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Bayonetta (Bayonetta 3) Render 03 Demon Masquerade

Bayonetta Partially transformed into her Madama Butterfly Demon Masquerade form.

Demon Masquerade, once known as Daemon Masquarata[1], is a Technique introduced in Bayonetta 3 that allows an Umbra Witch to fuse with Infernal Demons linked with a particular weapon, giving the Witch full control of the fused form. The transformations grant the witch the ability to utilize the demon's powers in both combat and traversing the world. It was considered a forbidden art because it was a highly difficult technique that requires immense amounts of physical and magical energy, and a perfect emotional synchronization between the Witch and the demon, with failure having lethal consequences. Only a few Umbra have ever been able to successfully perform Demon Masquerade, and the majority that did only used the technique as a last resort due to the risks involved, which among others, included instant death by having their souls devoured by the demon, or the fusion becoming permanent. Even when mastered, there's still risk that the demon might harm the Witch if they dislike each other.


Bayonetta 3[]

In combat, Demon Masquerade acts as a reworked extension of the Wicked Weave and Beast Within systems seen in previous entries in the series.

Depending on which weapon is currently equipped, Bayonetta transforms into a humanoid representation of the associated demon and unleashes powerful attacks that act as combo finishers. Each Masquerade also has a special Masquerade Rage ability, a special attack that is triggered when the secondary magic meter beneath Bayonetta's health gauge is filled.

While exploring the environments, Bayonetta will transform into the associated Masquerade to use their inherent traits to navigate. Particular demon forms are needed to reach secret areas and Verses, as well as capture a particular Chapter's Familiars.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon[]

Morgana 3

Morgana's Demon Masquerade form when merged with Lex Talionis

Although far out of reach for Cereza to practice, the forbidden art, then known as Daemon Masquarata, is used by the powerful Umbra Witch Morgana. She used the technique in order to fuse her body with that of Lex Talionis, her arachnid Infernal Demon. Thanks to the immense rage that overwhelmed both her and Lex, Morgana was able to use Demon Masquerade to its full extent, but there was still an immense risk her fusion would've become permanent had she survived the battle.


Colour My World & All 4 One[]

Masquerade: When equipped with Colour My World, Bayonetta will fuse with Madama Butterfly and perform attacks similar to Wicked Weaves as combo finishers. Jeanne, with All 4 One, will fuse with Madama Styx.

Traversal: When exploring, the Masquerade allows Bayonetta the associated traversal powers of Panther Within and Crow Within, utilizing Madama's wings to glide across the ground and over gaps.

Masquerade Rage - Masquerade Queen: Once the Rage meter is filled up, Bayonetta will take on this form and perform a dance, with Madama Butterfly's arms striking the enemies multiple times.

Bayonetta: "Time to take the gloves off... Think you can handle it?"
Jeanne: "Think you can dance with me? Just try not to die on your feet!"


Masquerade: G-Pillar houses Gomorrah within, whom Bayonetta can fuse with to take the form of a clawed beast when equipped with this weapon. This form allows her to perform massive claw swipes to finish combos and fire off streams of flames straight from her palms like Gomorrah's breath.

Traversal: When exploring, Bayonetta will run and pounce on all fours in her fused form with increased movement speed and an increased jumping distance. A third jump input allows for a charged pounce that propels her horizontally at high speed.

Masquerade Rage - Seismic Tyrant Smash: Bayonetta spins and combines with G-Pillar, then boosts herself skywards before crashing down with a massive spectral claw.

Bayonetta: "This will be smashing! Die!"
Jeanne: "Your end has come! Die!"

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo[]

Masquerade: Tied to Phantasmaraneae, Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo will see Bayonetta assume a form with the lower body akin to a spider. Not only can she perform attacks with her clawed legs, she can also unravel a large flaming scorpion stinger like Phantasmaraneae itself to stun enemies.

Traversal: While equipped with this weapon, Bayonetta's traversal techniques will be replaced by running faster on her spider legs, swinging from a web to cross gaps, grappling towards enemies, and having the ability to briefly crawl along walls in a manner similar to Witch Walk.

Masquerade Rage - Atomic Ignition: Bayonetta strikes her demonic tail into the ground multiple times, then creates an erupting geyser of magma to scorch her foes.

Bayonetta: "Ready for a hot time? Your blood won't be the only thing boiling!"
Jeanne: "Prepare yourself! See the boiling blood of earth burst forth!"

