksand River[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A river of sand flows rapidly through the floor of a valley. A pair of women stand close to it, ready to attempt a crossing. They start, deftly leaping between sections of some decayed ruin that peeks through the sand. However, one of the women suddenly begins to change direction, and the other quickly shouts to her.

"Princess, that way is dangerous!"

But her warning is already too late. The woman addressed as princess alights on a pillar that immediately crumbles, sending her into the river of sand. The princess tries to crawl out, but her every struggles only send her sinking deeper into the sand...


Even her voice eventually disappears into the sand. But just then,


The woman called Jeanne starts to dance quickly while chanting an incantation. As she does, a magic glyph that appears on the ground gradually changes into a large hole, and out from it leaps a giant toad. The toad flicks its tongue like a whip into the river of sand, and in an instant pulls out the sunken princess. Coughing harshly as she is gently set down, the princess struggles to breathe.

"And what was that?! You were nearly dragged deep into the bowels of the earth!"

Admonishing the princess, Jeanne moves in close but the princess suddenly holds something up to Jeanne's face.



Surprised, Jeanne jumps back. The princess is holding a black kitten.

"This little one almost fell in..."

Jeanne could only sigh.


Realizing that the cat had stolen the princess' heart, Jeanne knew that nothing she could say would change her mind. Shrugging her shoulders, she simply said,

"Today's training is over. Let's return."

As you feel a spark of interest in the kitten begin to light in Jeanne's heart, the images fade from your mind."

Sacred Bonds[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

In the midst of a spacious and lavishly ornamented chamber, a woman is reclining in a long chair, but is visibly agitated. Her fist is balled tight against her chest as she frequently looks toward the entrance.

"She's been acting so strange lately... it's almost as if she's avoiding me. And today she seems to have gone off somewhere, showing no sign of returning. Without telling me where she was going, of course... Although she has always attended to my needs, we were raised together since we were children, always side by side like sisters. I've never felt so separated from her in both body and soul. Could she have grown weary of me? Is it because I'm still having trouble with my training? Or because I have yet to contract even one Infernal Demon? I just don't know... I can think of far too many reasons...

It's no used simply sitting here wondering! She told me not to follow... but I know I'll regret it if I don't do something now right away. I can feel it. I'm afraid I can't keep my promise. Forgive me, Jeanne."

The woman stands as if coming to a decision, and runs from the room with assuredness. As you feel your heartbeat quicken with the determination to make a change, the images fade from your mind."

Crescent Valley[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

You feel the air temperature rise sharply, and see a group of people through the hazy air. They are walking through a burning desert, wrapped in veils and cloaks to block the sun, and are moving quickly, as if fleeing.

"This should do..."

A woman breaks off from the group and starts to climb the tallest dune in the vicinity. Unfazed by the loose sand, she leaps gracefully to the summit. Steadying her breathing, she removes her veil to unfurl long hair that waves in the wind.

"There doesn't seem to be anyone else in pursuit," she whispers, looking out across the vast desert. But there is no look of relief on her face.

"I've brought them safely this far, but will I be enough..."

Her eyes suddenly drawn to the sky, the last words from the guard captain echo in her mind.

"Look after the others. When the time has come we will meet again, but until then, go and live together with them!"

She realized that there is no defying those words, spoken as their eyes were locked. She turns back, sliding down the dune to where the others wait at the bottom.

"There should be a settlement ahead. We'll head there for now."

Her doubt now swept away, she takes the lead and walks forward again. As you feel an unshakeable resolve take root, the images fade from your mind."

Venom's Blessing[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

At the entrance of a temple, a woman fights bravely to fend off encroaching Homunculi.

"I damn... I can't let them get inside, no matter the cost!"

