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The Heavy Humanoid Decisive Unit "Cumulonimbus" is the name of a boss type of Homunculus who appears in the third game, Bayonetta 3. Gigantic in stature, they can be compared to a stronger version of the Beloved or Belief enemies from past entries, serving as the first larger boss Homunculus.

Anatomia Complex[]

A gigantic bipedal humanoid Homunculus type.

While of a seemingly excessive size, it is adept at ground-based combat and uses its strength and levitation abilities to move with agility.

It has both the offensive and defensive strength to take on Infernal Demons, as well as a variety of both physical and energy attacks that allow it to attack at any range.

It can also operate autonomously, and if Singularity's control is broken by an enemy attack, it will temporarily shift into an "assault mode", splitting its two arms into four and utilizing increasingly vicious attacks in an attempt to remove any immediate danger to itself.


The Cumulonimbus is a hulking, three-eyed humanoid Homunculus. It is clad in heavy armor and possessing powerful muscles. Its arms have two hands each, and can split apart to enhance its already potent melee attacks. The armor on its shoulders and arms is especially elaborate, and its helmet seems to have a halo-like attachment on it.


Cumulonimbus uses multiple attacks. At long range it uses barrages of energy projectiles, spinning energy beams fired from its hands that produce secondary blasts, and a field that creates a large triangular explosion on the ground. In close quarters it fights with stomps and punches. Normally it favors its ranged attacks, but at about half health it shifts its focus to melee attacks while occasionally firing its barrages of energy projectiles like it can previously.

Recommended Weapons[]

Many of Cumulonimbus' ranged attacks have a blind spot directly surrounding its body; while this means that short-ranged weapons like Colour My World are effective before it changes tactics, the player must still be wary of its stomps and its arm swipes.

Infernal Demons are able to do considerable damage, but they should be summoned only when Witch Time is active after Cumulonimbus starts using its melee attacks as it can otherwise instantly kill them.


  • "Cumulonimbus" (plural "cumulonimbi") originates from Latin. "Cumulus", meaning heap, and "nimbus", meaning rainstorm. It is a name given to a dense, tall, and towering cloud type colloquially known as a "thunderhead" on account of its association with thunderstorms, hail. tornadoes, and other extreme weather conditions.