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The Dark Arts are the collective magic type used by Umbra Witches, originating from their contracts with Infernal Demons, residents of the realm known as Inferno.[1]


Known to be at its peak of power during a full moon[2], the Dark Arts allows a witch to channel magical power gained from demonic powers of Infernal Demons similar to the sage's Light Arts, in which channels power from the Laguna.[1]


Beast Within[]

Beast Within is a technique that turns the user into various animals. Transformations differ from each user and character.

Witch Walk[]

It allows a witch to walk on walls during a full moon. Created from a pact of a demon whose power allows them to defy gravity, this technique is considered indispensable though it's high applications and requirement of the full moon made it a technique that killed countless witches during training.

Wicked Weaves[]

Wicked Weaves are a type of attack that can be executed by powerful Umbra Witches to summon forth Infernal Demons by using their hair as a conduit. Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves summon the massive limbs of Madama Butterfly, her primary demoness, while Jeanne's Wicked Weaves summon the limbs of Madama Styx. The farther into a combo a Wicked Weave is produced, the more powerful it becomes.

Infernal Weaves[]

Infernal Weave is an attack that is used as a combo finisher when in Umbran Climax. This move quickly summons an Infernal Demon to preform a brutal attack even stronger than a Wicked Weave.

Serious Mode[]

Serious Mode is a technique of the dark arts that only appears in the first Bayonetta game. In Bayonetta 2, it is been replaced by Umbran Climax. It is a temporary ability that enables an Umbra Witch to fight at her strongest.

Umbran Climax[]

Umbran Climax (also called Supercharge) is a technique similar to Serious Mode that allows a user to use the strongest of their techniques at the expense of their magical power for a short duration of time.

Torture Attacks[]

"Torture angels by summoning various devices from the underworld, which were once used to hunt the witches. These devices are infested with curses of slain witches that will magnify the power to terminate the angels."

Allows Bayonetta and other Umbra Witches to summon an ancient device that was once used to torture fellow Witches during the Witch Hunts. Giving Bayonetta and Jeanne the ability to use them instead of their enemies.

Witch Time[]

Witch Time is an ancient art used by Umbra Witches to increase their speed. This grants the user heightened senses, and allows them to move at incredible speeds and perform feats that would otherwise be impossible to do.


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