The others have already begun escaping into the depths of the temple. While she is determined to keep the invaders at bay here, she is outnumbered and overpowered. Just as it seems that all is lost and a cold tendril of despair begins to twist around her heart, an eerie yet beautiful song drifts from within the temple. As she hears it, her desperation begins to give way to hope. Not fully understanding why, she begins to run toward the voice as instinct tells her it could be the only thing that will save her.

However, as she winds through the narrow corridors, her hope is once again lost as a brutal attack from behind knocks her off her feet. Recovering as best she can, she tumbles into a large chamber but the Homunculi are relentless as they close in. As she steels herself to face what must surely be the end, the song drifts in once more, filling the chamber with its sound. The woman notices the room darken slightly, as red-black mist forms above the Homunculus' heads. The must then thickens into clouds and then showers them harshly with a venomous rain. The drenched Homunculi then writhe in agony briefly, but even grow as stiff as statues before finally shattering.

Watching all of this while struggling to cling to consciousness, the woman suddenly recalls that an Infernal Demon with a love of song inhabits this temple, and an image of an incongruously adorable demon fills her head. As a silent prayer of gratitude begins to spread through your heart, the images fade from your mind."

The Demon's Presence[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

You seem to be in flight, but not aboard an airplane, or even straddling a broom. In fact, you are holding onto the back of what seems to be a monstrous bird with exceedingly colourful feathers as it streaks through the air. On both sides, there are others in similar fashion on the back of other birds as they fly in formation.

"Just a bit more, we're almost there. Look, that's where we'll set down! Hold on tight!"

The woman in the lead, riding on the largest bird in the flock, shouts to the others, gesturing far below toward what seems to be there destination: a tower surrounded by cliffs. The creatures plunge on by one towards the tower as if pulled in by its ominous aura, and their riders hold on with all of their strength to avoid being thrown. The birds show no sign of slowing as they approach the tower's summit. Their riders all brace for impact, but it doesn't come as the creatures spread their winds and slow down with practiced skill, touching down with almost impossible gentleness. Their riders have also been safely delivered, but nearly all of their faces betray exhaustion. However, one seemingly unfazed woman gives a clipped order.

"We must hurry! We still have a long journey ahead of us."

Already seated from the fatigue of their flight, none of the others show signs of stirring. With a sigh, she simply states, "if you continue to sit there, the wild ones will think it's feeding time."

Immediately, the others' faces tighten and they stand, starting to descend the tower. She laughs heartily as she watches them go, following soon after. As a strange mixture of exasperation and satisfaction well up inside, the images fade from your mind."

The Forbidding Winds[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

You hear the sound of wind, strong and unending, inside an enormous temple. It is blowing ferociously from all around: between pillars, through holes in the floor, and nearly everywhere else. And what's more, these winds, meant to protect the temple itself, are now spreading clouds of erasure throughout.

The winds have begun to drive out those who took sanctuary there, scattering them as they look to find safety elsewhere. There are many children among them as well, and a young girl drops her stuffed animal in the confusion. The stuffed animal is kicked further and further away form its owner, who chases after it, and the stuffed animal falls into a hole in the temple floor created by the now untamed winds. Unseeing, the girl dives in after it.


The girl's mother screams as she sees this, too late in her own pursuit... but the falling child and stuffed animal begin to move in slow motion. At the same time, someone weaves between the crowd at incredible speed. Catching both the child and the stuffed animal, they then bound off of the temple walls and pillars, landing deftly in front of the mother. Safely back on the ground, the girl squeezes the stuffed animal and speaks in a small, hesitant voice.

"Th... thank you."

The girl is looking up at the woman who rescued her.

"No need to thank me. You just hold on tight to your friend, all right?"

The child nods silently.

"Very good, little one. Now back to your mother, then."

Seeing the girl off, the woman then turns to face the crowd and raises her voice.

"Listen, all of you! I'll see you all out of here safely, I stake my life on it. Now quickly, there's no time to lose!"

The crowd regains its composure as her confident words sink in. As the warm, somehow nostalgic feeling of a child being held by a mother begins to fill you, the images fade from your mind."