Dead End Express[]

Masquerade: Arguably unique among the Masquerades, Dead End Express fuses Bayonetta with Wartrain Gouon and transforms her lower body into the engine of the train itself. Its attacks summon a pair of wide-reaching chainsaw that deal continuous damage with the enemies they hit.

Traversal: Bayonetta simply assumes her fused form and rides across the levels on phantom tracks, trailed by purple flames. Executing a third jump will shoot Bayonetta forward in a line, which can be steered to a limited extent.

Masquerade Rage - Deadlock Overdrive: Bayonetta mounts Dead End Express, combining with it to assume her Masquerade form, and then rides through the enemies from multiple directions. Afterwards, she crashes in a humorous manner.

Bayonetta: "All clear, all clear! Roll out! Don't think you can stop THIS train"
Jeanne: "All clear, all clear! Roll out! Don't count on an emergency brake!"

Ribbit Libido-BZ55[]

Masquerade: Infused with the essence of Baal, Ribbit Libido-BZ55 turns Bayonetta into an amphibian creature with fins and webbed appendages and a "skirt" made of similar webbing. The special attacks of the form cause Bayonetta's voice to create area-of-effect damage to anything in reach of the sound waves. Bayonetta's amphibian tongue can extend, just like Baal's, to whip enemies.

Traversal: Fusing with Baal allows Bayonetta to perform triple jumps, as well as charged jumps. She is also able to glide using her "skirt" to slow her descent.

Masquerade Rage - Queen Of The Devildom: This form summons spinning spotlights in a performance around Bayonetta, damaging anything that their light touches in a burst of pyrotechnics.

Bayonetta & Jeanne: (Singing) "I will ignite! Dancing through the fire around me, I'll never stop!"


Masquerade: Simoon grants Bayonetta the ability to fuse with Malphas, transforming into a harpy-like creature with her arms replaced by wings and her feet with razor sharp talons. She is able to finish combos using rapid slashes of both against enemies, launching smaller ones up in the air during the flurry.

Traversal: Simoon allows Bayonetta to fly, and unlike Madama Butterfly who slows down Bayonetta's descent but offers no reliable distance, Malphas' combined form allows for longer distance flight. However, it can't be used for precise gliding as it has trouble changing direction in midair.

Masquerade Rage - Taj Simurgh: Bayonetta's Masquerade Rage for Simoon has her create multiple tornadoes with her wings.

Bayonetta: "If I may... Dance in the bladed caress of the wind!"
Jeanne: "Follow my lead! Feel the sharp caress of the wind!"


Masquerade: Tartarus grants Bayonetta the ability to fuse with the Umbran Clock Tower, transforming into a marionette being pulled by strings that don't appear to be connected to anything. One of the marionette's hands is replaced by sharp claws, which Bayonetta can use for attacks.

Traversal: Tartarus suspends Bayonetta in the air temporarily; unlike Madama Butterfly or Malphas, Bayonetta does not lose altitude at all in this state. However, it cannot travel far and will descend at normal speed after a while, making it unsuitable for long-distance jumps.

Masquerade Rage - Deus Ex Machina: Bayonetta sets Tartarus down, and pops from behind it thrice, counting up in French. Afterwards, she exits the weapon's gates with her Masquerade form, and then does numerous large AoE attacks with her mechanical body while cackling.

Bayonetta: "Un! Deux! Trois! Welcome to the happy puppet show! (cackle)"
Jeanne: "Un! Deux! Trois! It's showtime! (cackle)"


Masquerade: Abracadabra allows Bayonetta to combine with Mictlantecuhtli, turning her body into a bat-like being with a split body joined together by a string of electricity. Her body matches the demon, as it too is made out of two separate entities. Her upper body is red, and her lower body is blue, with eyes alongside her lower abdomen.

Traversal: Besides offering short-term flight, Bayonetta can propel herself by sending forth her upper body, then rejoining it with its lower body, quickly covering distance.

Masquerade Rage - Jokers Wild: Bayonetta takes off her hat while the camera flies into it. It then zooms out, revealing her Masquerade form ready to attack. Afterwards, she charges up a large beam that can be directed towards enemies in third person.

Bayonetta: "Gather 'round! Our light show is truly magical!"
Jeanne: "Come on, get a closer look! Don't be afraid of a little magic!"


Masquerade: Bayonetta assumes the form of a lavender-skinned demon, her body adorned in black thorns and vines, spikes, and a massive tail. The Demon Masquerade form moves by laying back on moving vines that transport the user instead.

