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The Light Flotation Combat Unit "Duplicatus" is a Homunculus in Bayonetta 3, and a more menacing evolution of the fodder enemy, Pannus.

Anatomia Complex[]

An enhanced variant of the Pannus type Homunculus.

Unlike the Pannus type, it aggressively attacks targets and uses its splitting ability to create unique formations and deliver high-speed blunt attacks.

It utilizes several varieties of formations and switches between them skillfully to vex its prey.


The Duplicatus resembles the Pannus in appearance, but is distinguishable by its darker color and more elaborate armor plating.


Unlike the Pannus, the Duplicatus can divide itself at will or reunite its copies back into a single individual. The copies will try to surround Bayonetta before charging at her, attacking from unexpected angles and reducing her room to maneuver.

Recommended Weapons[]


"Duplicatus" is the perfect passive participle of duplicō, meaning double, twofold. It's an adjective describing clouds that are made of superposed layers that sometimes merge.

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