Short Arm of the Law[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A man neatly unfolds a newspaper and begins to scan the articles. As soon as a particular article catches his eye, he angrily crumples the newspaper in his hands and tosses it on the ground.

"Of all the damn...! I can't believe they got away again... how many times is it now! Fluttering here and there, making a fool of me! They even made me angry enough to use my gun, against my better judgement, and let off a few rounds. But I didn't even come close! Can you believe it? Not one, and I'm the best shot on the force! And they way they move... here one moment, there the next... are they even human? And what on earth was that monster! It just came out of nowhere!

...Ahh, get a hold of yourself, man! This is no way for a twenty-year veteran detective to act, no time for fear! Hear me well, Papillon d'Ombre! Both of you! The next time we meet is the last time you'll know freedom! I'm going to arrest you and then my face will be on the front page of every newspaper in the country! Just you wait!"

The man picks up the crumpled newspaper and hurls it into a nearby garbage can. A burning determination-or perhaps just heartbearn-wells in your chest as the images fade from your mind."

The Rogue's Pride[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

Two shadows run across the rooftops of a city under the cloak of night. The woman in the lead stops the other, and they both hide themselves in darkness.

"I am Papillon d'Ombre the Second, daughter of the master thief Papillon d'Ombre. Together, we fly through the city under the veil of night, reclaiming Umbran treasures taken from our home. Gracefully, beautifully, and in silence. Tonight was to be yet another elegantly executed strike... but something is very different. Beings of incredible power have appeared, destroying the city. And even worse, they seem to be after our prize.

In truth, from the start I felt that something was strange about our target. Not only was it like nothing I had ever seen before, but it also appeared just as suddenly as these interlopers did. Almost as if it had been there all along... Could it have been a coincidence? Or perhaps... a trap, set by the police to catch us unawares?! No, they're nowhere near that clever. And judging by the look on mother's face, there must have been much more to it. But this is no time to get lose in thought, lest I get left behind. I am Papillon d'Ombre the Second, and no matter what else may come, I always get what I want."

The woman hurries to catch up to her mentor, who has already moved farther ahead. As concern about being truly left behind starts to smolder inside, the images fade from your mind."

Top Secret[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A soldier walks through a sterile hallway, looking around anxiously before suddenly squatting down, holding his head.

"This has to be a trick! Yeah, some kind of setup! When they told me I was promoted, I should've known better. What the hell was I so happy for? After we took care of the paper work, they told me they'd take me to base, but they stuffed me in a car and knocked me out! Then I woke up here... There's no one around and it's dead quiet... this has to be some kind of secret facility, right? I have to learn to be more suspicious, man. Why the hell would they promote some random grunt out of nowhere?

Okay... relax. No point in crying about it now. The promotion is still real, and I'm still going to get paid. It's going to be kind of weird working here when I have no idea where 'here' is, but at least the pay is good! First, I need to gather intel. What kind of work am I supposed to be doing? I don't even know that yet. It's also weird that no one's around. I can't be the only one in this whole giant place... can I?"

Now with a new mission, the soldier stands up and stretches, walking off confidently. As you feel the alien sensation of repressed fear, the images fade from your mind."


"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

In a room somewhere inside a cold, sterile facility, a soldier sits at a desk with his face planted on the surface as if completely drained.

"Man, I can't believe the thing I was worried about was actually true... but I'm the only human in the base. I've just been following the base guides and work orders coming from the spears all over the place. I'm supposed to just patrol the whole base, but it looks like there's already a super-tight security system set up. Basically, I just have to check on it every few days to make sure it's not broken or out of whack while I go for a walk around the perimeter.

Honestly, it's a pretty easy job. A little too easy. Would the cheap-ass brass really be okay paying for something like this? There's gotta be something else to this job. Maybe... I'm like, a chosen one or something? Or maybe it's the opposite, and I'm expendable... Okay, that's enough of that. I'll go crazy thinking about it too much. One more day on patrol, that's all there is to it. That's all..."

