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Dvergr, Elite Warrior, is the name of a Faerie type enemy introduced in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.


A quadruped faerie with a clunky helmet covering most of their head. Originally Aos Sí, their helmets are received from higher ranking officers when promoted. Their control of their abilities surpasses those of normal quadrupeds, and they have trained tirelessly to build and indomitable fortitude.

Undoubtedly the strongest of all the quadruped faeries, they may possibly hold their own with some of the bipeds. This is all greatly diminished by the fact that their helmet is so big and heavy they can barely see anything.

Still, to a Dvergr, their helmet is their greatest source of pride. Though they take care of it with great dedication, its overall craftsmanship is substandard, and it breaks easily upon impact. For this reason, many Dvergr learn how to forge and repair armour, and by result of this, assist in the maintenance of other faerie's armour as well.

Some Dvergr have gone so far as to retire from the battlefield completely and hammer away all day in their smithy to provide adequate weaponry for all faerie kind.


  • Dvergr, more commonly known as dwarf, is a diminutive humanoid race in Germanic-Norse mythology, with a reputation of being expert miners and craftsmen.