Traversal: After double jumping, Bayonetta can create a flower that functions as a platform. The flower vanishes after a short time, and while Bayonetta can double jump again afterwards she will not be able to create another flower until she lands on solid ground.

Masquerade Rage - Érosion De L'Amour: Alraune seemingly takes over Bayonetta as she is painfully wrapped in thorns from Alruna. The masquerade form is assumed, and after charging it up, an array of thorns and spikes emerge from under her, damaging enemies all around.

Bayonetta & Jeanne: "Stretch, reach out!"

Cruel Altea[]

Masquerade: Bayonetta's form when fusing with Labolas is akin to a centaur, with a canine lower body and a humanoid upper body with a massive, iridescent mane, and small bat-like wings. Her head is decorated by a large snowflake-like spiked headpiece.

Traversal: Cruel Altea offers mid-air gliding by walking on the air itself and gliding with slow descent.

Masquerade Rage - Hypothermal Force: Combining with Cruel Altea has Bayonetta assume her fused form, and running around her enemies in an infinity formation, before creating massive ice spikes in the middle.

Bayonetta: "The pack is ready to howl! Go, Labolas!"
Jeanne: "I lead this pack! Now let's run wild!"


Masquerade: Bayonetta fuses with Kraken, which gives her the form of an aquatic demon being with multiple eyes and tentacles, including two replacing her arms, and two acting as "horns". She attacks using said tentacles, as well as spraying pressurized ink from them.

Traversal: Cassiopeia's traversal skills include faster movement by allowing Bayonetta to swim underneath the ground in a pool of black ink, as well as mid-air gliding by using her tentacles to shoot her ink downwards, keeping herself afloat.

Masquerade Rage - Calypso's Embrace: After slamming the weapon down into a pool of ink, transforming into the Masquerade form and disappearing into it herself, Bayonetta then attacks with her tentacles surging from the black pool, spewing high-pressure ink and slamming enemies.

Bayonetta: "Face the surging tide! Drown in the shadowy maelstrom! Weigh anchor!"
Jeanne: "Drown in the shadowy maelstrom! Weigh anchor!"


Masquerade: Bayonetta's body remains the same, save for the large red wings on her back, identical to those of Rodin. For certain Demon Masquerade attacks, she will summon his fists.

Traversal: Rodin offers short-term flight and gliding, similar to Simoon but with more velocity.

Masquerade Rage - Pandemonium's Gate: Bayonetta sprouts Rodin's wings and summons copious amounts of Angel Arms, then swings them telekinetically. The attack ends with opening a portal beneath her feet, from which ascend the weapons at high speeds to damage everything in range.

Bayonetta:"Fancy a taste of infinite power? Get out of my sight!"
Jeanne: "Your pain will be infinite! Now fuck off!"

Scarborough Fair & Love Is Blue[]

Masquerade: Instead of a traditional Masquerade, Bayonetta's body remains completely the same, and instead once again uses Madama Butterfly's Wicked Weaves for her combo finishers.

Traversal: Bayonetta does not use a traditional Masquerade with these weapons, instead once more using Beast Within to traverse the environment; she uses Panther Within to dash and Crow Within to fly.

Masquerade Rage: Unlike other weapons, these weapons lack a Masquerade Rage.


Concept Art[]


  • When asked about how Demon Masquerade was used in Bayonetta 3 as a replacement for the Beast Within systems from previous entries, director Yusuke Miyata explained that the decision was made to show an improvement and evolution of Bayonetta's abilities.[2]
  • Some Demon Masquerades are unique:
    • Bayonetta's voice line when using Cruel Altea will be the only one to mention its respective demon by name (Labolas).
    • Unlike other Demon Masquerades, Alruna's seems to actually cause pain to Bayonetta and Jeanne. It is unclear if this is merely because, as per Alraune's description, the virulent poison within her degrades her own soul, or if this is in reference to Alraune's antagonist relationship with them both as seen in the second game. This is further complicated by the fact that in the second game, Alraune is transformed by Rodin into Alruna but appears normally in the third game, suggesting the two Alraunes may be Variants and that the Alraune of the third game may have a somewhat different history with its Bayonetta and Jeanne.
    • Rodin is the only weapon whose Demon Masquerade doesn't fully transform the user into a visible fusion of them and its respective demon, but merely gives them Rodin's wings, though their voices are still modulated.


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