Shaking his head as if to shake off bad thoughts, the man grabs his weapon and leaves the room. As a cold fear that can't be hidden by carefree words pours into your heart, the images fade from your mind."

Final Order[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A soldier slouches in a chair, his legs up on a desk. Eyes closed, he lets out a deep sigh.

"Man, what the hell was that order? 'Abandon base?!' What's going on? This place is classified, but it's still supposed to be a military base. But since I got here two months ago, I haven't seen a stray cat, let along any military personnel. It's been perfectly peaceful here, which is kind of fucked up if you think about it. So why the order the leave, and with no reason given?! I finally got used to this place.

But there's something about that order that bugs me. They started construction at the same. Tunnels leading underground, extra security shutters, some gnarly defensive weaponry... and everything done with automation, no humans necessary. Whatever the big deal, it has to be underground. That's the one place I was never given clearance for. All right, this is my last chance! Maybe I can figure out the big secret before... hey, who the hell are you guys!"

Suddenly, the room fills with smoke as a group of men burst into the room and begin shooting. As you feel consciousness begin to fade, the images fade from your mind."

A Mysterious Flyer[]

"It seems to be a colourful flyer advertising something...

If you're holding this flyer, we've got good news! It means that even though you're human, you've earned a chance to become a member of Arachne's Net!

Just what is Arachne's Net, you say? It's only fair that a human like yourself may have doubts. You may even be muttering them right now! Well just let us explain, as politely as you please!

Arachne's Net is an impossible, extremely, supernaturally convenient online store that delivers anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In rain or shine, in a hail of arrows or bullets, we'll deliver anything you can think of and everything you can't, sourced from the four corners of existence and delivered in an instant.

Join now and you'll get a year with no membership fees or additional fees of lifespan processing! Just scan the magic glyph to apply!

*Please note, this flyer is only effective for the next 24 hours. Any attempts to apply afterward may result in interrupted existence.

We look forward to doing business with you!"

Remnants of Memory[]

"As your fingers make contact, your head fills with the memories of someone else, playing back as a series of images...

A young woman paces around a room, her excitement unmistakeable. After striking an enthusiastic pose, she finally sits down, her breath rapid.

"I've finally made it! No more apprenticeship for me... I've finally been deemed a true Umbra Witch! I feel so proud! It's the first I've ever seen mother that pleased. And best of all, I'm done with that excruciating training! I've never been so ecstatic!

This reminds me of something I read before... It is said when a person's emotions reach their peak, those emotions and memories spill out and remain in that place for eternity. If that's true, my memories of this moment will certainly remain here. I'm so excited, there's no way they won't! In fact, my precious memories, you'd just better stay there forever!

Oh, but wait. I think only truly powerful witches can see remnants of memory. If future Umbran sisters see these overly excited memories, I'll be a joke! Well, so what, because today is a special day, and congratulations to me! And starting tomorrow, it's time to get serious and proves that I am indeed an Umbra Witch!"

The young woman strokes her hair lovingly, then stands and hurries out of the room. As your heart begins to overflow with a warm hope for the future, the images fade from your mind."

The Wandering Soul[]

"As your fingers make contact, a viscous baleful emotional feeling pushes itself into the depths of your mind...

All you can see is darkness. A vast, all-encompassing darkness.

"Wherrrrrre... is... this...

Wherrrrrre... wherrrrrre is... it... the... truth..."

All you can see is darkness. A deep, jet-black darkness that threatens to pull you in.

You must not touch this anymore. Your instincts scream at you to release it, and you do.

Immediately, the darkness disappears and your mind regains clarity.


  • The image used for the Echoes of Memory in the Archives menus of Bayonetta 3 is the same as the one used for the The Journal's Echoes in Bayonetta 2.