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Alphabet Chart

The concept art "Demonic Alphabet Chart" in Bayonetta.

The Demonic Alphabet is a font of the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals used throughout Bayonetta games for writing decorative text in contexts relating to Umbra Witches and Infernal Demons and on Thule. These letters also appear as decoration without forming anything meaningful on various places.

Notable Usages[]

Texts written in Demonic are mostly without punctuation and without the distinction between capital and small letters.

Text Usage
From the darkness I draw my strength On various places throughout Bayonetta games, e.g. magic rings for Wicked Weaves and on the Gates of Hell portals in Bayonetta
Punish it On button prompts in Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2
MGPMLBMADKUD On button prompts in Bayonetta 3
Jeanne & Cereza1
  • On the statue found by Bayonetta in the beginning of Chapter X of Bayonetta
  • The text displayed by the gem in the end of Chapter XIV of Bayonetta
An intruder has penetrated your force field!!1 During Verse 1 and Verse 2 of Chapter XIV of Bayonetta
A huge angel


is approaching fast!!1

Before the Temperance encounter during Verse 2 of Chapter XIV of Bayonetta
Balder & Rosa


With love until the end of time1

On the lipstick fired by Bayonetta in the end of Chapter XVI of Bayonetta
Here you shall pass among the fallen people, souls who have lost the good of intellect. On the Gates of Hell portals in Bayonetta 2
Darkness must always exist as the opposite of light. On magic rings in Bayonetta 2
Reach through the door, bind the planes of humanity, tear the wheel from its axle, and become singular above all.
  • On magic rings in Bayonetta 3
  • During the cutscene Sneaking Mission! in Bayonetta 3
Blue is my world now I'm without you. After executing a button prompt, earning a max bonus in Bayonetta 3
May the Eyes of the World light your way. On way markers found throughout Thule
May light and shadow bring balance. Doomed are the enemies of chaos. Avarice may shake the pillars of chaos. On arches found throughout Thule
Each path is a miracle stretching into the depths. Seek light in the depths. Light leads to new worlds, but these world are also of chaos. The unknown lies close in the known. On multiverse portals on Thule

1: Written with punctuation


  • The concept art "Demonic Alphabet Chart" in the gallery of Bayonetta has letters "Z" and "G" written as the same character in demonic. However, the in-game text "Jeanne & Cereza" shows how the letter "Z" is actually written in demonic.
  • The text on button prompts in Bayonetta 3, "MGPMLBMADKUD", aligns with the initials of Infernal Demons that Bayonetta can summon with Demon Slave in the order they appear in the book of Infernal Demons, except for Wartrain Gouon, where a "D" appears in its place instead of its initial "W".
  • The text "1234567" and "ABCDEFG" are written in the menus of Bayonetta 3.